Men’s Cup, Kenai Peninsula Open come to an end

Where should I start?  A lot has happened in the past week at Birch Ridge Golf Course as the summer begins to fade to fall. The Birch Ridge Men’s Cup came to a thrilling conclusion. We hosted the Kenai Peninsula Open over the weekend. The ladies had their end of the year Tuesday morning group finale. We had seniors, couples, juniors, and bears, oh my!  Everybody knows I usually ramble on and on about nothing for a while, but with so much to recap we’ll just get right to the exciting stuff.
Birch Ridge Men’s Cup
The two favorites heading into the playoffs advanced to the finals of this year’s Men’s Cup for a titanic showdown between four elite golfers. In the red corner stood the dynamic duo of Bob Sizemore and Jay Kriner, their opponents, in the blue corner were Pat “Holy Roller” Cowan and Mike Chenault. Let’s get ready to ruuuummmmbbbble! Pat and Mike landed the first punch, but Bob and Jay weren’t about to go down quietly, not with a championship title on the line. The match went back and forth as it neared a climactic finish. In the end the “Holy Roller” and the “Representinator” said “asta la vista, baby” to their demoralized opponents as they secured victory on the ninth green. Congratulations to all four golfers for their sterling play over the course of the summer en route to the championship match. It was a well-deserved hard fought victory for Pat and Mike that I’m sure they’ll enjoy.
Kenai Peninsula Open
Bryan Anderson won his second consecutive Kenai Peninsula Open Championship with some clutch play down the stretch. Sadly, I know. I was playing with him. Beau Forrest was low amateur for the third consecutive year and Ardie Crawford won the ladies crown again. Denise Cox and Vic Hussey took net honors in their respective divisions and Mackenzy Habor was the junior champion. This was the second year for the event and this year we were able to turn the tournament into a fundraiser for prostate cancer care for local patients on the Kenai Peninsula. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Kathy Gensel and especially Jim Bennett. The tournament raised $2,800 to be donated to the Central Peninsula Health Foundation. It’s my intention to grow this event into one of the very best golf tournaments Alaska has to offer. Tournament participation grew 20% this year, a number I’m very excited about. A Thank you goes out to all the players from Anchorage and the valley that came down to compete and support the event and of course a special thank you goes to all our local golfers that participated. If you enjoy tournament golf and supporting a great cause this is an event for you. I’m going to continue working hard to raise money for the Central Peninsula Health Foundation and making the tournament more enjoyable for the players in future years. Thanks for your help in making this possible. See you next year!
Tuesday Morning Ladies League
Fourteen kind-hearted, elegant and beautiful ladies (I swear they are, ask their husbands) showed up for the season finale of Tuesday Morning Ladies play. The ladies played a shamble. Jan Stenga, Diane Mersch, Wilda Bush, and Chiya Bazan paired together for an easy win. Beth Roseberry, Rita Geller, Susan Jelsma, and Carol Hussey finished in a respectable second place. Chiya and Rita split closest to honors on holes six and eight. Jan Stenga had the fewest putts. The shot of the day belonged to Rita Geller. Rita, looking like the future LPGA star she may yet become, skillfully holed her second shot from 50 yards at the par 4 ninth! That’s a two on a par four, which is good for scoring purposes. Great shot Rita! We’ll recap the entire season in next week’s rendition of the Birch Ridge Golf Report. The ladies will continue to play Tuesday morning’s at 10:00 a.m. for some less organized golfing fun.
Tuesday Couples Night
The hot and steamy couple action continued Tuesday night with a fun-filled evening of passionate golf. This week the couples played a game called “Boxed In”. Teams consisted of four golfers, which means two girls and two guys were on each team. In San Francisco the teams may have been comprised differently. Teams had to record two net scores on each hole. On any given hole an individual member of the team was “boxed in”, which basically means they were on the hook for posting one of the two net scores for that hole. Talk about pressure! Rumor has it a couple long standing marriages are on shaky ground after last night’s play. In the end Vic and Carol Hussey paired with Dave “Captain Seahawk” Keating and his wife Sharon for a marriage saving victory. After golf snacks were provided by the Keating’s, Boedeker’s and Hussey’s. Everyone had a wonderful time and all that was wrong in the world disappeared from memory if only for a few hours. Couple Night participant Judy Keck-Walsh celebrated her 60th birthday this past week. Congratulations to Judy. You’re wonderful, amazing, and spectacular all at once you lovely lady! No I’m not just saying that so you’ll babysit my tyrant puppy during the Eagleglen Open in a couple weeks. I would never do that...
Golf Joke of the Week
Fred, playing as a single at historic St Andrews was teamed with another two-some. After a few holes his playing partners finally asked why he was playing such a beautiful course by himself. He replied that he and his wife had played the course every year — for over 20 years — but this year she had passed away and he kept the tee time in her memory.
The golfers commented that they thought certainly someone would have been willing to take her spot. “I thought so too”, he said, “but everyone else wanted to go to the funeral”.


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