Entitlement issues hurting America

We have a problem. A big problem. Really, lots of big problems. Most of them stem from our entitlement issues. We are raised in this western culture to believe that anything we want we can have if we only go to school, go to college, work hard enough, save thriftily (unless of course you’re not in the 99 percent, then please spend exessively).


The issue is, what do we want? What are we entitled to? Do we want endless amounts of disposable material possessions? A big ol’ pile of presents under the Christmas tree this year? A new car, or maybe just one with a working heater (mine doesn’t), more free time, to win the lottery?

Or maybe what we all really want is to be loved and taken care of as the years go by. What does big government want? I’m not sure of any motivation beyond money but I’m starting to think maybe big government wants population control via chemically induced environmental pollution. Why do we continue to pursue terrorists (polluting their countries with capitalism and oil production) in the far reaches of the globe when the farther reaching effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster are reaching our shores? Why doesn’t our imminently powerful government want to do something about that? Ex government employees are coming out saying that our (beloved?) government has been using chemtrails (chemicals put out by airplane emissions/possibly added in purposefully) to control the weather, or maybe control the minds of the people. I don’t know. They are also encouraging (meaning paving the way in golden bricks through legislation) the use of GMO crops when 64 other countries in the world have banned them to date. Is it that we (America) know something they don’t? I don’t think so.

America has major entitlement issues. Land of the free home of the brave it is but the cowards driving this runaway train of a system are doing their best to keep you focused on the little stuff. 401k, real estate values, the power of the dollar. We think we should be the mightiest country on the face of the earth but at what cost? What is all this might doing for us? Killing civilians in third world countries while acceptable radiation levels are being changed to hide the fact that they are rising in our environment at a rapid pace! But all the while, “don’t worry America, just keep going to work and doing your job because that’s what’s important. I’ve got your back and will take care of you and yours if you should have a problem. Our big pharma can fix anything you may come down with. A new mortgage will revitalize your life, just keep this ball rolling,” says Big Brother.

And while you’re busy paying your mortgage and desperately trying to keep air warm (a physical impossibility) in a cold climate, they are pushing for everlastingly more ridiculous ideas of entitlement. How about HB77? Take the power from the people of the land and give it to the people who run the land. Or the AIMM drilling waste site in Nikiski? What about the entitlement of our kids (I have 3) to clean healthy loving lives? Big brother is not going to take care of my children, your children, your grandchildren or anyone else that matters. And they do. They matter more than anyone else. What if my grandchildren never see a king salmon? Or a wolf?

If we keep allowing our entitlement issues to run our lives, our kids are going to pay the price and it won’t be in dollars. We deserve a chance to live and love without this planet going down the drain. It’s the only one we’ve got. If we keep living as selfish automatons thinking we can forever remain separate from all that is around us, we are going to be proven tragically wrong in the future! What are we actually entitled to? What is that belief going to cost us? Please make yourself aware. Be the change you wish to see in the world.


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