SoHi shouldn't be rebranded

The decision to integrate Skyview High School students into Soldotna’s first built high school, SoHi, seems to have generated strong emotions from some Skyview students and their mothers. That’s understandable. These students and mothers have apparently demanded that, since they are being “re-branded,” all So-Hi students should be re-branded also. That means changing the SoHi mascot (Stars) and colors. Unfortunately, the Kenai Peninsula school board has given credence to these frivolous demands instead of moving forward with normal educational issues and school business.

I’m sorry for the demise of Skyview High School and wish it could be saved somehow. However, it makes no sense to punish SoHi students because some of the Skyview students feel like they’ve had their identity ripped away. Ask this: if you have three kids and one breaks a leg, will you then break a leg on the other two because the first one is in pain?

A grandmother of a Skyview student told me that she didn’t give care about those SoHi students. That’s just wrong! In a few years all will be forgotten. Please ask your board member to do the logical nothing about rebranding SoHi.



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