Youth Restoration Camp puts finishing touches on successful season

Youth Restoration Corps (YRC) has placed a wrap on its 2014 program involving local youth to restore fish, wildlife and waterfowl habitat here in Alaska for the past 18 years. Our program focus this year was riparian habitat restoration and also trail maintenance at the the North Peninsula Recreation center in Nikiski. With a letter of support from North Peninsula Recreation Service Area, YRC was able to apply and receive a trail grant to benefit these community trails in North Kenai. Partnering with our local contributors BP, Ron’s Rent it center, Totem Ocean Trailer Express, Lynden Transport, USA Federal Credit Union, and First National Bank Alaska. Youth Restoration Corps was able to involve local youth as a paid educational job expense program to bring benefit to the environment and our community, while engaging local teens repairing and improving trails and fish habitat. A task that YRC has been doing proudly since 1997, involving hundreds of youth while investing now over 72,500 hours on the ground without injury or incident. A community program with a long history of helping community, promoting stewardship and involving local youth. To our sponsors and supports we send a great big thank you. Now we begin the task of looking for projects for 2015 and beyond as YRC is a service community organization with its purpose focused on promoting stewardship, providing hands on education to local youth in a job experience environment that is safe and enjoyable. To all our supporters present and past Thank You. We look forward to continuing Youth Restoration Corps mission as we look for projects for 2015, YRC is a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization established here in Alaska since 1997.


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