Beautiful days lead to good competition at Birch Ridge

Something just a few weeks ago that seemed completely impossible actually occurred, the temperature had a seven in front of it. Ignoring the last few days it’s been like a tropical heat wave around here. Summer is probably over now, but it was real nice while it lasted wasn’t it?
Our own golf course paired with Kenai Golf Course to co-host the first annual AGA Two-Person Jackpot this past weekend. The event was established to create a fundraiser for both Birch Ridge and Kenai junior golf programs. Special thanks go to Jeff Barnhardt, President of the Alaska Golf Association, for putting this event together. Barney has done a great job with the AGA in just a couple short years. It’s great to see that all of our local association members on the Kenai Peninsula are getting a real return for their annual dues.
I also want to thank all of the Anchorage and Valley players that made the trip down to compete in the event along with our own golfers. Obviously tournaments can’t be successful without players. Hopefully this tournament will continue to evolve into a major event, and really benefit both courses.
Senior League
Eleven incredibly experienced ball hounds made their way to Birch Ridge Monday morning despite some inclement weather to chase that little white ball around the course. Tom “Welcome to the Jungle” Boedeker rock and rolled his way to a first place tie with Darell “Cool Hand Luke” Jelsma with a pair of net 34’s. Don “King Pin” McGhee rolled a strike within 55’ of the pin on six for closest to honors. Pat “Rory Who?” McElroy hit his ball within 5’ of the cup on eight, closer than any other old person. The party fund was the big winner of the day however. Not a single senior made a one putt on the ninth for the long putt. You can’t blame Super Bill seniors. Spring green conditions are no longer an acceptable excuse. I demand better!
Tuesday Morning Ladies League
We rolled the red carpet out for ten overwhelmingly stunning ladies Tuesday morning for another week of lady vs. lady league action. Leona “Dragon Tattoo” Jackson, Sandy “Nevermore” Poe, Louise “Rob the Cradle” Schadle, and Carol “Sweet Tooth” Hussey paired to form a lady golfer version on the 1992 Dream Team, crushing all competitors on their way to a league victory. Tanya Boedeker, Chiya Bazan, and Beth Roseberry teamed up for a second place finish. Chiya “Pet” Bazan was the closest lady to the cup on hole eight.
Tuesday Couples Night
The Lovebirds took the do not disturb sign off the bedroom door long enough to play a mildly competitive round of golf Tuesday. The format this week was a Two Person Trifecta where couples changed the scoring format every three holes. Hussey, Vic Hussey and his damsel in distress Carol dramatically captured first place over Gene “A Woman’s Best Friend” Diamond and his incredibly significant other Teri.
Golf Joke of the Week
Some golf truisms for you to peruse:  
A vacuum is the space between your ears that becomes entirely void of matter once you set foot on the golf course.
Curly, downhill, left-to-right putts are usually followed by curly, uphill, right-to-left putts.
People who say a shank is close to a perfect shot have never had four in a row.