SkyHi boys, Kenai girls take Tuesday track meet

Area athletes met for the first home competition of the high school track season Tuesday afternoon at Kenai Central high school, under a cooler, breezy, overcast sky.
With only half of the usual number of events taking place, athletes were able to compete in various events that they usually would not.
Sadie Fox, a Soldotna freshman, running her first-ever 3,200 meters, came away with the win after battling Melanie Goerne of Kenai for six laps — out of eight total. Fox finished with a time of 13 minutes, 30.4 seconds, 12 seconds ahead of Goerne.
“It started off kind of slow, and I just stuck behind her so she could block the wind, and then I just took off,” Fox said. “I stayed behind her so I could have more energy at the end.”
Senior Cody Williams of Skyview won the boys 3,200 in a much closer race, edging out Kenai Central freshman Jordan Theisen by a scant .9 seconds. Williams’ time was 10:28.65.
“This race, I was just trying to get first, not trying to get a PR or anything,” Williams said. “We have another meet Friday, so this was a good practice for that.
“I’m trying to break four records at Skyview, place good at state, try to do better than last year, which means I’d like to get a top-five at state.”
In the girls 400-meter dash, senior Bailey Beeson of Kenai ran away from the competition to snag the win in a time of 1:01.47, which was 5.6 seconds faster than runner-up junior Leah Sandahl of Kenai.
“It’s our first race outside, so it’s hard to get used to the wind and cold, but for the first race, I didn’t do bad,” Beeson said. “(This year) I just want to improve my times, and my form, and hopefully we win some state awards.”
Joe Sandahl, a Kenai senior, won two races on Tuesday. He triumphed in the 110-meter hurdles first, with a time of 17.07 seconds, then came back to win the 400-meter dash with a time of 55.47, edging Micah Hilbish of Skyview by a half second.
“I’m focusing on hurdles, so the 400 today was just something I wanted to try, see what I could do,” Sandahl said. “I think 300 hurdles are going to be a better race for me, because I have some endurance for the 300 hurdles, but in the 110 hurdles, I can’t three-step them all the way through, which is faster.
“I can only four-step. The 300 hurdles play to my strengths more.”
Sandahl was referring to the number of steps hurdlers take between each hurdle.
Other winners included AJ Hull of Kenai, taking the boys 100-meter dash in a time of 11.83 seconds, Alex Rodriguez of Skyview in the boys shot put, with a throw of 41 feet, 10 inches, Lagi Wong of Soldotna in the girls shot put, throwing for 35 feet, 7.5 inches, and Leah Sandahl in the girls 100-meter hurdles, with a time of 17.85 seconds.
100 METERS — 1. AJ Hull, Ken, 11.83; 2. Kyle Pietro, Sky, 12.28; 3. Albert White, Sky, 12.31; 4. Sayyid Parrish, Nik, 12.36; 5. Richard Reynolds, Sky, 12.52; 6. Lucas Casebeer, Ken, 12.54.
400 — 1. Joe Sandahl, Ken, 55.47; 2. Micah Hilbish, Sky, 55.95; 3. Richard Reynolds, Sky, 56.35; 4. Sayyid Parrish, Nik, 56.42; 5. Seth Carstens, Nik, 57.77; 6. Andrew Mole, Ken, 58.22.
3200 — 1. Cody Williams, Sky, 10:28.65; 2. Jordan Theisen, Ken, 10:29.55; 3. Jonah Theisen, Ken, 10:35.30; 4. Andrew Mole, Ken, 10:48.44; 5. Nate Mole, Ken, 10:50.51; 6. Micah Hilbish, Sky, 10:56.53.
110m HURDLES — 1. Joe Sandahl, Ken, 17.07; 2. Bud Sparks, Sky, 19.51; 3. Jay Ulen, Sol, 21.39; 4. Tom Randall, Ken, 21.60.
SHOT PUT — 1. Alex Rodriguez, Sky, 41’10”; 2. JoeBen Hawkins, Sky, 38’07; 3. Lincoln Johnson, Nik, 37’09; 4. Garrett Coreson, Nik, 37’00; 5. DJ Diaz, Sky, 35’01; 6. Cody Clendenen, Sky, 35’01.
HIGH JUMP — 1. Seth Carstens, Nik, 5’10; 2. Jay Ulen, Sol, 5’06; 3. Andrew Mole, Ken, 4’10.
TRIPLE JUMP — 1. Bud Sparks, Sky, 35’08-1/2; 2. Jay Ulen, Sol, 34’00; 3. Lucas Casebeer, Ken, 33’06-1/4; 4. Lincoln Johnson, Nik, 31’08-1/2; 5. Riley Wik, Ken, 30’09-3/4; 6. Brenner Musgrave, Sky, 29’05-3/4.

100 METERS — 1. Jelly Nolden, Sol, 14.19; 2. Sydney Roumagoux, Sky, 14.68; 3. Kyla Whannell, Ken, 14.80; 4. Kerry Ross, Nik, 14.85; 5. Casey Neill, Sky, 15.26; 6. Sierra Baldwin, Sol, 15.54.
400 — 1. Bailey Beeson, Ken, 1:01.47; 2. Leah Sandahl, Ken, 1:07.07; 3. Kaillee Skjold, Sol, 1:07.63; 4. Dani McCormick, Sol, 1:08.02; 5. Casey Neill, Sky, 1:09.70; 6. Beverly Schindler, Ken, 1:10.12.
3200 — 1. Sadie Fox, Sol, 13:30.43; 2. Melanie Goerne, Ken, 13:42.18; 3. Hannah Barcus, Ken, 14:15.50; 4. Kirsten Duran, Ken, 15:01.63; 5. Brittany Hollers, Sky, 15:24.41; 6. Heather Morton, Sky, 15:26.59.
100m HURDLES — 1. Leah Sandahl, Ken, 17.85; 2. Beverly Schindler, Ken, 19.61; 3. Sydney Roumagoux, Sky, 19.68; 4. Casey Neill, Sky, 19.91; 5. Sierra Baldwin, Sol, 20.38; 6. Kerry Ross, Nik, 20.61.
SHOT PUT — 1. Lagi Wong, Sol, 35’07”-1/2; 2. Marissa Mahan, Sky, 32’06; 3. Holly Ramsel, Sky, 27’07; 4. Hannah Cristiano, Sol, 27’00; 5. Haley Conti, Nik, 26’11; 6. Ashley Every, Nik, 26’11.
HIGH JUMP — 1. Kaylee Fisher, Sky, 4’08; 2. Kiana Harding, Ken, 4’08; 3. Kaillee Skjold, Sol, 4’04; 4. Marlee Cunningham, Sky, 4’04; 5. Haley Ames, Sol, 4’04; 6. Dani McCormick, Sol, 4’02.
TRIPLE JUMP — 1. Hannah Barcus, Ken, 30’09-1/2; 2. Marlee Cunningham, Sky, 28’04; 3. Emily Diapaolo, Sky, 24’09; 4. Rachel Moulton, Ken, 24’09; 5. Holly Ramsel, Sky, 22’07-3/4.


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