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Denial of transfer agreement limits patients' options

Posted: August 25, 2014 - 8:29am

After a long battle with bureaucrats, the Surgery Center of Kenai recently opened its doors. The Surgery Center could offer medical care to Medicare/Medicaid and Tri-Care patients at significant savings over Central Peninsula Hospital. In addition, the Surgery Center could save seniors over 40 percent in co-payments. Medicare/Medicaid and Tri-Care will not reimburse for services unless the Surgery Center is issued a transfer agreement from Central Peninsula Hospital.

The Surgery Center physicians, individually, have been caring for Medicare/Medicaid and Tri-Care (military) patients for years. However, as a Surgery Center, Medicare/Medicaid/Tri-Care requires the center to have a “transfer agreement” with Central Peninsula Hospital. Central Peninsula Hospital refused to issue the transfer agreement. Alaska Regional and Providence offered the surgery center a transfer agreement, but Medicare requires that one be granted by a ‘local’ hospital.

Central Peninsula Hospital is owned by the Kenai Peninsula Borough and theoretically takes direction from the Mayor and Assembly. CEO Rick Davis of Central Peninsula Hospital has refused to sign the transfer agreement.

The refusal by Davis to sign a transfer agreement, is an outright denial of medical care choice, to senior citizens and veterans. Physicians who are willing to serve senior, Medicaid and veteran patients are directly being told no! CPH will determine which doctor and hospital seniors and veterans will use.

These are not doctors, making your medical decisions. These are government bureaucrats deciding your medical fate. When questioned about his concern for community access to medical choice at the Aug. 5 Assembly meeting, by Assemblyman Ogle, Davis said that he is not concerned about the community, he works for the hospital.

Senior citizens throughout the United States are being denied access to their choice of medical care services and doctors, as a result of $550 million in cuts to Medicare providers initiated and approved by the current administration. At the same time, Medicare administrators are being encouraged to reduce costs in order to extend the solvency of the program. Doctors are beginning to turn away Medicare patients. These are facts.

It is a dangerous and frightening leap into the world of rationed medical care, if we allow bureaucrats to decide the medical care we receive. This must be corrected immediately, or like a disease, will spread.

Alaskan residents and legislators across the state please stand up. Contact Mr. Davis, CEO CPH; KPB Mayor Mike Navarre and the CPH Board of Directors. Demand the right to make your own medical choices. Demand that your fellow KPB seniors and military keep the right to choose their own doctor.

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Suss 08/27/14 - 09:54 am
Bearup's "Chair" Zuyus

Zuyus is trying to make a political statement when this is a

legal matter between CPH and SCK.

"Kearbear" confirms that you do not lose your choice of doctor,

only the place of surgery is at issue.

"Yes, the Doctors at SCK (Surgery Center of Kenai) were able to perform surgical procedures before and were able to bill Medicare as long as they performed the surgery at CPH. They have now formed a group referred to as SCK and want to perform Medicare reimbursed surgeries at their clinic. Without a transfer agreement from CPH, they cannot bill Medicare. If they perform surgical procedures at the hospital they can bill Medicare. This denial is an attempt to limit and restrict patients from having their procedures at SCK and corraling Medicare patients to CPH operating rooms."

These doctors can and do work out of CPH and get paid by

Medicare et. al.

Bearup, "Chair" Zuyus
If the Peninsula Clarion chooses to print Peter Zuyus' letters to the editor attacking the Borough and the Mayor for not running the Central Peninsula Hospital the way Zuyus wants the hospital run, it might be informative to point out that Zuyus is the "Chair" of Tom Bearup's run for Borough mayor.

Office: Mayor
Candidate Information
Previously Registered (From MJE or LOI Form)
Election Year: 2014
Candidate Display Name: Tom Bearup
Candidate Legal First Name: Thomas
Candidate Legal Last Name: Bearup
Campaign Committee Name: Friends of Tom Bearup
Campaign Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2763
City, State Zip: Soldotna, Alaska 99669

Name: Peter Zuyus

Other Zuyus' points that need correcting:

CPH is not a Governmental entity and they are not "Government Bureaucrats"!

The Borough owns but does not operate or manage the hospital.

No one, I repeat, No One has lost their choice of doctor.

Ask your doctor, do not fall for false statements.

Scare tactics and misinformation seems to be a reoccurring theme

With Bearup's people.

Bearup is responsible for these statements by his "Chair", and

The failure to disclose Zuyus' position with the Bearup campaign.

Please review Bearup's fiscal integrity where he was denied

Bankruptcy protection for lack of disclosures.

"One such way for the trustee to challenge property is to claim that a nonprofit organization you are a part of. In this case, a married couple filed for Chapter 7 but did not tell the court that they were the founding members of a religious organization. They received their income from the nonprofit, and put every cent they had into it."

"However, the nonprofit was also so intermingled with their own property and lives that it was impossible for them to claim it should be excluded from their case. For instance, they shared living quarters with the headquarters of the business, they lived off of the proceeds of the organization, and they did not seek gainful employment outside of the organization. Because of these facts, the trustee successfully challenged their characterization of the organization as a nonprofit, and the property of the organization was used to pay creditors."

Chris0803 08/28/14 - 12:09 pm
Veterans First Profit Second

Jford or can I call you like I see it "Hospital Employee". You make no sense in your obvious lying... One of the biggest success of Lucifier is when he told people there is no their is Satan... Only idiots would not see through that obvious posting... You lost me when you acknowledge the hospital is taking away right but then throw in a ton of lies to deter those from the truth.

Suss you bring up points that like you got me upset at this article.

I don't like people playing politics and it's frustrating to get sucked into it.

I do know that for my family, our surgeons have told me I have to go to the hospital to get my surgery because CPH will not sign a stupid piece of paper. That's crazy!!!! The fact is that almost seems illegal!

I don't know Tom Bearup. I do know that the hospital has made it clear they put money over people. They have even in public said that in the last burough assembly meeting said that they feel the loss of money stops them from signing the agreement.

So the hospital has admitted to over charging the public, stopping the right for us to choose to go to a cheaper location, and they feel no remorse in publicly stating they don't care about those they should be serving. We pay the price or have to go to Anchorage for cheaper quality care??? That's okay cause they have an Olive Garden next the the base.

What is Mike's view on the surgery center and what is Toms? Have they released a press release on this issue?

Does anyone know?

Moms lets get our voices heard!!!! What's up with our candidates? Who stands for us on this issue? All I know are upset that CPH is taking away our freedom to choose... We decide who and where we get our surgery not the hospital we get the surgery from!!!!!

kenai proud
kenai proud 08/26/14 - 11:55 pm
jford, please explain...the whole truth...we're not that stupid

I have been in Alaska my whole life. I know there have been many laws made that were to protect the patient, and others that were made to protect the investment. I wonder which group of lobbyists made this law of a local transfer agreement... Truth is, this is a federal law, but a horrible law, nonetheless.

Just how does this law protect the patients? I agree there should be a strong transfer protocol, which they have stated there is, but if there is such a law, then there really should also be a law forcing local hospitals to give the transfer agreement as well, as by not doing so, we start delving into anti-trust violations.

The truth is, not only is the hospital putting money above patients' rights, it is also breaking the law in so many ways here. As a monopoly trying desperately to box out competition and using leverage to snuff out whatever competition it does have out, they are stepping into very murky, dangerous waters. I am very surprised this surgery center group of doctors hasn't turned them into the state, or federal government for that matter. Either way, it is a very stupid, sloppy way for the hospital to be going right now.

Also, whether or not you are a Bearup supporter or a Navarre supporter, everyone has to see that this is a horrible blunder on the part of Navarre to support the hospital in this instance. It seems like campaign suicide...Putting hospital revenues and politics above veterans' and senior citizens' rights, as well as those that are less fortunate.

All the guy writing the article was trying to do was explain how there is already a major problem with access of care for these folks, with all the other things he mentioned, and that this is really not helping, in fact, it seems like Navarre, Davis, and the hospital are slapping our senior citizens and veterans in the face. From my understanding, the copay for medicare is twice as much for a surgery at the hospital than at a surgery center.

I personally think Navarre is a pretty smart guy and normally good administrator. Please Navarre, wise up, and actually listen to the people this time or you won't be a mayor much longer. This is probably a bite too big to chew...It looks too bad on your part, and too uncaring to the public. I am sure with your administration skills, you of all people can figure an easy way for the hospital to make up for a small loss of a one operating room surgery center.

On the other hand, Bearup is listening. He is a believer in free market, and yes, he has baggage, but he has done some pretty incredible things. Our borough could really use a lot less bureaucracy and red tape, and maybe we could entice a lot more businesses to actually make the peninsula their home. He has rubbed shoulders and taken a lot of good lessons from Ronald Reagan, a man almost everyone admires. And again, Tom Bearup is LISTENING. Imagine that, a mayor that doesn't get a poll from the people on what they want and then go and do exactly the opposite time and time again...

Either way, I want my family treated for outpatient surgeries at the surgery center. I am not made of money, and it has to be quality, otherwise the state would not have passed it. It just stinks that the hospital is blocking those that really need the savings from getting their outpatient surgeries there as well. Again, did someone say Anti-Trust Violation? Either way, very scummy. I will make sure to hold their families hostage for whatever political agenda I have next time as well.

Suss 08/27/14 - 06:57 am
Bearup Baggage

Please do research the questions about Bearup and his

bankruptcy attempt, residency issues and how his "church"


"Dr." "Reverend" Bearup with a GED has some explaining to

Voters about his qualifications, education, income, residency

voter status and work history.

CPH is looking out for their bottom line.

SCK is looking to make money and their bottom line.

The problem is not political, it is a business and a legal issue.

You want to change how the hospital is managed, join their

Board of Directors.

SCK is right across the street from the courthouse,

That is where SCK will find the answer to their demands.

kearbear 08/27/14 - 07:24 am
Seniors need choices and

Seniors need choices and alternatives. Seniors need the alternative of having their surgery performed at an outpatient clinic such as Surgery Center of Kenai. To deny this Center a transfer agreement infringes on Seniors ability to use the facility of their choice. CPH is behaving irresponsibly and at odds for the good health of the Senior patients on Medicare/Medicaid/Tricare. Surgery Center of Kenai wants to serve the needs of the Senior Community but cannot until a transfer agreement is issued. Until then Seniors are being denied access to the same facilities as those covered by other healthcare insurance. This denial is forcing Seniors into a two tier system of healthcare delivery.

cheapersmokes 08/27/14 - 07:53 am
Seems to me

I think the current situation is working out just fine! However, a group of Doctor's seemingly want to make even more money by starting up their own surgery center and now they are whining that the hospital won't willingly give them access to their revenue streams. Isn't the hospital owned by the borough and the clinic is privately owned?

Suss 08/27/14 - 10:42 am
kearbear, doctors?

Seniors need information to make choices.

Not so sure all the doctors at the new place in Kenai had

privileges to perform surgeries at the hospital.

Maybe a doctor list of who is who to see if there are doctors

That can only work at the SCK and not the hospital?

Could there be other concerns beside the previously

mentioned ones?

There might be reasons best left for discussion in a courtroom.

jford 08/27/14 - 11:27 am
Misinformed nonsense continues

While there is a federal law requiring transfer agreements in some cases, Alaska law requires them also, and did require them long before any recently enacted federal cost cutting measures.

Again, attempting to tie the two together is utter nonsense.

As for Satan, or being a hospital employee? Both are just examples of more uninformed nonsense. Crazier misinformed nonsense, but just more misinformed nonsense nonetheless.

The issue revolves around a wish to maximize profits by a handful of physicians who wish to feed off public healthcare funds. The hospital has done some reflecting on whether they want to assume the risk of treating patients the surgery center can't adequately serve and decided no, they won't take on the extra risk just to prop up the other surgeons desire for public money profits.

If the hospital is to assume risk, they rightly want to control in what environment the surgery is to be carried out. If they wish to take on risk, they should control where the operation is performed.

This isn't some wing nut conspiracy, it's a simple matter of prudent management by the hospital to deny taking on the risk just because some few surgeons wish to maximize their profits and dip into the public well.

If you still think this is some rationed government health care plot or some derivation of the devil at work, you're likely not able to climb out of, or away from, your unrealistic preconceived visions. Good luck with that. Must make things very difficult for you.

jford 08/27/14 - 11:47 am
Chris0803 08/27/14 - 12:14 pm
Nice Try Hospital, were smarter than you think we are

Jford no no no no

You can claim conspiracy theory but the facts speak for themself.

The hospital "CPH" is going in a dark direction. You can claim this might belong in a court room; however , that conversation stops when CPH your employer took my freedom and right to have my ability to choose away.

That is not why my family have fought for your liberal attitude and have you support me losing my freedom.

CPH has upset me and a majority of Alaskan Residents who are not as rich as you executives.

You lost this battle the moment CPH spit on the people it's shareholders....

Partner with the surgery center and stop forcing me to drive 3 hours to Anchorage. Stop using this forum as a lame attack on Tom Bearup. Lame....

Don't tred on me!!!!!

You don't get to decide where I go..... If this group of doctors who want to take the risk of providing the same service at a cheaper price, hell yes I would go to them.

Nice try........ Veterans first CPH. Community First CPH. Profits and egos second.....

jford 08/27/14 - 01:12 pm
As I said,

you're likely not able to climb out of, or away from, your unrealistic preconceived visions.

And judging from the disjointed ill-conceived nonsense you keep repeating, I was not at all wrong in my assessment.

However, now I won't be wishing you good luck with that.

Now I'm content to know that your own illusory ideological constraints and utter blindness to reality is making ordinary decision making very much a challenge for you.

As evidenced from your mutterings, you can't even keep straight who might speak of what from one post to the next.

Please, please, gift us with some more of your crazed disjointed nonsense. I can think of no better example to show the public what comprises the mindset of Bearup's supporters.

Please, carry on. You couldn't do more to spike his chances.

Suss 08/27/14 - 01:37 pm
"Don't tred on me!!!!!" , or "Don't Read To Me"?

Bearup's chair, Zuyus is the letter's author. Fair game.

The Borough was blamed and that is ill-informed.

Does anyone have a name of a doctor that you can't see

For the lack of a transfer agreement letter?

The two parties to this issue, CPH and SCK are the only ones

that really need to be heard from, preferably in court.

Chriso803 mentioned "shareholders", the SEC has info about

SCK stockholders. Could that be Chriso803?

kearbear 08/30/14 - 03:06 pm
Hospital transfer agreements

Hospital transfer agreements serve as a safety net, enabling an outpatient to be transported to and treated at a hospital in the event of unanticipated medical complications. Hospitals with the capacity and capability to provide stabilizing care have a duty to accept transfer of patients. Written transfer-agreements are necessary to protect choices and options of Seniors and Veterans.

kenai proud
kenai proud 08/27/14 - 10:31 pm
Hospital not greedy? Borough not really involved? Maybe on paper

First of all, I will refrain from needless cutting remarks.


1. The hospital just received an extension to their grant where they receive an extra large percentage on every medicare patient that they see. They have monetary reasons to stop this surgery center from happening, even with the insurances that no one else makes money on.

2. The surgery center WILL fill up with all commercial insurances without Medicaid, Medicare, and Tricare patients. If half of the surgeons in the area are members of the surgery center, and the hospital has no problem filling up six hospital operating rooms, then it doesn't make sense to think that the surgery center could fill up completely full on good paying insured patients. Obviously this has nothing to do with these surgeons wanting to get more income. They are arguably fighting for a cut in pay when the hospital is actually making money off of these insurances because of a grant.

3. Ask any hospital executive and they will tell you that they have to report to the borough mayor at least quarterly, who happens to be Mike Navarre, who has a lot of sway with the hospital board, as he was one of them, and they consider him part of them still. No one dares go against what Mike Navarre says or wants regarding to the hospital agenda if they want the board to support them in their job in administration.

4. There is virtually NO RISK being treated at these surgery centers. First of all, all high risk patients don't get sent to a non-hospital facility. Also, check the track record of surgery centers across the nation and throughout the state. A fraction of a percent of the patients ever get transferred to a hospital. When this happens here, the hospital will take them because of EMTALA laws, and one of the surgeons will be following them. Also, a hospital makes money every time that happens, and it is a common practice of most hospitals, even prominent ones in our state to have open arms to surgery center transfers as it is a feeding base for their hospital.

5. These physicians are not all with privileges because of the greedy hospital agenda. This has been going on a long time before the surgery center even was being talked about. One is a pain management physician who happens to be on the board of the World Institute of Pain and has better credentials than any other pain management doctor in the area. She hasn't been given credentials because she is in direct competition with the hospital employed pain management physician, not because she is not in town enough, which is one of their previous excuses that has not panned out, and not because she isn't good enough. We would be well informed to do research on how many GOOD AND GREAT doctors the hospital has denied privileges to, and stopped them from offering services to the area. Dr. Allen the board certified urologist who used to have privileges at the hospital, and who a lot of the hospital staff currently calls during complications is also being denied hospital privileges. HOW MUCH MONEY IS THE HOSPITAL TURNING AWAY BY CHASING AWAY OR TRYING TO CHASE AWAY GOOD PHYSICIANS?

6. The hospital can talk greed all they want, but when some administration of the hospital tell public that they are disgruntled because the hospital is choosing to raise its prices to the public more than the suggested 5% this year, especially when it is already so unrealistically high that many insurances and people boycott it altogether by sending patients out of state or up to Anchorage, the stink is on them. Also, I see that everyone has skirted around my statement and claim that there are major ANTI-TRUST VIOLATIONS at work here. Obviously, no one wants to talk about it, because it is so blaringly apparent that the less it is talked about, the better it is for the hospital.

7. Did someone say Anti-Trust Violations?!!! Monopolies doing illegal things to hold on to their monopoly? Think about it. It doesn't take long. And we wonder why our healthcare costs are still so high...I have an idea...Let's support monopolies so that they have no opposition, and then, because of their good graces, they will naturally want to get better for us and drop their prices immensely! Not even close. Someone please tell me what percentage of the time that is happening. It obviously isn't happening now with the hospital's price hike. I wonder what is going to happen now that there is no opposition with a radiology suite of MRI and CT Scan... Watch folks, watch the prices now, which are already ridiculous, and see which way they go. And if the hospital drops them for a short period of time, watch where they go over the next few years.

8. Not everybody that is in Non Profit organizations is really for non profit. PLEASE, EVERYBODY GET ON THE BOROUGH WEBSITE, AND CHECK OUT THE ADMINISTRATION'S PAYROLL AND SURGEON'S PAYROLL AND INCENTIVE PACKAGES! Half a million dollars a year guarantee for Rick, the CEO, and that is besides bonuses if he hits certain benchmarks.... Does that sound non-profit to anyone? Also, check out some of their surgeon salaries and tell me which surgeons make more money and look at their payment structure... obviously those that work for the almighty machine of the hospital! Not the independents! Just because someone is labeled "For Profit" and one institution is labeled as a government institution does not make it wrong for a non government institution to see government insured patients. What a terrible shortage of healthcare we would have if that were truly the case. Also, not all governmental institutions are selfless and giving. Again, look up the details and facts in the borough website on your own, and I will make sure to post some links to it as well.

9. Bottom line, hospital patriots can talk and spin greed all they want. Read and find out for yourself. Look into how they are built. It's all there. We all know which group has been unwilling to collaborate and work together, and which group has tried desperately for years to box out any progress outside of its turf, we all know which group for years has controlled the prices and has not cared about the shareholders it supposedly is supposed to work for. Stop the hypocrisy and hiding bundles of profit into inflated salaries while preaching the name "Non-Profit"! Nothing makes me more sick than a hypocrite. Are the surgeons trying to make money by offering a good, well priced service? You bet. That's America. That is capitalism as it should be. That is how good, long term businesses become great! Right now the hospital is on a crash course and needs to take a lesson in business history. Quit chasing away those willing to bring good inpatient care to you, and making it hard for physicians and patients alike to want to use you at all. I wonder just how many patients are being treated in Anchorage and Seattle that should be treated in our inpatient facility because of misdirection and short-sighted vision for the future.

10. This goes mainly for hospital administration, and borough administration that supports such behavior. I am personally quite pleased with the level of care given at the hospital by the care givers and support staff. They are honestly overall, a very professional working group of healthcare professionals. And if anyone wants to start talking poorly about the care given at the surgery center, it is the same surgeons that treat you at the hospital, and also a core support staff that just so happens to be trainers for the support staff at the hospital, and some of the best that has ever worked at the hospital.

By now, everyone has guessed that I am someone that has followed the surgery center cause very closely. That is true. I am not one of the surgeons or staff, but I do support them in this cause as I know very well that they stand to make much less money by filling up their surgery center with Medicaid, Medicare, and Tricare rather than with commercial insured patients. How anyone can argue this act as one of greed, I do not know. The only ones that are crazy enough to try it want all attention off of their own acts of greed.

Suss 08/28/14 - 07:53 am
Names Please

Kenai Proud

Without knowing which doctors you are referencing as being

"run off" , how do we know who to look up?

Please do provide cites or links to support your many claims.

A long and blathering post is not to be given any merit

without a supported and factual background.

Will wait for facts. Will search for bias.

Naming an insurance company that directs their insured to

an Anchorage hospital would be helpful.

Specifics, rather than broad sweeping generalities would

be more helpful and informative.

jford 08/28/14 - 11:49 am
In poker it's called a tell.

Tipping your hand.

Kenai proud slips and refers to the surgery center as, 'our inpatient facility'.

'Our facility'.

While claiming not to be a surgeon or 'staff'.

Investors aren't generally referred to as 'staff', company presidents or CEO's are not generally referred to as 'staff'.

So for this 'not a surgeon' and 'not a member of the staff', their relationship to the surgery center is most certainly a relationship borne of professional and personal financial interest.

ASCs rarely have a single owner. is most common for development/management companies to own a percentage of the center.

Lets look at 'surgery center business plans'. In the last few years the surgery center business plan model has mushroomed across the nation. Why? Because investors and doctors can capture easy profits. There are even a significant number of businesses selling 'model plans' they help surgeons and investors set up their 'centers' and watch the money roll in. Sales pitches talk of the lucrative migration to 'surgery centers'.

One such company, on its web site, the business tells prospective physician partners that they can look forward to “distributions averaging over $1.4 million a year to all owners,” “typically 100 percent return on capital investment within 18 months” and “a return on investment of 500 percent to 2,000 percent over the initial seven years.”

Dang, let's build us a 'surgery center'. Here's a link to one of your prospective partners.

Filling up their surgery center with government subsidized customers. That provides the steady reliable base to provide financial stability. The gravy comes from 'facility fees' and moving more and more 'procedures' to the centers.

The number of outpatient surgery visits in the United States increased from 20.8 million visits in 1996 to 34.7 million visits in 2006, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Outpatient surgery visits accounted for about half of all surgery visits in 1996 but nearly two thirds of all surgery visits in 2006, the report said.

The report also revealed that just half of all procedures were paid by 'private insurance', …that leaves half of all profits being generated by government subsidized care.

Let these investors tell you they have no interest in government funds. They aren't telling you the truth. They desperately want those funds to flesh out their business plan. Those subsidized funds are make or break for the 'model plans' to work.

The subsidized care pricing is set, where private insurance companies negotiate pricing, so the subsidized pricing can provide not only half of the profits, but a half that's reliably steady in terms of cost recovery. And recovering overhead is all about making profits.

As far as surgery centers being a boon for 'seniors', studies show that the older the patient is, the larger the risk in facilities where they do not have the same level of care as can be expected in hospitals.

And not only that, but this:

Before you jump on the bandwagon to support a 'surgery center', best find out if it's in your best interests in any way at all. You might just be carrying water for another corporate get rich quick scheme and hurting your own chances for getting the best care you can.

There's a reason all these surgery centers are popping up all over the country, and it's not because anyone is trying to just give you better care. It's all about the profits and the profits all come down to making the business plan work as designed.

kenai proud
kenai proud 08/29/14 - 12:50 am
Not all capitalists are greedy...Not all socialists are saints

To clear the air, I am not the one playing Poker here. It is not a tell when one lays down their cards for all to see.

It IS a tell when one appears to be so involved with the situation and is so biased towards the hospital, while knowing intimate details about the hospital and is so obviously side stepping all serious claims and accusations made about illegal things the hospital is doing, yet is hiding behind a blogging name "jford".

My guess, and I doubt I am wrong, is that "jford" is either Rick Davis, CEO, or Matt Dammeyer, COO, or one of the more interested parties of the board. That is a "tell" in Poker. Apparently you are playing Poker and trying to fool the community, while I am being open and admitted my connection.

So, tell me Rick, or should I still say Jford?, what is the hospital's return on investment on, let's say, one spine procedure? I would venture it would be more in the realm of 500-1000% in your hospital whereas you are out accusing certain individuals of making 100% return on investment. Would anyone that has recently had one care to divulge what their hospital bill was?

The hospital administration is so desperate to make this conversation about anything but them, but I do not intend to let them get away from holding veterans, the less fortunate, and senior citizens hostage for economic gains and to strengthen their monopolistic grip (Need I mention again the Anti-trust Violations again that "Rick" has so artfully tried to draw our attention away from?).

They asked for links and facts, here goes a few.... I am happy to put out more as time goes on. The longer they fight this, the more people know what is going on... Greed. But not in a capitalistic way, they are using government and socialism as their tool for business domination and economic success. Too often now days people use capitalism and greed in the same sentence, but how many of us honestly don't think our government is heavy laiden with greed, and sprinkled with power hungry people that simply look for other ways to make money and have control than the tool of capitalism. Let us not forget that socialized and communist countries often had those that were in high places and government positions with their tables full of food while the "public" starved. There is not much different here, except that it hasn't gone to that level yet.

Below is a link for everyone to explore the hospital's tax return in depth for 2012. I understand certain "key people" are receiving more compensation now and in the year 2013.

Look carefully at a number of things.

1. The salaries and bonuses of administration and physicians that are employed.
2. The benefits are richer here for staff than in any non-subsidized company that actually has to balance its own budget year after year (I will go into this more in depth later on in comment), in fact, they actually equal to about a third of the total salary and payroll expense. That is one place that "profit" is hidden in a typical non-profit company.
3. There is a lobbying cost to keep their monopoly and box out competition. Again, how many people know places that offer better care and better prices when there is no competition? Also, I wonder how much they spent touring Mark Begich through there a couple months ago and I wonder what conversations were had behind closed doors about how to further the movement of socialized medicine (Check out Canada, or more importantly, check out all border states just south and see what portion of their patient base are Canadians because they can't get care there and hate it) and make life harder for those that have served the community for years without being fattened to the point of incapacitating them to do anything cost effectively (I will explain below).
4. Bob Molloy and his firm make over 500k a year with the hospital. No wonder he is opposed to the surgery center as a city council member in Kenai. Let's milk this fat pig until it's dry!
5. I m not sure exactly what that huge chunk of money is being deducted off their taxable income for medicaid and medicare. I may be reading that wrong, but it seems to me this hospital is getting favorable treatment enough! What other entity gets that other than federally qualified health centers? Yet the hospital has the gall to call other private clinics the "Blue Cross Flagships" because they would be crippled to take too much of that patient base.

And yet, these so called surgeons are fighting to take on these medicaid, medicare, and tricare patients.

By the way, I do want to make it clear in my statement for all readers, that I do not think it is wrong for the hospital administration and others to be making what they are making, so please don't get on the idea that I am a hater of people that want to make it in the world. That just isn't America. I think they have a very hard job and it requires a very impressive skill set to do this. What I am saying is, don't go preaching about how it is horrible for others to want to make money when you are doing the same. Maybe everyone should hide their earnings behind large non-profit entities, so they can't get painted out to be something horrible when the truth is that they give more to the community than most. I actually think it is good that we can offer these highly skilled professionals a reason to want to come and work in our community for our patient base. In fact, I want to say, that for Rick's job as hospital CEO, he is not being overpaid at all, just don't go around preaching money and greed at the same time.

At least these surgeons are going to make their income off of lowering the healthcare costs instead of finding ways to inflate them and keep them high.

What "Rick" has said in his last statement is untrue. I unveiled myself so that I could easily, with clout, say that the surgery center will more than fill up with commercial paying patients and work comp, and it already is. Even if it were to grow, which certain groups have lobbied (I wonder who? Is that a further Anti-Trust Violation?) to make that more difficult in the state of Alaska, it would definitely still fill up. It doesn't take too many patients wanting to be treated in a high quality facility to fill up one or two Operating Rooms, as you all know very well, with your current capacity problems with six, and don't try to say that you don't have those capacity problems, otherwise why would you go through so much trouble to try to get Certificates of Need for two other Endoscopy or "Surgery" suites?

Speaking of the surgery suite expansion, yes, that 43 million dollar expansion that we all had so much say in and we all love, I think you all would be interested to know a little more about that. Even after the state denied the two endoscopy suites and the radiology suite, the hospital still urged people to move forward with it after they knew that they had just lost their main way of making their expansion pay for itself. To explain how i distrust this institution with my tax dollars further, the CEO of the hospital is all over the internet, and you can just google our hospital's 43 million dollar expansion, stating that this 43 million dollar expansion was not a risk, because taxpayers could kick in and help... Read below:

Rick Davis, CEO, Central Peninsula Hospital: “Tonight, the Assembly votes on our $43 million bond offering to finance our medical office building that completes our cancer center and adds much-needed clinical space and other hospital services. This is the culmination of more than a years’ worth of work and you have all participated in many, many public meetings about it already. This risk of defaulting on these bonds is zero. If the hospital were to stop being successful and start losing money, tax payers could be asked to step in and help..."

Hmmm... I wonder if these independent physicians could do the same... "If we make a mistake, or a huge, let's say, 43 million dollar blunder, we could always make the taxpayers pay"...

That is one expensive office building. I understand they just purchased the providence imaging and I would be shocked if they didn't put it in there, so at least they are trying to make it useful, and a spine center doesn't work either. The money made from a spine program happens in the Operating Room, not clinic space, and clinic space already exists.

Food for thought. These surgeons have had to find the legal way to make a high quality 4000 square ft surgery center, equip it, and have other things calculated in its valuation all for under 1.5 million dollars because of the exemption rules to the certificate of need. If private industry can create something that is worth a lot more to the community for under 1.5 million dollars, and a government entity takes 43 million dollars and throws it at office space, I wonder what works more for our economy; capitalism, or socialism?

One last thing, there are articles and studies formed by surgery center groups, and articles and studies formed by hospitals. The one thing I quickly learned about statistics and studies in college was that statistics can be skewed to display exactly what you want people to see, when you want them to see it. If surgery centers were dangerous, the fed and state would have stopped them years ago. Below are several links that you will need to copy and paste to put in the top of your search browser that show facts about ASCs, and even show that ASCs are being started and owned by several hospitals because they are more efficient, have lower infection rate, and patients and physicians prefer to use them over outpatient surgery in hospitals.

I could place many more, but it is 12:30am and I am guessing I will need to place more tomorrow.

Bottom line is this. You deserve the right to choose whether or not you want your surgery done in an ambulatory surgery center or in a hospital. The hospital does not have the right to withhold this right from you, especially when it is your hospital. Please take ownership and talk to our current mayor and also potential mayors, as well as call hospital administration, and all the board members to help them change their mind. Help them understand that if they don't support you, you don't have to support them in their next election. They are, in fact, elected to serve you. Spread the word. We can make this stop and WE CAN GET OUR SENIOR CITIZENS RIGHTS, OUR VETERANS RIGHTS, AND OUR LESS FORTUNATE RIGHTS TO BE TREATED WHERE THEY WANT!

Don't worry Rick, or Jford, you can spew what you want, but I will be right here, and everywhere else helping keep the public grounded and apprised to the truth of this situation. If you don't like what is going on, you can also do something for the first time in your career and pick up the phone and call them and talk collaboration. You are a smart man. You've done some good things for Alaska Regional, now do what's best for the community here, and I would argue, what is best for this hospital in the long run, and give them a transfer agreement. The hospital has already lost its monopoly and fighting, not collaborating with everyone will only do the hospital and community harm. It already is doing a very important part of our community harm. Please think it through. You can be the one that brought our medical community together, or you can be the one that tore it apart. Which one will it be, Rick?

Chris0803 08/29/14 - 11:25 am
Hello Rick or Hospital Board Member

No no no no no.

I am a share holder but of CPH as you put in our meeting two weeks ago, tax paying members are all Borough Shareholders.

The hospital has stripped the right to choose away from

1) In our staff policy book at the hospital it says we can't get care at the surgery center.

2) You Rick and the board have taken the right for all Medicare, Medicaid, and OUR VETERANS!!!! They can't get care at the surgery center and you could have partnered with them.

3) You Rick and board members in your posts have tried to deflect these points by starting a witch hunt on Tom Bearup. Lame.

Did I call you the devil, no Rick or Jford you are not that important. I expressed a concern that you lied and tried to express ideas to draw readers away from the truth as expressed above. Like how Satan has hit a great note by telling the world he does not exist. We see through your veil and we see the man behind the curtain.

Readers as a parent first and having a family of Veterans and police force second, it upsets me to the core that CPH has taken away the right to choose. This is why I am posting as this is beyond the courts and needs to be public. YOU NEED TO BE INFORMED.

Let this be known Veterans, you can't get care at a cheaper rate from the surgery center from providers who are also credentialed at my hospital. We are also upset at this betrayal from CPH.

We work at a great hospital run by poor leadership that instead if patnered with the surgery center it would have nailed it and made our care stayed here in Kenai Peninsula. But no they took the other road and are trying to own a monopoly. We love our Hospital IT DOES GREAT WORK!!!! WITH THIS POOR DECISION FROM OUR BOARD AND LEADERSHIP THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY LOSES :-(

The facts stand and I'm done posting my heart when my leadership attacks any thoughts that could possibly contradict thee perceptions built in error.

GUYS support the hospital and support the surgery center. See through the lies and understand that if we want the best surgeons in our towns, we need to partner and not bully .

We have an amazing hospital but not the best leadership or board. We have a surgery center that is trying to partner but getting slapped instead.

My two cents... Goodbye

kenai proud
kenai proud 08/29/14 - 03:47 pm
Hospitals and surgery centers, the new model

Hospitals and surgery centers are partnering all throughout the United States. In fact, just take a few minutes and google how many hospitals are building their own surgery centers or doing ventures with other groups with surgery centers.

You live in a dream of the past. If you want to spend a whole morning or afternoon filling out paperwork, wading through hospital bureaucracy to just get your basic outpatient surgery, go ahead. Several patients are already thrilled with the ease of use, cost, and quality of the surgery center of Kenai, especially pain management patients. They are all being very effectively treated at the surgery center by wonderful physicians and paying much lower costs than when the go to the flouroscopy suite at the hospital. So I think the scam would be somewhere a little closer to the hospital..., or inside it.

Speaking of a scam, I was talking to state representatives about surgery centers and such, and they divulged to me, as well as staff in the ER divulged to me that Rick Davis and the hospital were looking into how to do an outpatient surgery center in Kenai this year as well. The ER staff told me that Rick was saying they were going to try to do it in the Lowes building in Kenai.

So, be careful who you share things with, Rick, because now your argument of how surgery centers are horrible and unsafe has come back full swing to bite you in the behind. If it was so horrible, why go there? You wouldn't actually be trying to do something that would hurt our patient population, would you?

By the way, there is no diverting attention back to the hospital. That is exactly what this article is all about, so diversion would be anything but that topic.

So, please, if you are reading this, please, everyone, reach out to legislation, the board, and have Rick stop holding our citizens hostage for economic advantage!

jford 08/29/14 - 05:46 pm
Yours isn't any 'new' model.

You aren't 'partnering' with any hospital, so your 'new model' is totally irrelevant, as well as just more diversion on your part.

(…you're good at irrelevance, I'll give you that, just not so good at diversion.)

Especially, irrelevant is your continuing to address your comments to your imaginary friend. That's precious.

Oh, yes, and everyone, ….reach out and help these poor investors with their failed business plan. Whatever else is legislation for except to bail out another failed corporate profit making scheme.


(….and lest I forget, ….witch hunts are great for rooting out witches, ...also grifters and frauds like Bearup)

Suss 08/29/14 - 06:47 pm
WalMart Med

I had joked about WalMart jumping into the discount surgery

business. Well it may not be that far off into the future.

When Zuyus speaks, as the Chair for Bearup, Bearup's bogus

History is going to be put in play.

Next Zuyus will claim what a great long term Alaskan Bearup


Notwithstanding Bearup's claims of being a great long term


kenai proud
kenai proud 08/29/14 - 07:39 pm
Jford & Suss using aliases so they can use surgery center too

Again, diversion is not needed. The issue at hand is the hospital denying a local transfer agreement and in so doing, limiting medicare, medicaid, and veteran patients' choices as to where they can go for care and forcing them to pay higher copays because they have to go to the hospital. What issue are you on and what weed are you smoking?

So, here is a new interesting fact that everyone reading would love to hear... A rather juicy detail for the public, and maybe even for those on the hospital board...

Everyone should start asking which hospital board member went and got surgery done at an Anchorage surgery center in the last two years.... That is a fun one. "Watch out! There's mutiny afoot!"

If the very hospital board that is fighting this so hard is also using surgery centers, then I say we should all follow suit! They don't even really believe in their own cause when it comes to the almighty dollar. Inflated prices? I think so! I seriously am laughing my head off typing this right now....And yes, I've checked my facts...:-)

jford 08/29/14 - 07:44 pm
I love it when a person using an alias,

tries to condemn others for doing the same.

(…laughing their head off appears to be very effective)

Suss 08/30/14 - 12:42 am
Breast Job

If you're talking about my breast augmentation, that is out

of bounds. Secondly there is no local doctor available

and further this was not covered by Insurance!

Very proud of the twins and everyone thinks very highly

of the work done.

They were not cheap either.

kenai proud
kenai proud 08/29/14 - 10:49 pm
I had to thumbs up Suss on that one...

My points still stand, and my statement is true, and not for that, but that is pretty hilarious Suss...

kenai proud
kenai proud 08/29/14 - 11:14 pm
Bottom line, even hospital board members use surgery centers

Bottom line, if hospital board members use surgery centers for something that they CAN get done at the hospital here, then they have no right to deny others that privilege.

Anti-Trust laws have been broken, and shareholders of the peninsula hospital are being taken advantage of. The hospital is using illegal tactics to hold on to its monopoly and it appears that the only owners or shareholders that benefit from owning are those that work for it.

As Rick Davis said with the 43 million dollar blunder of an expansion, we shareholders can be used for what we are good for.... our money in taxpaying dollars any time he makes a mistake. Who is holding these guys responsible for this? It isn't Mike Navarre.... You see, even though he is a great businessman, he hasn't had to balance this budget without tax money or grant money ever.

I wonder if he would run Radio Shack or Arby's the same way. Not when it affects what HE takes home each year, but with our money, not a problem... There is no check and balance for this monopoly unless you speak up, and what better time to do it than right before his re-election!

If you are covered by medicare and you like paying twice the amount of copays for simple outpatient surgeries that you would in a surgery center setting, then this message is not for you. What medicare pays hospitals for things like colonoscopies is over twice what medicare pays surgery centers for the same thing. If you are retired, or worse yet, still working and you have little to no income, this would be crippling and now the surgery center is trying to give you an option.

Don't let the Administration office phone stop ringing at the hospital with your calls. Don't stop calling Mike Navarre and tell him just how you feel about this and that your vote may hinge on this. He may not know it, but he has thrown you to the curb by supporting this. Senior Citizens, Veterans, and the Less Fortunate have all been kicked to the curb by Navarre, Rick Davis, and anyone else supporting this blockade of a transfer agreement.

Or, you could support his opponent who does support freedom to choose where you receive healthcare. He also supports free market business, and not a community hospital that isn't supposed to compete directly with anything that has outgrown its purpose.

Whatever candidate you choose, the issue needs to stand and you need to win your rights back to expand options in healthcare for those that already have so many doors closing. Call and do something now!

Suss 08/30/14 - 12:41 am
Too Proud

Kenai Proud could not even say the name Bearup.

I can see where that is a problem.

If you claim it is illegal, prove it. Go to Court.

Why are you wanting to politicize a legal, business matter?

That attempt to manipulate the hospital should be illegal.

The two parties to this issue need a courtroom, bring it.

The more Proud rants, the more suspected financial interest in

this Issue becomes evident.

The players are all adults. Go play in the courtroom.

Have you ever even listened to Bearup try to explain himself?

His work, life history, education. Let him talk.

jford 08/30/14 - 06:14 pm
Bearup is a fraud, a carpetbagger,

...and nothing more than a grifter.

Claims to be against government,

...but wants to get himself a public office job in that government he claims to be against.

kenai proud
kenai proud 08/30/14 - 03:24 pm
Suss, quite lying to the public. They're players in this as well

Should I say that "Vote Yes, Jford" is maybe not Rick Davis, but Mike Navarre? I figured my last comment would spark a quick, vicious attack if that was a strong possibility. Very pro-Navarre, very pro-hospital, at ANY COST!

Suss, everyone is an adult here. You most likely are just as connected to this as I am, even though you continue to deny what is obvious. It just may go to court. It may skip the court and go straight to the state and feds... and it may not even go there from the surgery center group. MOST LIKELY IT WILL GO THERE FROM ANGRY CITIZENS BEING KICKED TO THE CURB BY GREEDY HOSPITAL AND BOROUGH ADMINISTRATION!

There are, and always have been, three parties involved in this since the denial of the transfer agreement that impedes our senior citizens, veterans, and medicaid patients to go there at a much cheaper price. These parties are the surgery center group, those opposing group closely connected to the hospital board and administration, and the three very large groups of citizens that have been thrown out as hostage for economic gain.

If this wasn't so important for the public to hear, and damaging for your selfish, all ruling cause, then you both wouldn't have this set to notify you when someone else makes a comment. It is amazing to me just how quick you both are to respond. Either you both do nothing with your lives and hover by the computer (Which I doubt to be the case), or this is VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE COMMUNITY, AND VERY DAMAGING TO THE HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATION'S PLANS AND MIKE NAVARRE'S CAMPAIGN.

The fact that you constantly try and say no one else is involved and that we should keep this behind closed doors means a few things to me and to everyone else listening:

1. You are aware of your guilt and how horribly well it exposes your abuse of the community and your horrible ethics.

2. This is horrible for Mike Navarre's campaign unless he is willing to change his stance and stop holding citizens hostage.

3. You know that the public does actually have the power to overturn what you are trying to do, and you want this in as dark a room, with no one listening as possible.

One thought, what is more important? How long someone has lived in an area? or How many people are being damaged by a Borough Mayor that is so LEFT in all his actions and doings?

Tom Bearup must be a candidate that has a very good chance at winning or the attacks wouldn't be coming on so strong.... Maybe we need to talk a little about the faults of Mike Navarre, other than holding those that deserve the option the most for choices in healthcare hostage, as well as trying desperately to raise taxes on Senior Citizens by taking away their residential property tax exemption!

Beware Senior Citizens! This current mayor has not thought highly of you at all. He is a business man and what is a recurring theme for most businesses right now? Cater to the baby boomers. Or, should I say, Milk the baby boomers.

You, Senior Citizens, are being targeted in this current administration and I imagine they are wanting to do a lot more milking of your supposed excess before the day is through!

For example, they keep trying to talk about what the surgery center wants to gain, but the more important issue is what the hospital is fighting so desperately to keep! How many of you are aware of the 19+ percent grant fund that the hospital just got extended for over two years? They receive a lot more money per medicare patient and others than any other entity.


DON'T BE FOOLED. YOU, SENIOR CITIZENS AND VETERANS ARE THE BIGGEST USERS OF HEALTHCARE and while other entities don't make much money off of it, this hospital makes a fortune, along with a huge tax break for it!


This has a lot less to do with the surgery center group fighting like crazy for pennies and a lot more to do with being America the way it should be. Not some government organization having overreaching power to stop citizens from getting better deals on healthcare and sucking our senior citizens dry with higher healthcare copays. You may not think a copay is not that big of a deal, but 20% of a surgery is a lot of money. Especially when it is double the price it should be! Try a minimum of hundreds of dollars difference for you on something minor and thousands difference for something more complex.

They are basically taking our veterans and senior citizens by the ankles, flipping them upside down and shaking all the money out of their pockets.

I have been in private industry too long to be duped by this administration. They know where their money is with their grant for the next two years, and, even though it is a "community owned" hospital, they could care less about their community. Just like with the senior residential property tax exemption.

It is easy to get involved. Vote next month to change this outcome, or if you are a Navarre supporter, let him know where you stand and where he better stand if he wants your vote. Call and give Rick and his administration hell.

Suss 08/30/14 - 05:05 pm
Zuyus is a Bearup tool

No one has lied more than Bearup, show me the money

Bearup forgot to tell the Bankruptcy Court about.

Zuyus is crafting a Bearup rescue, it is not going to work.

Hiding behind the church and the flag to sucker in the

Suckers ain't going to happen no matter what Zuyus claims.

Let us do the math on the ages for Bearup.

Look at the criminal code for Cops and dating underage

Teenage girls.

That is creepy...............

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