Skyview cross-country organizes fun run

The Skyview cross-country team organized a fun run Monday as part of the United Steelworkers Union picnic at Skyview High School. The results for the five-kilometer event follow:

1. Jordan Theisen, 16 minutes, 37 seconds; 2. Jonah Theisen, 16:49; 3. Brenner Musgrave, 17:59; 4 Garren Lucas, 20:46; 5. John Mohorcich, 20:52; 6. Carl Kincaid, 22:27; 7. Brian Burns, 23:37; 8. Annalise Theisen, 25:07; 9. Jeremiah Hudson, 26:07; 10. Regina Theisen, 26:37; 11. Liz McGlothen 27:09; 12. Katie Darling, 28:26; 13. Copper Booth, 28:26; 14. Mika Morton, 28:40; 15. Jennifer Tollackson, 33:36; 16. Sarah Mohorcich, 34:56; 17. Laura Mohorcich, 34:56; 18. Dave Zinc, 36:34; 19. Trinity Griffin, 37:19; 20. Sarah Hollers, 37:22; 21. Titan Griffin, 37:34; 22. Pete Marlen, 52:48; 23. Josh Vors, 52:48.


Thu, 02/23/2017 - 01:01

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