Stormy Lake fishing regulations change, Dolly Varden and Arctic char off limits

Beginning Thursday anglers will no longer be allowed to use five lines while fishing for northern pike through the ice in Stormy Lake and the retention of Arctic char and Dolly Varden is also prohibited.


An Alaska Department of Fish and Game emergency order was released Tuesday changing regulations on the lake after a rotenone treatment eradicated its infestation of northern pike which was previously used to justify liberal fishing methods.

As a result of the successful rotenone treatment, Stormy Lake was restocked with Arctic char and or Dolly Varden, but as both species are slow to grow and have low population densities, it is unclear how long it will take for the fish to reestablish natural production, according to a media release. Prior to the treatment, eggs taken from native Arctic char were reared in the William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery.

Sport fishing through the ice will be allowed, according to the emergency order, however anglers may only use two closely attended lines with one hook and one artificial lure on each line.

Arctic char and Dolly Varden that are caught cannot be retained or possessed and must be released immediately and returned to the water unharmed.

Other area lakes can be fished for Arctic char and Dolly Varden, such as Hidden Lake and Skilak Lake.

Engineer Lake is considered to be good Acrtic Char and Dolly Varden fishing through the ice, once it’s fully formed.

In the Swanson River Road area, Dolly Varden Lake and Rainbow Trout Lake are considered to be good fishing for Arctic char and Dolly Varden, with Rainbow Trout Lake listed as good ice fishing throughout the winter months, depending on ice conditions.

Near Stormy Lake, Daniels Lake is considered to be good year-round Dolly Varden fishing.


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