What others say: On marijuana, let states decide

We’re disappointed that White House press secretary Sean Spicer recently said “greater enforcement” of federal drug laws, including prohibition of marijuana, is coming.... Read more

Op-ed: How the GOP crackup happens

Less than two weeks after the unveiling of the GOP Obamacare replacement, the party is already staring into the abyss.

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What others say: House Resources tells Armstrong thanks for nothing

The first time Bill Armstrong met former Gov. Sean Parnell several years back he pointed at a map of the North Slope and told him... Read more

Eliminating invocation the right thing to do

Note: I wrote this Opinion Piece two weeks ago. At that time I had been instructed to submit

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What others say: GOP health bill must face new realities

Debate in Congress about the fate of Obamacare should begin with this truth: The Affordable Care Act in its current form is disintegrating, and without... Read more

Analysis: Trump learning that in White House, words matter

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump is learning a harsh lesson: In the White House, words matter. Read more

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