Finger-pointing not helping kings

This endless blaming of one user group against the other has to stop or the kings are going to become extinct. Put the guides and all power boats in salt water where they belong. Quit fishing on the spawning grounds. I have been involved in both commercial and sport fishing for 43 years and it has never made sense to me to fish for king salmon on their spawning beds. If you can’t stop fishing on the spawing beds then go to drift only, and you would stop not only habitat destruction but the noise pollution and exhaust pollution. Start every run as catch and release, no bait, single hook, no barbs, until the maximum escapement goal has been met.

On the commercial side I would like to see a 1/2 mile no fishing (including sport) zone from the beach seaward from Anchor Point to the Forelands until the maximum escapement goal is met. Make the outer limit 2 miles instead of the 1 1/2 for the displaced setnetters to move their fishing gear.

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