Voices of Alaska: ‘Fair share’ would drive investment from Alaska

An observation from educator/philosopher William James came to mind as I watched Robin Brena lecture the House Resources Committee a few days ago on his... Read more

Wed, 02/15/2017 - 10:34

Much-maligned SB 91 needs tweaks from Legislature, not repeal

The rollout for Senate Bill 91, the judicial reform bill passed by the Legislature last year in an effort to combat high recidivism rates and... Read more

Major media remain in denial

Since Donald Trump’s election, the major media have been trying to figure out what they did wrong, given their fawning coverage of Hillary Clinton and... Read more

What others say: Trump comments undermine judicial branch

Donald Trump’s tendency to question the legitimacy of the judicial branch has gone beyond inappropriate and is now a threat to American judicial independence.... Read more

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