Kudos to coaches who are building men with integrity

“The great hope of society is individual character.” — William Ellery Channing


I just wanted to thank the Clarion for the article about the KPHA team who showed “class” in the tournament in BC over Christmas Break. I also wanted to thank the coaches who have instilled a sense of pride and caring in a group of young men who represent our community. My grandson is Cody Harvey and all year long my son and daughter-in-law have told me how impressed they are with Hunter Sirios and the other coaches. They have mentioned how the coaches tell the boys to take pride in themselves and their team and show professionalism in representing themselves on and off the ice. This message has obviously been heard loud and clear by the evidence of this incident and the impact it is having on this group of young men and their families and communities.

Having coached for years in the past I recognize the privilege of working with youth and the future leaders of our community and country. We have such a short time to instill positive values and integrity in our young people. I got out of coaching when I realized the winning had become more important than the player. I have been so discouraged lately with professional sports in America. Players earning ridiculous sums of money and being caught in ugly scandals that devalue not only themselves but the sport they represent. The story about the KPHA team gave me renewed hope for sports and the positive impact they can have on people.

A few years back I had the privilege to speak to Joe Ehrmann, author of “Seasons of Life” and “InSideOut Coaching” and head of the “Building Men and Women for Others” organization. I share two quotes from his website about the value and potential for sports:

“To transform personal practices, community values and public policies to create a society where every man, woman and child can reach his or her greatest human potential.”

“Since all organized sports are directed by adults, whose own motives, morals and beliefs influence the overall experience of every player; every effort must be made to educate parents, coaches, league officials and school administrators on the transformative power of sports to enhance the self-concept, self-esteem and self-efficacy of each participant.”

I have resources on Joe if anyone is interested. Thanks to all the local coaches who work with our precious children. And thanks again for a positive story about local youth and the people who are making a difference in their lives.


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