Letter: AGDC should deliver Kenai Spur Highway decision as promised

AGDC should deliver Kenai Spur Highway decision as promised


I look forward to the decision shortly where the bypass road will go. One alternative goes through my house and the other properties I have been trying to sell, which makes it pretty unlikely to sell. “Please buy my property but they may build a road through it in a few years.”

I can deal with the decision if it does go through my properties, but I’m hearing it is to be a recommendation or preferred route. What happened to the decision? AGDC was supposed to build a road and give it to the state for maintenance and was supposedly working with the Department of Transportation whose commissioner is on the AGDC Board of Directors. Who are they going to give recommendation to?

I hear there is another route being considered? Public input or meetings on other routes?

They have been at it for several years so let’s see a decision in June as promised.

Blake Johnson




Wed, 07/18/2018 - 22:42

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