Losing mascot won't change great memories

My career as a teacher who started SoHi in 1980 and Skyview in 1990 with 26 combined years at both schools compels me to respond to the needless discussion regarding changing school colors and mascots. Skyview High is closing, that is a certainty. Changing the colors and mascots at SoHi will do nothing to diminish the beautiful memories we made together at Skyview, but can serve to alienate the present students at SoHi, their alumni and community supporters by needlessly ruining the identity of another proud school. Why risk being ungracious guests? When you are a dinner guest in my home, you do not ask me to paint my house your favorite color, what clothes I should wear to serve you and what we should eat. When you arrive, you are given the royal welcome and treated with great respect. For the one hundred and fifty students moving to SoHi next year, the most notable characteristics of your experience will be the incredible classroom and extra-curricular opportunities fortified by huge community love and support, especially if you bring your great Skyview attitudes with you. I shed a tear with you for what has happened to our great school. Now I urge you to go down the hill and show our community how Soldotna High School will quickly become better than ever with your shining faces in it. For those students that may enroll at Kenai High School next year, they will not be changing their colors or mascot when you arrive. I urge our school board not to change the colors, mascot or the name of Soldotna High School, but continue planning and support of a great co-curricular experience for a bunch of great students.

Good luck to all the Stars.


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