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Photo courtesy of Paul and Charlene Frome. Jasmine, a 10-month old Boston terrier, brings the Clarion from the driveway to the house each day for Paul and Charlene Frome. On Saturday, they place a "dummy" paper so she can complete her daily job.
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Soldotna resident Jasmine Husar, 4, practices safety first while fishing for king salmon with loyal friend Zoe, 12, of California.
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This is Ginger, owned by Soldotna resident Bob Moses. “She is a little black pug, almost 2 years old and is so playful and mischevious. Recently we had guests at the house, and made up the hide-a-bed in the living room. We found a few toys and such from last year when the grandkids were here with the great-grandbabies. Evidently, they lost a pacifier. It was dropped on the floor, and Ginger got it. She loves it!! She runs around the house and outside with this thing stuck on her face like a little baby.” Photo courtesy of Bob Moses
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Sir Coma Sleep Alot and Ms. Willow River were joined in marriage on June 19. “Hopefully in December their family will grow,” Dalebout wrote. Photo courtesy of Teresa Dalebout.
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We visited Grandma Kitty Pierson this weekend in Kenai. Sadie enjoyed her walks in the Kenai city park by the Armory. The wild geraniums were in full bloom. Veronica Belton, Fairbanks
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Tess, a stumptail macaque monkey, also known as a Japanese snow monkey, enjoys the summer solstice and her 29th birthday with a popsicle at her North Road home.
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On the left is Rubeus Hagrid and his mom on the right is Minerva Tonks. They’re purebred Labradors currently located in Texas and missed dearly by Clarion Reporter Rashah McChesney. Not pictured is Hagrid’s father Sirius Black who was the beginning of the family’s love for labs and Harry Potter names.
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This dog, Nellie, belongs to the Byrne family. A hike up the Fuller Lakes Trail didn’t tire her out, so she had to play with the biggest stick she could find!
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Bryan and Veronica Copenhaver, of Soldotna, write: “This is Lily our Saint Bernard. She is 4 months old in this picture.  We go for walks almost every night. One night Lily decided to jump into the stroller so she wouldn’t have to walk.  Sadly, she rode in the stroller and we carried our 2 1/2 year old!”
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This baby moose was just 45 minutes old when Janna Karvonen snapped this picture. Karvonen said it is the second moose born in her yard during the past week.
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Bernie finds herself all bundled up for a recent winter day. Bernie was styled and photographed by Grace Morrow, 9, of Kenai.
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Foxy Keener shows off his Irish pride in March 2012. Foxy is owned by Patsy and Bud Keener of Kenai.
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In this photo submitted by Lenny and Jan Ficarelli of Sterling, Peanut, the poodle, and Buddy have Mickey Mouse down for the count. They write, “Peanut and Buddy broke Mickey Mouse’s squeaker and are digging his grave so they can put him to rest. Peanut has passed on, but we’ll remember him forever.”
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Denise Rust submitted this photo of Martini, a rescued 3-year-old red-nose pitbull from the Anchorage pound, and Scooter, a rescued 1-year-old chihuaha from irresponsible owners. She writes, “They are best friends and snuggle buddies!”
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Spyder the doberman sports his new “tattoo.” Spyder is owned by Stephani Batchelder.
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Crystal Fite of Kenai submitted this photo of Faith at work with her on the dock last summer. “She blessed my life for 9 years and I will never forget her. She was my very best friend,” Crystal writes.
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Catherine Perry submitted this photo of Giuseppe “AKA Rigoletto Rex vs “T Rex”. In the mid-ninetys these boxes were used to display candy and the movie “Godzilla”. They are great for napping!
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Gracie (the rescue kitty) posing “en vogue” on a sunny summer day. We sure miss those times! Gracie’s owners are Marj Wiley/Fran Barker (who make excellent laps for naps)
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Uggy, a lab and pitbull mix, and Lyla, a shepherd mix, relaxing at home.
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This is our baby boy Brodie. His birthday is July 3, 2008. He is the best behaved boy ever. He’s a blue/brindle American pitbull terrier.
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Jewlz, a six-month-old pitbull/ bull mastiff, was being very silly for this picture. Jewlz’s people are Justin Monette and Cheryl Fite.
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Dio a pitbull/boxer mix, is pictured on his first birthday, Jan. 12. He was sitting pretty for a treat.
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April, a snoodle, schaunzer/poodle mix, loves raspberries, she smells them and can tell which one is ripe by smell. This picture was taken just before she picked it.
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“Good thing there’s only two!” says Nolan Compton, holding Zoe Marie, on left, and Izzy Mae, on the right. “Izzy was a grown kitty when adopted from Kenai animal shelter 11 years ago. Zoe was adopted as a kitten 2 years later, and has kept us laughing (and Izzy young) since.”

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