Russian River sanctuary area to open to fishing

The sanctuary area at the confluence of the upper Kenai and Russian rivers will open to sockeye salmon fishing at 8 a.m. Wednesday.

The sanctuary area includes the waters upstream of Alaska Department of Fish and Game regulatory markers located just downstream of the ferry crossing on the Kenai River to markers 300 yards upstream of the boat launch at Sportsman’s Landing. It includes waters around the upstream end of the island near the mouth of the Russian River, and the Russian River upstream to markers 100 yards from its mouth.

The daily bag and possession limit remains three sockeye salmon.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced the opening is a press release Tuesday. Fish and Game projects the early run sockeye salmon spawning escapement goal of 22,000-42,000 fish will be achieved.

Anglers are reminded to remove fish carcasses whole, or gutted and gilled, from the Russian River, or to take fish to the cleaning tables located at the confluence and ferry crossing to fillet and chop sockeye salmon carcasses into small pieces to be thrown into deep, flowing waters. All personal belongings, including fish stringers, should be closely attended. Area managers also ask that riverbank restoration projects be respected, and that anglers stay on established pathways.


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