A response to the legalization argument

First off, I would be proud to put my name in the hat to answer to Eric Derleth’s column about how wonderful marijuana or (pot) is. (Editor’s note: Derleth’s comments ran as a paid advertisement in Monday’s Clarion.)

I have had occasions where I would approve of use for pleasure, but that is not the end result. The things that you speak favorably of, like working in a very dangerous place with someone who does not have all their senses in control like in a plant where things could explode — no. My wife and I have experienced your high school use of pot. Believe me, it leads to much more powerful drugs to where it ruins a young person’s life. Have you had that experience? In a trip back to Iowa a few years back, I was downtown with my brother and there was a young man with a full lengh winter overcoat on in July. My brother’s remark was that he was on drugs. The problem with drugs over liquor is that with liquor it is pretty obvious when a person is somewhat incapacitated. Drugs are much more difficult to determine. As a certified welder, and crane operator and mechanic in a chemical plant for 35 years, there was absolutely no room for any kind of mind bogglers.

The most wonderful thing about making it legal, is that all politicions and lawyers are salivating about the taxes and legal problems involved with it. A money field day.

Now my problem, as a low income family, we do not have the money to pay for space in the newspapers like you can. Maybe I will be lucky and the editors will print my response.


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