A pitch for Bob Williams

Bob Williams has earned our vote for Lt. Governor.

Bob knows hard work and the challenges facing Alaska’s working families and small businesses. Bob grew up working his father’s sawmill off the Old Glenn near the confluence of the Knik and Matanuska Rivers. After graduating from Palmer High, Bob earned a Petroleum Engineering degree with honors from UAF, while working his summers as a roustabout on the Cook Inlet offshore platforms.

Since graduation, Bob has been teaching math. His competence and energetic enthusiasm are contagious, his students are always challenged to discover their next “aha” moment. His creative teaching skills have earned him numerous national awards and many opportunities to mentor other teachers.

Bob has traveled thousands of miles across Alaska to listen to as many Alaskans as he can meet face-to-face as part of his commitment to earning the right to be our Lt. Governor. Bob has learned first hand of our need for good jobs so we can support our families, our need to protect our fisheries and wildlife so we can sustain our life styles, our desire to retain the natural wonders of Alaska that allow us to live in the greatest playground on earth and our need to live our lives with mutual respect for one another. Perhaps most importantly, Bob has heard time and again how important education and job training is for our children and our future.

Bob and his wife, Connie, have raised their family here. They are determined to create a sustainable economic future for their kids and ours.

Bob connects with just about everyone he meets. Now he wants to help us out in Juneau. Let’s make sure he makes it. We need his energetic competence and contagious enthusiasm in our State Capitol. Our elected officials need to learn a thing or two about the numbers. Vote for Bob Williams, Alaska’s next Lt. Governor.


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