Northern Lights above the Kenai Peninsula

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Moving like a snake, a band of light passes above Kenai in 1999. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Residents of Homer were treated to this display above Kachemak Bay in 2001. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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2001 was a good year for fans of the northern lights. A red aurora above Kenai was witnessed as far south as the midwestern states. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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From the same display in November 2001, the entire sky filled with bright red light early in the evening. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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The northern lights compete with light from homes in Kenai's Thompson Park neighborhood in 2002. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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A brilliant display in 2003 rivaled the 2001 show. Usually the northern lights are on the northern horizon for Kenai Peninsula viewers. This scene is looking south, toward Skyview High School, at the edge of Soldotna on the Sterling Highway. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Later that same night, the aurora filled the sky above the Cook Inlet bluff at Clam Gulch. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Also at Clam Gulch, the lights filled the sky above the Alaska Range and Cook Inlet. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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One more view of the October 2003 show, looking south above the Sterling Highway between downtown Soldotna and Skyview High School. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Sometimes the northern lights appear to flow like water, as they did in this 2006 display. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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The aurora lights the sky above Old Town Kenai in March 2011. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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A shimmering display of light illuminates the Kenai Mountains south of Hope in March 2011. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Bands of light rise above a home in Kenai in March 2011. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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Saint Nicholas Memorial Russian Orthodox Chapel is framed by northern lights low on the northern horizon in March 2011. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)
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The northern lights glow bright green through the window of an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 shortly after the jet took off from Anchorage in October 2011. (Photo by M. Scott Moon)


Witnessing the northern lights is an unforgettable experience. Their beauty inspires artists, astronomers and anyone else who is fortunate enough to see them. They are a winter treat, as long hours of daylight drown them out in the summer months. Friends telephone or text each other in the middle of the night to call attention to a good show. This is a collection of auroras viewed on the Kenai Peninsula. 


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