SoHi boys win Colony Invite, Mucha individual champ

With temperatures rising just enough to hold a race, Kenai Peninsula skiers were able to hold their own Friday afternoon at Colony, as the Soldotna boys won the team title, while the Homer girls were the top finishing Peninsula school, finishing second in the team standings.
Bree Mucha of Soldotna won the girls race with a time of 21 minutes, 53 seconds, 1 minute, 30 seconds, ahead of Anna Trujillo of Grace. Marie Schmidt from Homer finished third, Kirstin Nyquist was Kenai’s top finisher in 12th, and Mika Morton finished 22nd to lead Skyview.
Homer had three skiers in the top 10, with Kaya Morelli and Cassidy Soistman finishing sixth and 10th, respectively. Sadie Fox finished fourth along with Mucha’s win to pace Soldotna.
In the boys race, Soldotna had three skiers in the top six to win the team title. Dillon Jensen finished third, Jonas Wikstrom was fourth, and Luke Michael finished sixth. Daniel Serventi from Grace Christian won the race in 23 minutes, 31 seconds.
Kenai’s top boys finisher was Travis Cooper in 10th, Homer was led by Brian Rowe in 11th and Bud Sparks was the highest finisher for Skyview in 27th.
Saturday’s race schedule was canceled due to the cold temperatures. Minus 4 is the coldest allowable temperature for racing, and the mercury never reached that Saturday.

Colony Invitational
Team scores — 1, Soldotna; 2nd, Colony; 3rd, Grace; 4th, Palmer; 5th, Valdez; 6th, Kenai; 7th, Homer; 8th, Skyview.
Team scores — 1, Grace; 2nd, Homer; 3rd, Kenai; 4th, Palmer; 5th, Soldotna; 6th, Colony; 7th, Skyview.

Boys varsity results: 1. Daniel Serventi, Grace, 23:31; 2. Abe Meyerhofer, Colony, 24:28; 3. Dillon Jenson, SoHi, 25:08; 4. Jonas Wikstrom, SoHi, 25:23; 5. John Snelders, Valdez, 25:26; 6. Luke Michael, SoHi, 25:35; 7. Connor Mattson, Wasilla, 25:36; 8. Luke McLaughlin, Grace, 25:52; 9. Matt Adamson, Valdez, 25:53; 10. Travis Cooper, Kenai, 26:17. Local finishers: 11. Brian Rowe, Homer, 26:23; 13. Tyler Cooper, Kenai, 26:50; 15. Diehl Colton, SoHi, 27:08; 24. Joe Bressler, Kenai, 28:23; 27. Bud Sparks, Skyview, 28:50; 28. Ghen Sasakura, Homer, 28:51; 29. Kim Jang, SoHi, 29:34; 30. Fox Michaud, Kenai, 29:42; 31. Ben Sibley, Skyview, 30:04; 32. Kade Cooper, Skyview, 30:16; 33. Tanner Best, SoHi, 30:42; 35. Kyle Wentz, Homer, 30:53; 37. Jake Gilman, Kenai, 31:17; 38. Nate Mole, Kenai, 31:22; 40. Josh Vantrease, Homer, 31:39; 42. Cole Covey, SoHi, 33:12; 46. Kyle Austin, Skyview, 36:31; 47. Nicholas Truesdell, SoHi, 36:44; 49. Kelty Fair, Skyview, 41:51.

Girls varsity results: 1. Bree Mucha, SoHi, 21:53; 2. Anna Trujillo, Grace, 23:22; 3. Marie Schmidt, Homer, 23:49; 4. Sadie Fox, SoHi, 24:40; 5. Claire Trujillo, Grace, 24:40; 6. Kaya Morelli, Homer, 24:41; 7. Elle Arnold, Grace, 24:56; 8. Emily Merioles, Valdez, 25:07; 9. Hannah Norris, Valdez, 25:15; 10. Cassidy Soistman, Homer, 25:25. Local finishers: 11. Mady Gerard, Homer, 25:46; 12. Kirsti Nyquist, Kenai, 25:52; 13. Olivia Fair, Kenai, 25:59; 16. Taylor Ostrander, Kenai, 26:09; 19. Olivia Pfeifer, Kenai, 26:39; 22. Mika Morton, Skyview, 27:38; 23. Casey Neill, Skyview, 27:44; 26. Alex Bergholtz, Kenai, 27:53; 27. Alaine Miller, Homer, 27:53; 28. Eve Ferguson, Kenai, 28:04; 29. Emily Schmidt, Homer, 28:07; 32. Melanie Goerne, Kenai, 29:13; 33. Mary Valenzuela, SoHi, 29:28; 35. Katie Schmidt, Homer, 30:13; 41. Brittany Hollers, Skyview, 32:08; 43. Madison Nelson, SoHi, 33:43; 44. Xochi Harbison, SoHi, 37:57; 45. Mary Hauptman, Skyview, 38:27; 46. Allison Farrington, Skyview, 40:23; 47. Michela Gioachini, SoHi, 41:11.


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