Going the distance in the Kenai River Marathon

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Kristy Carney of Ft. Collins, Colo., warms up in the brisk air as the sun rises before the start of the full marathon. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Heidi Wilder warms up before the race with her nephews Callen Davis, left, and Taylor Davis, right. The warmup was effective, as Wilder went on to win the women’s marathon. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Sam Tilly leaves Cook Inlet and a view of Mount Iliamna behind near the start of the full marathon. He established an early lead and held it to win the race. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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The starting runner for the Red Rage Runners relay team leads others along a path bordering the mouth of the Kenai River early in the race. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Blue sky, cool temperatures and nearly calm air benefited runners Sunday. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Kelly Maixner leads a group of marathoners down Bridge Access Road early Sunday near the start of the race. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Charlotte Saavedra tunes into the beginning of the marathon Sunday morning coming down Bridge Access Road. Runners were spared this year the wind that has affected previous races. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Diana Burbank crosses the Kenai River Marathon’s namesake early Sunday near the start of the 26.2-mile event. Race options included the full marathon, a half-marathon or a four-person marathon relay. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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The starting runner on The Sisters’ relay team crosses the Kenai River. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Jerry McCavit and Douglas Ketterer run together across the Warren Ames Memorial Bridge spanning the Kenai River. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Jordan Schneider, right, hands off to Lisa Renken at the first exchange zone for relay runners. They were two of the four runners making up the Beer Crazy team. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Robert Bishdon of Ft. Meyers, Florida, runs his 248th marathon Sunday. “This is such a wonderful marathon,” he said. “I’m glad I found out about it.” Completing a marathon in each of the 50 states is a goal for a few seasoned runners. Bishdon is about a half-dozen marathons away from doing it four times. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Mark Johnson passes fall colors on his way to the finish line Sunday. He ran the anchor leg of a relay team. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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A member of the Tesoro Team Black relay passes balloons on the fourth leg of the marathon. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Lee Sandbak hands his wife Sarah a cup of water during her half marathon. He’s holding a sign with an abbreviation he made from one of their wedding vows to help cheer her on. They tied the matrimonial knot last June. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Mount Redoubt looms over the center of Kenai in front of a a runner finishing the final miles of Sunday’s race. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Elena Nielsen high-fives Kelly Lawson at the finish of the half-marathon. It was Lawson’s first half-marathon. The Kenai River Marathon events challenged seasoned veterans and first-time runners alike. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Chantelle Rose flags a runner across Bridge Access Road about a mile from the finish. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Doug Ketterer congratulates his sister Laurie DiFrancesco at the finish line Sunday afternoon. Ketterer ran the full and his sister the half; both were happy with their finishes. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Amanda Browning’s shadow speaks for itself as she crosses the finish line of her half-marathon race. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)

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