Reimer, Ostrander win Everything But the Red 5K

The 12th annual Everything But the Red Run played out under bright sunny skies Friday evening at the Tsalteshi Trails, with 62 runners tackling the challenging trail system.


The race, which was originally named because the five-kilometer course ran every loop on the trails except the “red loop,” is meant to help support the Tsalteshi Trails Association.

Adam Reimer of Soldotna took the win for the men, with a time of 17 minutes, 55 seconds. Alan Ryan finished second, 27 seconds behind.

“I started running really hard on the Rabbit trail, and then I could hear Alan behind me for a while,” Reimer said. “He was close enough behind me that I had to run hard the whole time, so I ran pretty hard almost right from the start.”

Reimer is the chair of the Tsalteshi Trails Association, and was very happy about the turnout this year. He also acknowledges that the course has increased in difficulty over the years.

“It’s still pretty hilly,” he said. “Nowadays there’s a lot more trails and we have some pretty good-sized hills in there.”

The red loop, also called Bear loop, entails a long downhill run, followed by a long, arduous run up that same hill. The course did not include the red loop, but an ever-expanding trail system continues to add different sections to the course.

Teri Ostrander of Kenai was the fastest woman, running a time of 22:29 to beat Vicki Daniel by 1:43.

“It was pretty tough, there are some tough hills there, and not as much recovery in between them as I thought there would be,” Ostrander said. “There was a gentleman right in front of me that I was able to maintain contact with and pull me along.

“I could hear people behind me, but I didn’t turn to look to see who was behind me, and I never felt confident that I was going to be the first woman finisher. I was running scared the whole way.”

For Ostrander, this is her first race of the summer, but she has been busy this year helping with the timing for her daughter Allie’s running series, which helps raise funds for the Kenai Watershed Forum, and takes place on the Tsalteshi Trails every Wednesday night.

“As a mom, I’m incredibly proud and impressed that she has put on an event that has doubled in size in three races, and has good turnout and is raising money for a good cause,” Ostrander said.

Addison Downing, 13, was one of the younger racers, finishing an impressive sixth place with a time of 20:51.

“It was pretty good, it’s my first race this summer, and I’ve been running this summer, trying to get better for running season,” Downing said. “It’s pretty hilly, there’s about four big hills, and those will slow you down because you want to go the same tempo the whole race, and it’s hard with the hills.”

Downing will be in the eighth grade this fall at Soldotna Middle School, and plans on competing on the cross-country team.

“I just was trying to make good times up the hills and race down the downhills,” he said, citing this race as a good test session for the upcoming running season.

Friday’s Everything But the Red Run
Men’s Five-kilometer
1. Adam Reimer, 17:55; 2. Alan Ryan, 18:22; 3. Fox Michaud, 18:56; 4. Jeff Mullen, 19:22; 5. Sean Goff, 19:53; 6. Addison Downing, 20:51; 7. Paul Ostrander, 21:07; 8. Rustin Hitchcock, 21:13; 9. Jeremiah Shaw, 22:01; 10. John Mohorcich, 22:04; 11. Ryan Kapp, 22:08; 12. Carl Kincaid, 22:46; 13. Matthew Bullerdick, 23:07; 14. Jamie Nelson, 23:38; 15. Quinn Stoops, 23:39; 16. Scott Litchfield, 23:42; 17. Marc Dixson, 23:52; 18. Loren Hollers, 23:56; 19. David Litchfield, 25:06; 20. Quinn Lucas, 26:34; 21. Garren Lucas, 26:35; 22. Kevin Lauver, 27:43; 23. Jim Krein, 29:48; 24. Ed Kobak, 32:56.

Women’s Five-kilometer
1. Teri Ostrander, 22:29; 2. Vicki Daniel, 24:12; 3. Alex Bergholtz, 24:48; 4. Carolyn Roush, 25:05; 5. Molly Shaw, 25:14; 6. Jane Fuerstenau, 27:18; 7. Whitney Martin, 27:45; 8. Angie Nelson, 27:59; 9. Terri Cowart, 30:38; 10. Mika Morton, 30:51; 11. Brittany Hollers, 30:52; 12. Ellen Gray, 31:09; 13. Emily Loranger, 32:17; 14. Maria Sweppy, 33:31; 15. Janelle Hames, 34:38; 16. Sarah Peters, 35:53; 17. Kristen Nyquist, 37:44; 18. Jill Yoder, 38:19; 19. Johna Beech, 39:42; 20. Petra Murray, 41:56; 21. Emma Murray, 41:56; 22. Lillygean Murray, 41:56; 23. Kelly Hicks, 43:00; 24. Sarah Hollers, 44:03; 25. Madeleine Michaud, 44:05; 26. Lawrie Murray, 45:07; 27. Hydra Murray, 45:08; 28. Yvonne Oren, 45:27; 29. Linda Loranger, 45:32; 30. Paula Dobbs, 49:12; 31. Lani Lauver, 51:00; 32. Ithaca Bergholtz, 51:29; 33. Christine Bergholtz, 51:29; 34. Eluise Martin, 52:52; 35. Hanna Giugler, 54:04; 36. Dawni Giugler, 54:05; 37. Christine Baerresen, 54:05. 


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