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1996 - Flames candle skyward from spruce trees burning in a wildfire on the shore of Skilak Lake. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1996 - Rich Knisley goes face-to-face with his former mount during the bareback riding competition at the Central Peninsula Rodeo Grounds Memorial Day rodeo. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1996 - Twin moose calves share a meal while browsing with their mother in a Kenai neighborhood. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1996 - Soldotna's Chris Mabeus, in pool, is consoled by Palmer's Gabe Layman after suffering a narrow loss in the 100-yard freestyle at the Region III swimming and diving championships at Skyview High School. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1996 - Bunny Swan Gease dresses up a window at Kenai Municipal Airport. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1997 - Comet Hale-Bopp shines among the stars above the Kenai Mountains near Cooper Landing. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1997 - A runner with Grace Christian School gestures for his teammate as he and other anchor-leg runners wait for the baton during the 4x800-meter relay event at a track meet in Seward. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1997 - Climbers with Cancer Survivors on McKinley snowshoe across the Kahiltna Glacier more than 7,000-feet up Mount McKinley to practice crevasse rescues before heading for the summit. The climb was a fund-raiser for camps serving children afflicted with cancer. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1997 - Members of the Kenai Crewsers rowing club strike out across Kenai Lake during an early morning workout. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1997 - Smoke from forest fires give the sunset a surreal color as salmon fishermen make their way up the Kenai River near its mouth. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1997 - Nikiski's Ryan Ellis leans across the finish line as Seth McCollum, of Valdez, dives too late for the win during the Class 1-2-3A boys race at the Alaska state cross country championships in Palmer. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1998 - Hoar frost clings to the cupola of the Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary Russian Orthodox Church in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1998 - Ronnie Cavanaugh holds Hannah McQuaide up to the window of a bus carrying Colony High School basketball players to a game at Soldotna High School. "She's the team's mascot," Cavaugh said. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1998 - Lucky Kirk performs "She Burned a Little Roadside Tavern Down" for a crowd that had gathered to watch local fire departments burn the former location of Larry's Club in Kenai. The storied bar was razed as a training exercise. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1998 - A roadside sign serves as an unintended target near a gravel pit in Nikiski. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1998 - Cook Inlet Academy basketball fan Marilyn Keener, right, and a Homer Christian School fan, at left, have different reactions to the end of a close game at CIA. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1998 - Nikiski High School student Joel Hagedorn has an out-of-body experience during a track meet at Soldotna High School. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1998 - Dave Mustaine, the lead singer for the band "Megadeth," entertains a crowd at the Soldotna Sports Center during a concert stop. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1998 - James Cannava removes a summer banner from a light pole in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1998 - A young bull moose bears evidence of a run-in with a tire swing while browsing in a Soldotna resident's yard. The moose and the tire made tracks together for several days, delighting onlookers and frustrating fish and game workers who had to reassure callers that the moose would eventually lose both the antlers and the white-wall. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1999 - Walter Curry waits for rescue from a floating pan of ice in Cook Inlet as Kenai Air Alaska pilot Larry Rogers moves in for a rescue. (Inset) Curry's brother John gets a hug from the boys' mother, Julie, once they saw Walter was safe. John was able to jump free of the ice before it broke away from the Kenai shore. (Photos by M. Scott Moon)
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1999 - Soldotna High School goalie Kenny Bishop rests against his net as the Lathrop Malemutes celebrate their double-overtime win over the Stars in the semifinal round of the state hockey championships. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1999 - Johnathan Nash gets a heads up on the vote while waiting for his father, Chesney, to cast his ballot. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1999 - Central Emergency Services Fire Marshal Gary Hale straps an oxygen tank onto firefighter Barry Tibbits during efforts to fight a fire at a Soldotna home. Hale was on his way to a fire safety puppet show when he was detoured to the blaze. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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1999 - Under the beam of a single spotlight, Seward's Eric Higbee wins the 103-pound match against Nikiski's Joey Wicker to start off the championship round of the Area II South Wrestling Championships at Nikiski High School. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2000 - A moose pauses beneath the American flag while browsing through Old Town Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2000 - Fireworks light the night sky during the St. Patrick's Day celebration at the Soldotna Sports Center. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2000 - Shannon Alexie uses a winter sled to paddle across a spring puddle during breakup in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2000 - Skyview High School's Julie Bird takes a moment to smell the roses during her commencement ceremony. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2000 - Barbara Ralston leads other staff at Sears Elementary School in their version of "The Wave" as busses pull away on the last day of school. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2000 - Meagan Pribbenow descends from a ladder during roof maintenance at Kenai Central High School. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2000 - Kristine Holdridge reacts to a sliced tee shot at the Navarre Charity Classic at the Kenai Golf Course. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2000 - Amanda Biggs zigs while Daniel Alsdorf zags during a footbag game in a parking lot in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2000 - Early morning light illuminates a bull caribou in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2000 - Autumn rains create fall colors on the Kenai Spur Highway in downtown Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2000 - The haunted house at Mountain View Elementary School is a little tricky for some and a real treat for others. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2000 - Students from Skyview High School look at a car wedged beneath their bus following an accident on Kalifornsky Beach Road. The car was hit from behind by another vehicle and pushed under the bus. There were no injuries in the accident. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2000 - Caribou browse in heavy fog near Kenai Municipal Airport. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2000 - A great horned owl chick struggles to hold onto a meal as its parent prepares to fly off to find more food for it and a couple other chicks perched in nearby trees. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2001 - Sterling Elementary School principal Paul Kubena laughs as he watches students file out of the school's gym after they used duct tape to "suspend" him during an awards assembly. The event was a fund-raiser for a class field trip. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2001 - The aurora borealis fills the sky above Kenai with bright red light during a display that was visible across much of the Lower 48. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2002 - A sockeye salmon jumps from the water while trying to navigate the Russian River falls. The surging water is one of the last hurdles the fish has to clear before it spawns and dies. An orange lure in its mouth is evidence of a close call with fishermen downstream. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2002 - The photographer pauses to enjoy spring sunshine in Turnagain Pass in a self portrait made during a ski outing. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2002 - Jeff Helminiak paddles among glacial ice floating in Harriman Fjord in Prince William Sound. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2002 - A cow moose pauses from browsing on the Cook Inlet bluff in Kenai as the sun sets behind Mount Redoubt to the west. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2002 - Physical education teacher Gretchen Bagley dabs a tear while listening to students at Kalifornsky Beach Elementary School talk about their feelings during a memorial on the first anniversary of the 9/11 terrorism attacks on America. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2002 - Ryan Andeway hangs on for the ride while jumping his snowmachine in Turnagain Pass. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2002 - Vincent Brown, 3, watches a young moose as it eats grass in front of Ridgeway Preschool in Soldotna. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2002 - Rescue workers help Debbie Halsey ashore after fellow commercial fishermen rescued her from the 50-degree water of Cook Inlet near Kenai after the boat she was in capsized. One of the boat's four occupants died in the tragic accident. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2002 - Hikers cross melting snow on the Lost Lake Trail north of Seward. The route winds through the Kenai Mountains in Chugach National Forest. Spring comes late in higher elevations, giving fans of winter an opportunity to enjoy two seasons at once. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2003 - In this photo illustration, the breakup boot is pictured as a nearly universal fashion accessory. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2003 -Cara Steadman graduates from Kenai Alternative High School with her baby Trenton and classmate Amanda Hanthourn, at left. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2003 - Sonny Ogle creates video montages out of his friends’ skateboarding exploits. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2003 - The northern lights fill the sky above Soldotna during a remarkable display that lasted all night and was visible across much of the northern Lower 48. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2003 - Natalie Kohler, right, and her daughter Megan pay their respects during a Veterans Day observation in Kenai. Kohler lost a brother to the Iraq war earlier in the year. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2003 - Matt Tyrrell shovels snow from the roof of his family’s home as Ashley Thornton watches from the comfort of the living room below. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2003 - Backpackers descend a ridge in the Chugach Mountains, past Raven Glacier, on the Cross Pass Trail. The route runs from Girdwood to Eagle River. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2004 - Dave Caswell lets the winter sun shine in while talking to a friend in the entrance to Skyview High School. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2004 - Liam Stein, Eric Court, Nathan Harris and Matthew Walton celebrate Team Alaska's bronze medal win in junior male indoor soccer following two overtime periods and a shootout at the Arctic Winter Games in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2004 - Rick Winings makes a pass on a well-traveled mountainside in Turnagain Pass in the Kenai Mountains south of Anchorage. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2004 - A newborn moose calf runs circles around balls on the Carr family's front lawn in Kenai. A twin sibling was browsing nearby with the pair's mother. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2004 - Rocky Miller tries his luck flipping flies for red salmon on the Kenai River in Soldotna. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2005 - Sheena Poe comforts her husband Ken as a high tide on Cook Inlet claims the couple's 1999 Ford F-250 truck in Kenai. Ken Poe got the truck stuck following a drive on the beach and the 20-foot tide rose before he could get help. "I would have to say, don't go on the beach unless you know high tide," Poe said. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2005 - Trevor Kimbal carries his wife Sheri across the Russian River during a salmon fishing trip. Trevor avoided mishap from the stream’s rocky bottom and Sheri got to keep her own bottom dry. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2005 - A sign on Rick Wood's snowmachine and the temperature reading at Kenai Auto both suggest spring is on the way. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2005 - The Shepherd family watches from the northwest shore of Skilak Lake as smoke from the King County Creek fire towers overhead near Sterling. Nearby residents kept a nervous eye on the sky as firefighters battled the blaze from the air throughout the day. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2005 - A young brown bear rummages for salmon carcasses on the bank of the Kenai River near its confluence with the Russian River. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2005 - Debra Fullinck reacts to finishing the 5-kilometer race at the annual Run For Women. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2005 - An adult moose crosses the Sterling Highway near Sterling. This moose made it across safely but every year several hundred others end up in collisions with motor vehicles. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2006 - Elementary school student Louis Adams is bathed in stage lights as he takes the microphone during a rehearsal for a Thanksgiving musical in Kenai. Students at the school use music to learn about Native American culture. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2006 - Commercial fishermen toss red salmon into totes at a setnet fishing site in Kasilof. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2006 - Liberty Lynn Lasky, the 1-year-old daughter of Cpl. Michael H. Lasky, crawls on the floor during a memorial service for her father. Cpl. Lasky and another Marine died while conducting combat operations in the Al Anbar province of Iraq. About 600 people filled the National Guard Armory to show their respects. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2006 - A young brown bear scratches an itch while taking a break from eating salmon in the Russian River. Both bears and people migrate to the river each summer to stock up on red salmon. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2006 - A trio of tiny snowflakes clings to a car window in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2006 - A salmon scurries across a street in Seward during flooding that affected several neighborhoods on the north edge of town. Emergency workers helped residents move out of their homes as water closed streets and allowed fish to move into normally dry neighborhoods. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2006 - Skyview High School’s Kendra Merkes peels a protective layer of duct tape off her face following her fourth-place finish at the Kenai Klassic cross-country ski race at Tsalteshi Trails. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2006 - The Peninsula Oilers celebrate after defeating the Anchorage Bucs to win the Alaska Baseball League title at Coral Seymour Memorial Park in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2007 - Students participating in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District’s Borough Honor Choir concert are reflected on a piano as they rehearse a piece of music before the performance. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2007 - Logan Parks lets out a yell as he descends the sledding hill at Soldotna Middle School. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2007 - Sharlene Rooker is all smiles as she and other members of the Harley Owners Group Chapter 8150 of the Kenai Peninsula roll in the Fourth of July Parade in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2007 - Wild high-bush cranberries are framed by the season's first significant snowfall in the Kenai Mountains near Cooper Landing. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2007 - A crow traipses through a puddle in Kenai before taking a bath in the cold standing water. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2007 - Newly elected Gov. Sarah Palin thanks students from Sterling Elementary School for singing “Alaska’s Flag” and “I’m a Believer” during an Inaugural ball in Kenai. The event was one of several balls across the state marking the beginning of her term. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2007 - Motocross racers in the 65-cc division clear the starting line during State Race #7 at Twin Cities Raceway in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2008 - Many karaoke singers use music as a way to unwind. Newspaper inserter Marie Chaffin is no different. “It kinda gives me a relief from work,” she said while belting out a song at the .406 Club in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2008 - Connor sports a pair of “Doggles” while waiting for his human, Kate Gelinas, to finish checking her mail at the post office in Soldotna. “They keep the bugs and rocks out of his eyes,” Gelinas said, adding that he’s been wearing them for a couple years. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2008 - The colors of autumn and winter collide alongside the Kenai Spur Highway during an early season snowstorm. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2008 - Lance Mackey’s lead dogs Mattel and Maple are eager to start the Tustumena 200 Sled Dog Race as Patrick Mackey waits for the order to move to the starting line. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2008 - Brian Stoecker, a.k.a The Birdman, has run the grueling Mt. Marathon race every year since 1994. Appearance is everything for the veteran runner. “I hate to say it but originally it was to psych people out and to get my picture in the paper,” he said of his costumes’ origin. “Now, I only do it now because I’m supposed to do it. It has nothing to do with anything else. I would feel naked without it.” (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2008 - Brian Parson of the Fairbanks Ice Dogs fights with Jake Musselman of the Kenai River Brown Bears during a game at the Soldotna Sports Center. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2009 - Abby Anderson assesses her odds while ice fishing on Sport Lake with her class from Redoubt Elementary School. Not surprisingly, she said she didn’t see any fish. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2009 - Lance Fujioka and Rhoscoe Coquia cool their heels and more on an iceberg on Grewingk Glacier Lake in Kachemak Bay State Park during a spell of record-setting heat. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2009 - Valentina Baklanov waits with a sockeye salmon while Maria and Kate Prokosheva and Alexy Prokoshev clean other fish on the bank of the Kenai River at its mouth in Kenai. The Prokosheva family came to Kenai from Delta Junction –- a 10-hour drive – to dipnet fish for salmon. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2009 - Nick Prokoshev walks past clothing hanging to dry on new fencing the city of Kenai installed this year to protect beach dune grass from the sockeye salmon dipnet fishers who show up every July. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2009 - Kenai Central High School senior Billy Kiefer and Skyview High School senior Ivy O’Guinn enjoy more than the athletics during a football game at Soldotna High School. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2009 - Alaska State Trooper Sgt. Eugene Fowler adjusts his uniform hat during a late night traffic stop in Soldotna. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2009 - The setting sun illuminates a plume of steam and ash rising above Mount Redoubt volcano 50 miles to the east of Soldotna. The 10,197-foot mountain erupted multiple times over a several-week period, leaving residents of southcentral Alaska on the lookout for falling ash. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2009 - A honeybee hovers on its approach to a bluebells of Scotland blossom in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2009 - A gull and a young brown bear eye each other on the bank of the Kenai River near its confluence with the Russian River. Both were scavenging red salmon carcasses along the waterline. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2009 - Alex Ball (13) and Ross Kalke (74) celebrate with other Homer Mariners football players after winning Saturday’s semi-championship against Nikiski. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2010 - Charlie Allison unloads a dog from his truck in subzero temperatures while getting ready for the Tustumena 200 sled dog race in Kasilof. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2010 - Soldotna High School sophomore Tyler Marcuson casts a long shadow as he makes his way to his sixth-period class. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2010 - Cross country runners from Aurora Borealis Charter School make fun from work during a practice in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2010 - Kendall Rodgers takes a pass on her opportunity to visit with Santa during the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce’s 10th annual Christmas tree lighting and holiday gathering at Central Emergency Services. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2010 - A raven calls out from atop a light pole at sunset as the full moon rises from the horizon in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2010 - Merrissa Osmar’s lead dogs power out of the starting chute to get her on the trail of the Tustumena 100 sled dog race in Kasilof. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2010 - Simone Pushruk, of Chickaloon, keeps her eye on the bag as she competes in the two-foot high kick event during the Peninsula Winter Games Native Youth Olympics at Kenai Middle School. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2010 - Skyview High School’s Cody Williams locks up Bartlett’s Greg Sallaffie for a win at 145 pounds during a meet in Nikiski. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2010 - Peninsula Oilers bat boy Dylan Maltby watches Anchorage Bucs head coach T.J. Bruce challenge home plate umpire Asa Howard over a call. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2010 - Kenai Peninsula Run For Women 10-kilometer winner Heather Gaines takes a high-five from 5-kilometer runner Millie Carlson before crossing the finish line in 44:06. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2011 - The northern lights fill the sky above a home in Kenai during a strong early morning display. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2011 - Brad Snead meanders past melting ice on the Cook Inlet beach while looking for agates. “I’m bumping around enjoying the weather,” he said. “It’s a beautiful day.” (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2011 - Sonny Thompson, right, hugs the Rev. David Arestad as mentor Alex Zerbinos waits for his own hug after officials from Wildwood Correctional Center released Thompson from jail. Thompson, who has spent most of his adult life behind bars, is the first Wildwood inmate to graduate from a new faith-based program designed to keep offenders from returning to jail. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2011 - Snow geese, at top, and pintail ducks fly together during a layover on the Kenai River flats. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2011 - River Center Academy graduate Phellisha Jimmenne Dobson watches a slideshow as her sister Jenipher takes a photo during the school’s commencement ceremony. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2011 - Braxton Garcia plays in the cold Cook Inlet surf during a visit to the beach with his mom, Rachel. She said the family was camping nearby in Sterling and they came to the beach because it was such a nice day. Dad had other plans. “While the boys are fishing, the girls will play,” she joked. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2011 - Santa Claus (Brendyn Shiflea) gives other participants in the Tustumena 200 Turkey Trot a run for their money at the race start in Kenai. The jolly elf was only good for the first two blocks though, where he left the course to those more prepared to go the distance. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2011 - Bailey Balzer raises her hands in victory while playing a video game with Clara Moore. Balzer is a normal youngster in just about every way except one: All but just a few forms of food make her very sick. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2012 - Kelsey Cusack is pictured in a room at Serenity House in Kenai, where she teaches yoga to residents who are trying to overcome addictions. Hand prints on the wall are from graduates of the substance abuse program. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2012 - The northern lights fill the western sky above the Russian Orthodox Saint Nicholas Memorial Chapel in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2012 - A yearling moose browses with lamas and horses at Diamond M Ranch in Kenai. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2012 - Michelle Nappier reacts as a yearling moose approaches her vehicle’s window in Kenai. Nappier said she stopped to take pictures of the animal when it just walked up to her car. With no fear, it confidently approached other vehicles and acted like it was used to being hand fed. Wildlife officials warn that feeding moose makes them aggressive toward people and usually results in injured humans, dead animals or both. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2012 - Becca Atkins, third from left, snaps a photo of herself and friends as they wait for a ribbon cutting ceremony at the reopening of the Dairy Queen in Soldotna. The original restaurant was destroyed by fire last summer. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2012 - Soldotna’s Jarrett Urban collides with Palmer catcher Elias Stratton during their Region III game at the Kenai Little League fields. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2012 - Ethan Redfern waves to the crowd from the Boys and Girls Club of the Kenai Peninsula’s entry in the Fourth of July parade. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2012 - T.J. Gall untangles a red salmon from his dipnet at the Kenai River’s mouth. He said he was happy with his success. “I’ve caught four fish in a half hour,” he said. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2012 - Adam Craig, with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, works from a boat to apply rotenone to Stormy Lake as part of a multi-agency effort to kill off pike living in the large body of water near Niksiki. Crews working from several boats pumped a solution of the toxin into the water to kill the invasive species. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2012 - Amanda Browning’s shadow speaks for her as she crosses the finish line of the Kenai River Marathon's half-marathon event. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2012 - Nikiski's Stephen Hartley loses control of the ball on a tackle by Eielson's Anthony Griffith early in the first quarter of the state small schools football championship at Chugiak High School. Much of the game took place under heavy snowfall. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2012 - Kaison Herrimann, Nolan Freeman and the rest of Barbara Ralston’s first-grade class “drop, cover and hold on” under desks in their classroom during an earthquake safety drill. Schools across the district participated in the annual Great Alaska Shakeout drill. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)


After more than 16 years, photographer M. Scott Moon is leaving the Peninsula Clarion. We hope our readers have enjoyed seeing the Kenai Peninsula through Scott's lens, and wish him well in his future endeavors. Before we said goodbye, we asked Scott to put together a gallery of his best images from his time at the Clarion. This gallery includes many of those photos.


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