Roundabout not so bad

I have to admit, I had a lot of trepidation about whether the new Binkley roundabout would work. My word — smooth as silk although I haven’t been there during peak traffic time.


Having moved down from Los Anchorage last year I have become accustomed to these little circles of consternation or delight. Allow me to offer a couple tips:

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The round-a-bout is a bit like a ballet or maybe more like a waltz. It is not stop-go, stop-go unless folks are doing it wrong. It’s more like pause-go, pause-go. The circle is controlled by yield signs. Pause at the yield sign to let the car on the next entrance to your right in ahead of you. As soon as the car on the right moves into the circle you pull in behind it and follow it around to your exit. Please don’t stop in the circle to let someone in. If you stop the entire circle looses its rhythm and someone might get rear-ended.

People who think they are special and coming through the roundabout at high speeds, ignoring yield signs and forcing others to stop: the idea is to keep traffic moving. I urge folks to take license plate numbers of bullies, not just at intersections but anywhere they violate a law or cause a reckless situations.

Go gently around, yield and merge

Go gently around, surpressing the urge

to get there first!


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