Time to take a look at the world around us

My dear old mom came to live with my wife Faith and I a few years ago. After living with Alzheimer’s disease for eight years she no longer could live by herself. We take her shopping and out to a restaurant on a regular basis. If you were to see her, you will see a neat and clean lady who is very alert. Often she can contribute to a conversation as if she understands what is going on. She does not. Her cognitive ability to understand the world of needs, safety and abilities are severely diminished.

Often I think of the American people are like my mother. Neat, clean and alert. Well cared for but lacking the cognitive ability to understand the world around us. Global economic disintegration is expanding. Our government has continued monetary policies that generate the instability around the world. We in America do not have the cognitive ability to understand. We continue to live as my mother does from moment to moment waiting for others to get our basic needs.

We are at the end of our global monetary hegemony. Sovereign nations are aligning against us. Like all Empires, the government of the USA will do everything to maintain their global standing. A World War is inevitable.

Sometimes I hope Mom will wake up and understand the world around her. I have the same hope for the people of the USA. Most of my friends believe I have a false sense of hope.



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