Pets 2016

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Sadie apparently has a ring around her collar. (Submitted photo)
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Dixie refuses to let rain, sleet, or snow keep her from delivering the paper. This picture was taken after a recent snowfall on Feb. 21. Dixie lives in Sterling with owners Coco Mallett and Tammie Parker. (Submitted photo)
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This is Chewy looking dapper with a new tie after a grooming. His owner is Kathleen Knowlton. (Submitted photo)
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April, Ruger and Jacob Walgenbach out for a long drive in the sun – probably heading to the store for Ruger's glasses. (Submitted photo)
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In honor of National Dog Day, Leo the puppy stopped by the Clarion newsroom Friday.
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Diana Brumley of Kenai shared this photo of her just groomed, handsome boy Charlie, a 5-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. (Submitted photo)
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Abigail Youngberg of Soldotna shared this photo of her “super diva mouse,” Coco Puffs Angel. Abigail writes that the name comes from the cereal. “I named her this because she is small, so cute and her fur is a dark brown. Right now she is on her stage and she has her favorite colors as the background. She is very playful and she loves to eat crackers, cheese and fruit. My family just moved here from Arizona and she stayed in the car for six days, a hardy little mouse.”
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The Gozelskis of Kenai put a fence up around the Christmas tree to keep their cat, Thomas, from eating the curly ribbon. They write, "Worked pretty well, don't you think?" (Submitted photo)
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Donald Ray Newman, 79, pictured here with his dog, died Friday, June 3, 2016 at his home peacefully with his family by his side after a yearlong battle with cancer. (Submitted photo)
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Lucy, a yellow Labrador retriever, loves to play ball. Lucy belongs to the Morrow family of Kenai. (Submitted photo)
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Julianne Koerber of Kenai writes, “My Ursa loves to have her picture taken. ... She is the princess of the house.” (Submitted photo)

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