Pay increases don't add up

Reading the local newspaper, I see the powers that be want the governor to have a little $5,000 increase in his paycheck, and also the other members of the state government getting some also, causing a little loan to be taken out of the savings fund to cover other projects we could nicely get along with out.

You need to think a little bit about the big Social Security increase my wife and I just received notice about. The math that I was taught way back in the 1930s and 1940s just does not figure that is quite fair. We are going to receive $33 a month, equal to $396 for the year. Like many other citizens I paid maximun Social Security payments after getting a job in 1948 until 1991 when I had to quit work because of health. I saw the other day that bananas I purchaced for 69 cents a pound were 99 cents now. Wow, that is 30 percent incease.

Being a socialist nation now, I believe that the rate of inflation set by our mathematical geniuses in Washington should be the rate of pay increase for everyone. I never even needed to draw any Unemployment Insurance mainly because I would take anything there was to do. The graduating students from my high school in 1950 had jobs waiting for them, but the poor students of today have nothing available and being an excellent “gamer” doesn’t have many listings in the want ads. I feel totally sympathetic for all the graduating high school seniors. More schooling doesn’t make for better jobs when there aren’t any.


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