Medical costs out of control

There are a few of us who have seen the rise and fall of this great country. We were born in the Depression when there was no money for anyone. The Democrats were a party which was mainly responsible for the winning of the Second World War and I came from a strong Democrat family. But after my service in the Korean War, I became an Independent and have voted for all parties that had a person running who had similar thoughts to mine. Something happened when we became a country of illegal immigrants, who seem to be able to vote when I do not believe they should have.

Health care is a tragedy about to happen. Prices of medical services have rose to an unbelievable level. I personally have had a charge at the emergency room of over $1,000 for an enema. My first doctor visit when I started school in 1938 was $5 and later a tooth extraction was also $5. But there were very few wealthy people then. My grandson had a root canal on a tooth to the tune of $1,400 recently and I had one several years ago for about $100 dollars. My wife about 7 years back, had two teeth treated in Mexico for root canal service and they were $100 each, but I was proud of those dentists as they had the most expensive Cadillac parked by their office. There are so many people in Alaska that have no teeth that it is unbelievable but the cost makes it impossible to take care of them.

Our country has been killed. There is no way to pay off 17 trillion dollars of debt when the only jobs that have been created are governmennt jobs and low pay jobs. But I have to thank my God that he let me live through the best of them.


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