Greatland Conference announces postseason honors

Riddall, Johnson, Brown take major awards

The Greatland Conference announced its all-conference selections Tuesday.


Nikiski, which shared the conference title with Barrow before going on to defeat the Whalers in the small-schools First National Bowl, had three of the four major honors.

Lincoln Johnson was named the lineman of the year. Johnson also made the first team as a tackle, long snapper and defensive lineman.

Josh Brown was named the offensive player of the year. Brown was on the first team as a fullback.

Finally, Ted Riddall was named the coach of the year.
The rest of the awards follow:

Greatland Conference All-Conference selections
Lineman of the year - Lincoln Johnson, Nikiski.
Offensive player of the year - Josh Brown, Nikiski.
Defensive player of the year - N. Samuelu, Barrow.
Coach of the year - Ted Riddall, Nikiski.
First team
Quarterback - McLaren, Delta; Colton Anderson, Nikiski.
Fullback - Josh Brown, Nikiski.
Halfback - Kaden Spurgeon, Nikiski; Holmes, Monroe.
Center - Oskolkoff, Barrow; D. Samuelu, Barrow.
Guard - N. Samuelu, Barrow; Henry Eide, Nikiski; Crooks, Eielson.
Tackle - E. Samuelu, Barrow; Lincoln Johnson, Nikiski; Milton, Monroe.
Tight end - Delauder, Eielson.
Wide receiver - Bynum, Monroe; Tappen, Delta.
Long snapper - Lincoln Johnson, Nikiski.
Second team
Quarterback - Pace, Monroe; Benson, Barrow.
Fullback - Dunlap, Eielson.
Halfback - Hudson, Barrow; Ellsworth, Eielson.
Center - Tallman, Eielson; Kimball, Delta; Davis, Seward.
Guard - Long, Valdez; Smith, Eielson; Kunkle, Monroe; Ehvgak, Barrow.
Tackle - Crane, Seward; James, Valdez.
Tight end - Masterson, Barrow.
Wide receiver - Anderson, Seward.
Long snapper - Davis, Seward.
Honorable mention
Quarterback - O'Leary, Seward.
Fullback - Deaton, Valdez; Gavora, Monroe.
Guard - Ohdner, Seward; Logan Harrison, Nikiski.
Tackle - Jones, Barrow.
Tight end - Corey Green, Nikiski.
Long snapper - Kunkle, Monroe; D. Samuelu, Barrow.
First team
Punter - McLaren, Delta.
Kicker - Benson, Barrow.
Defensive line - Smith, Eielson; Milton, Monroe; Lincoln Johnson, Nikiski; Tuai', Barrow.
Inside linebacker - Tallman, Eielson; Kaden Spurgeon, Nikiski; N. Samuelu, Barrow.
Outside linebacker - DeLauder, Eielson; Stephen Hartley, Nikiski; N. Samuelu, Barrow.
Defensive back - Bynum, Monroe; Tappen, Delta; Long, Barrow; Kincade, Eielson.
Return specialist - Bynum, Monroe.
Utility player - Smith, Seward.
Second team
Punter - Benson, Barrow.
Kicker - Mariutto, Monroe.
Defensive line - James, Valdez; Logan Harrison, Nikiski; Holmes, Monroe; Jones, Barrow.
Inside linebacker - Deaton, Valdez; DeBilzan, Delta.
Outside linebacker - Hudson, Barrow; Rininger, Seward; Kompkoff, Seward.
Defensive back - Walter Moore, Nikiski; Edwardson, Barrow; Smith, Seward; McLaren, Delta; Dunlap, Eielson.
Return specialist - Smith, Seward.
Utility player - Floyd Armstrong, Nikiski; Griffith, Eielson; Martolano, Monroe.
Honorable mention
Punter - Paquette, Seward; Pace, Monroe.
Defensive line - Crane, Seward; Fatuch, Seward; Drew, Valdez; Olds, Valdez; Masterson, Barrow.
Inside linebacker - Davis, Seward; Ohdner, Seward.
Outside linebacker - Smith, Valdez; Sanchez, Barrow.
Defensive back - MacDonald, Valdez; Hursh, Valdez; Anderson, Seward; Wells, Monroe.
Return specialist - Stephen Hartley, Nikiski.
Utility player - Snow, Barrow.



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