Op-ed: Trudeau is annoying, not an adversary

Justin Trudeau may be the annoying, youthful avatar of chic progressivism — but he’s not our adversary.

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What others say: Beyond fair trade

With all of the merchandise coming into the United States from China, it’s fair play that Alaska sends some of its products to China.... Read more

What others say: Welfare reform headed in right direction

The low U.S. labor force participation rate has several causes, but a major one is the disincentive to work created by government programs. The Republican... Read more

Letter: Thanks for help with cemetery cleanup

A big thanks to everyone who came and helped clean up the Spruce Grove Cemetery. It is looks very nice. It was lots of work... Read more

Letter: Troopers set example with restrained use of force

The Tuesday, June 5, issue of the Peninsula Clarion reported a dangerous incident involving two state troopers subduing a suspect in Soldotna. This was the... Read more

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 11:40

What others say: Congress short on compromise

To know how far relationships have broken down in Congress, consider this: Just as lawmakers should have been negotiating furiously to nail down the 2018... Read more

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