Guest director impressed with Peninsula students

My name is John Baker. I am just recovering from two days of music making at Kenai Central High School with over 300 students from your school district. From the moment Alan Fields picked me up at the airport to the time Renee Henderson dropped me off for my trip home, I was treated with warmth, respect and dignity.

If the 300-plus students are a cross section of your overall student population, you have much of which to be proud. I asked a great deal of the singers in respect to focus and effort; they did not disappoint. They stayed focused and worked long hours in preparation for our concert. I know that it is no accident when students behave so extraordinarily well. Teachers, parents, administrators, and community mold our kids. “It takes a village.”

I would like to commend Renee Henderson of Kenai Central High School for her organizational skills and ability to run a big festival. She was also a wonderful hostess. She is a gem in your community. Renee was very professional in all of our correspondence before and during the event.

I would also like to commend the other choir directors for their efforts in preparing their singers for the festival and remaining engaged during the rehearsals: Mr. Vernel Schneider of Soldotna High School; Mr. Kent Peterson of Skyview High School; Mr. Jeremy Anderson of Nikiski High School; Ms. Breighley Sexton of Seward High School; Mr. Eric Simondson of Ninilchik High School; and Mr. Kyle Schneider of Homer High School.

How very fortunate you are to have such a fine and caring music staff within your school district.

In addition, Lassie Nelson, Administrative Specialist was very prompt in filling out the necessary paper work for my services. Not only was she friendly in our correspondence, she came to the concert to meet me in person.

Your students and staff have left quite a positive impression on me.


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