Soldotna v. Homer State Championship Football

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The Soldotna Stars take to the field at Tom Huffer Sr. Stadium at Chugiak High School for the state medium schools football championship Saturday afternoon. They wore pink in honor of breast cancer patients. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Homer’s #54 (the school did not make a roster available) tries to catch Soldotna’s Noah Fowler in the first quarter of Saturday's state championship game. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Soldotna's Jarrett Urban and Cameron Grothe celebrate a play at the end of the first half Saturday at the state medium school championship football game at Chugiak High School. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Soldotna's Connor Schoessler and #70 (not on roster) celebrate with other Stars in the locker room at Chugiak High School during the halftime. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Denali Goodwill expresses a SoHi team sentiment and some spirit to go with it during the game. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Homer's #40 and #41 (a roster was not available from the school) take care of themselves as SoHi's River Calloway jumps clear for a few more yards Saturday. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Homer's #7 finds an opening in front of Soldotna's Jarrett Urban. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Soldotna's Jared Chavez (8) gives Bos Asimakopoulos shoulders to lean on in the fourth quarter. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Soldotna's River Calloway breaks free of the pack in the second quarter. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Soldotna football players and coaches celebrate their medium school state championship over Homer Saturday night at Chugiak High School. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Soldotna head coach Galen Brantley gets a bottle of sports drink down his back shortly after dodging a much larger container as players start to celebrate their win over Homer. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Soldotna players celebrate their state medium schools state championship with the First National Bowl trophy Saturday night at Chugiak High School. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)


Soldotna meets Homer at Chugiak High School to settle the Alaska state championship for medium school football.


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