Racing Lions hold city race at Twin Cities Raceway

The Kenai Peninsula Racing Lions - Motocross Division held its fourth city race of the season Saturday at Twin Cities Raceway. The results follow:

125 intermediate

1. Frank Navarro; 2. Jim Hakkinen; 3. Randy Dobbs.

125 novice

1. Austin Dobbs; 2. Alex Rodriguez; 3. Channing Grillo; 4. Dakoda Neely; 5. Tyler Yow.

250 intermediate

1. Matthew Glidewell.

250 novice

1. Jeff Tuttle; 2. Channing Grillo; 3. Tyler Yow; 4. Mike Kelly; 5. Barney Phillips.

50 cc

1. Garret Blydenburgh; 2. Alex Johnson; 3. Cole Blydenburgh.

65 cc

1. Ryder Pietro; 2. Samuel Myers; 3. Austin Spurgeon; 4. Alex Emery; 5. Odin Andersen.

85 expert

1. Cole Crandall.

85 novice

1. Nick Griglione; 2. Samuel Myers; 3. Jared Anderson; 4. Joel Williams.


1. Chris Cochran; 2. Barney Phillips.

Quad novice

1. Asher Phillips.


1. Cole Crandall.

Vet B

1. Jim Hakkinen; 2. Mike Kelly; 3. Randy Dobbs; 4. Barney Phillips; 5. Chris Cochran.

Vet A

1. Aaron Poland; 2. Matthew Glidewell.


1. Austin Dobbs; 2. Zachary Turvin; 3. Tyler Yow; 4. Dakoda Neely; 5. Junior Olsen.


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