Kenai girls, SoHi boys win swimming tri meet

The first prep swimming competition of the fall season resulted in the Kenai Central girls bringing home the team title and Soldotna doing the same on the boys side.
Homer also made the trip up to battle with Kenai and Soldotna, which allowed the teams to get an idea of where they stand among their competition.
“We have enough to foster some good relay teams, I think our girls have the depth to have three strong teams, and our guys we can put together some good relays,” Soldotna coach Lucas Petersen said. “I’m happy with where we started out. I think with our relays, these are some of our faster times from last year, and we’re starting out with those times.”
Soldotna won every relay except for the girls 200-yard medley, with Kenai taking that race.
Among the competitors from Soldotna that produced successful swims was Alex Weeks, sweeping the 200-yard freestyle and the 100 free, as well as swimming the first leg of 200 free relay that won.
Dustin Hunter from Soldotna won the 200-yard freestyle, the 100 butterfly, swam the first leg of the winning 200 freestyle relay, and swam the second leg of the 400 free relay.
Sawyer Rickman of Soldotna won the 50 free, the 100 backstroke, the anchor leg of the winning 400 free relay, and the first leg of the 200 medley relay.
In the highly anticipated girls 100-yard butterfly, it was the battle of the Kaitlyns, with Kaitlyn Groleske from Soldotna beating Kaitlyn Louthan from Kenai, 1:04.79 to 1:05.86.
Groleske also won the 200 individual medley, the 100 fly, and swam the second leg of the 200 free relay.
“I know throughout the season, they’re going to tire out and be fatigued, but I know we’ll see gradual improvement throughout the year and see times drop,” Peterson said. “I think a lot of the team, we’re aiming to do our best at regions, because not everyone will qualify for state, but I would like to see our relays be competitive and go to state.”
Soldotna is the most recent state champion of the Peninsula schools, winning the girls and boys titles in 2002.
The Kardinals showed up with some impressive swims, and an improved diving team.
In the boys 1-meter diving event, Kenai’s Cole Gross finished second with 169.35 points, and Kenai grabbed three of the top five spots overall.
“Our diving, only in our third year, is doing amazing,” Kenai assistant Judy Lallier said. “They’ve been working hard at practice and they’ve been to a couple camps.”
Both Kenai coaches pointed to Homer as a team with strong diving performances, but said they would like to see Kenai make some noise this year.
“SoHi and Homer always bring stiff competition, but our girls team is going to be strong,” Kenai head coach Will Hubler said. “Our boys team is still pretty young, but we had some phenomenal times today. I’m pretty excited to go to the Homer Invitational in two weeks, with the number of schools that will be there.”
As mentioned before, Kaitlyn Louthan won the 50 free, anchored the winning 200 medley relay, and anchored the 400 free relay team that finished second.
Chelsea Chess won the girls 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:20.72 to grab Kenai’s other individual win.
“Our goal is to get as many kids to state, and some of our divers are trying to get to state in both diving and racing, which is a good goal for them,” Hubler said. “I hope we sneak a couple of our girls relays to state, that could happen.
“I’m looking at eight to 10 kids to state. Maybe 12 if we get a relay or two.”
Homer’s Brain Rowe won the boys 1-meter diving competition with 181.85 points, and Jasmine Lewis took the girls diving event with 159.5 points.
Cyrus Cowan won the boys 100 breaststroke and James Nagle won the boys 200 IM for Homer’s individual wins.

Kenai Tri-Meet
Friday results
Team Scores
1. Kenai Central, 149 points; 2. Soldotna, 136; 3. Homer, 31.
Individual Results
200-yard Medley relay
1. Kenai Central (Hanson, Chess, Castro, Louthan), 2:03.45; 2. Soldotna, 2:07.38; 3. Kenai, 2:16.56; 4. Homer, 2:19.41.
200 Freestyle
1. Alex Weeks, Sol, 2:06.23; 2. Celestina Castro, Ken, 2:17.08; 3. Rachel Henry, Sol, 2:19.23; 4. Anessia Hubler, Ken, 2:26.47.
200 IM
1. Kaitlyn Groleske, Sol, 2:22.42; 2. Chelsea Chess, Ken, 2:40.37; 3. Joy Wannamaker, Ken, 2:43.03; 4. Isabell Henry, Sol, 2:51.42.
50 Freestyle
1. Kaitlyn Louthan, Ken, 25.97; 2. Molly Silta, Sol, 27.94; 3. Emily Boone, Sol, 28.78; 4. Zoya Hanson, Ken, 29.00.
1-meter Diving
1. Jasmine Lewis, Hom, 159.50; 2. Sabrina Gibbs, Sol, 147.40; 3. Amanda Ritchie, Ken, 119.90; 4. Hunter Price, Sol, 40.10.
100 Butterfly
1. Kaitlyn Groleske, Sol, 1:04.79; 2. Kaitlyn Louthan, Ken, 1:05.86; 3. Megan English, Sol, 1:09.16; 4. Celestina Castro, Ken, 1:13.10.
100 Freestyle
1. Alex Weeks, Sol, 56.99; 2. Molly Silta, Sol, 1:02.99; 3. Keelyn Heaven, Ken, 1:04.40; 4. Brandi Wagoner, Ken, 1:09.25.
500 Free
1. Rachel Henry, Sol, 6:14.47; 2. Caitlin Steinbeck, Ken, 6:37.06; 3. Anessia Hubler, Ken, 6:40.13; 4. Ashley Eby, Sol, 6:44.49.
200 Free relay
1. Soldotna (Weeks, Groleske, English, Silta), 1:49.25; 2. Kenai, 1:58.83; 3. Homer, 2:07.61; 4. Kenai, 2:17.29.
100 Backstroke
1. Megan English, Sol, 1:11.69; 2. Zoya Hanson, Keni, 1:11.75; 3. Joy Wannamaker, Ken, 1:13.01; 4. Cheyanne Smith, Hom, 1:14.10.
100 Breaststroke
1. Chelsea Chess, Ken, 1:20.72; 2. Kirsten Nyquist, Ken, 1:24.83; 3. Keelyn Heaven, Ken, 1:27.60; 4. Jessica Jackson, Sol, 1:27.94.
400 Free relay
1. Soldotna (Harbison, Nelson, Christenson, Gibbons), 4:04.51; 2. Kenai, 4:15.13; 3. Kenai, 4:45.96; 4. Soldotna, 5:05.66.

Team Scores
1. Soldotna, 127 points; 2. Kenai, 112; 3. Homer, 63.
Individual Results
200 Medley relay
1. Soldotna (Rickman, McElroy, Rife, Kim), 1:53.34; 2. Kenai, 1:58.45; 3. Homer, 2:01.34.
200 Freestyle
1. Dustin Hunter, Sol, 2:00.45; 2. Chase Corona-Cain, Sol, 2:03.20; 3. Jacob Gilman, Ken, 2:10.90; 4. Jacob Dye, Ken, 2:10.98.
200 IM
1. James Nagle, Hom, 2:17.50; 2. Daniel McElroy, Sol, 2:18.94; 3. Cyrus Cowan, Hom, 2:28.56; 4. Joseph Rife, Sol, 2:32.88.
500 Free
1. Sawyer Rickman, Sol, 23.14; 2. Bill Ashwell, Ken, 27.80; 3. Kirk Kibling, Ken, 28.17; 4. Trey Feagin, Ken, 30.34.
1-meter Diving
1. Brian Rowe, Hom, 181.85; 2. Cole Gross, Ken, 169.35; 3. Gaeden Ames, Sol, 165.70; 4. Riley Wik, Ken, 147.65.
100 Fly
1. Dustin Hunter, Sol, 57.03; 2. James Nagle, Hom, 58.08; 3. Chase Corona-Cain, Sol, 1:04.07; 4. Jacob Gilman, Ken, 1:07.66.
100 Free
1. Daniel McElroy, Sol, 53.13; 2. Zane Wilkinson, Hom, 1:01.79; 3. Kirk Kibling, Ken, 1:05.52; 4. Gaeden Ames, Sol, 1:05.64.
500 Free
1. Joseph Rife, Sol, 6:03.44; 2. Dezmond Ticknor, Ken, 6:19.15; 3. Trey Feagin, Ken, 6:48.32; 4. Jang Kim, Ken, 6:57.13.
200 Free relay
1. Soldotna (Hunter, Rife, Kim, Corona-Cain), 1:42.06; 2. Homer, 1:48.84; 3. Kenai, 1:52.31; 4. Kenai, 2:15.71.
100 Back
1. Sawyer Rickman, Sol, 1:00.77; 2. Cole Gross, Ken, 1:08.80; 3. Gregory Smith, Hom, 1:10.40; 4. Zane Wilkinson, Hom, 1:11.55.
100 Breast
1. Cyrus Cowan, Hom, 1:19.01; 2. Riley Wik, Ken, 1:22.40; 3. Danny Schaeffer, Ken, 1:37.32; 4. Brent Christenson, Sol, 1:39.85.
400 Free relay
1. Soldotna (Corona-Cain, Hunter, McElroy, Rickman), 3:34.26; 2. Kenai 3:58.53; 3. Kenai, 5:00.16; 4. Soldotna, 5:07.58.


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