Ostrander wins Class 4A state title

The nightmare was back.  


At precisely the same point on the course where her state championship dream ended a season ago, Kenai Central sophomore Allie Ostrander began to sense something was wrong Saturday afternoon at the Bartlett High trails.

“My head was foggy,” Ostrander said following this year’s Class 4A girls state championship race.

When she reached the same three-kilometer mark last season, Ostrander hit a wall. She eventually wobbled to the finish line far behind the rest of the pack and was later disqualified for getting outside assistance. It still stands as the lone loss of her high school career.

But when she hit that spot this year, Ostrander decided to fight through the fog on her own.

“I was like, ‘Nothing’s going to stop me,’” she said.

Ostrander had a big lead coming into the stadium, but Colony’s Audrey Michaelson was closing fast as the Kenai star battled just to stay on her feet.

“I don’t know what it is, but my body was just shutting down,” Ostrander said.

She said a big crowd of her Kenai teammates in the finishing chute helped propel her toward the finish line.

“That inspired me to keep going,” she said.

Ostrander finished the five-kilometer course in 18 minutes, 46 seconds, to claim her first state championship. Michaelson was eight seconds back, followed by Lathrop’s Brooke Lizotte.

“It was just a mental battle,” Ostrander said of the final push to the finish.

After winning the race, Ostrander was carried to the medical tent by her dad, Paul. She stayed there for about a half hour recovering from her ordeal. When she emerged, she said the fog of the race had cleared somewhat.

“I’m feeling a lot better now. The guys at the med tent were really helpful and I got some glucose paste or something so my blood sugar level’s a little higher now,” she said.

Ostrander said the dream feeling of winning a state title made her exhaustive effort well worth the pain she went through to get it.

“I wanted to do it for my team and I wanted to do it for my school and I wanted to do it for me,” she said.

Ostrander’s teammate Hope Steffensen finished 29th for the Kards.

Soldotna’s Danielle McCormick (13th)  and Olivia Hutchings (14th) finished one second apart to lead the Stars to a sixth-place finish in the 4A girls team standings. Sadie Fox was 39th for SoHi, followed by Rachel Thomas (49th), Hannah Pothast (57th) and Emily Werner (68th).

Region III champion Wasilla won the 4A girls team title.

Kenai’s Jonah Theisen had a big day for the Kardinals boys. Theisen finished 10th in the Class 4A boys race in a blazing 16:55 on the muddy Bartlett trails — the same time Glenallen’s Arlen Mossgrove clocked in winning the Class 1-2-3A boys race.

Theisen led a strong Kenai boys squad that placed four runners in the top 35 spots to earn fourth place in the team standings. Fox Michaud edged teammate Jordan Theisen for 27th (in identical 17:36 times), Nate Mole was 35th, Travis Cooper was 56th, Mac Lee finished 73rd and Dustin Everitt was 77th.

Kodiak’s Levi Thomet won the Class 4A boys race in 16:11. Kodiak’s Cole Christiansen was second, followed by Peter Noon of champion West Valley.

In the Class 1-2-3A boys race, Seward’s Miles Knotek failed to defend his 2011 state title in a thrilling race against Mossgrove. Knotek led Mossgrove into the stadium area, but Mossgrove managed to out-kick Knotek in the final 50 meters to win by a second.

Knotek’s teammate, Matthew Moore, was fourth.

The Seward boys finished second in the 1-2-3A boys standings, one spot in front of Homer. Connor McCarron led the Mariners in seventh.

Skyview’s Micah Hilbish was sixth, while teammate Sam Janorschke was 20th.

The Nikolaevsk boys finished 12th in the 1-2-3A boys team standings. Blake Klaich led the Warriors in 40th.

Grace Christian placed five runners in the top eight spots to easily win the Class 123A girls title, but Homer managed to get five in the top 31 to take second. The Mariners were led by Aurora Wacslawski in 12th and Barae Hirsch in 15th.


ASAA/First National Bank State Cross Country Running


at Bartlett High School Trails

Class 1-2-3A girls

Team scores: 1. Grace Christian, 20; 2. Homer, 77; 3. Nome, 131; 4. Seward, 145; 5. Mt. Edgecumbe, 160; 6. Sitka, 169; 7. Bethel, 173; 8. Valdez, 181; 9. Petersburg, 184; 10. Su Valley, 221; 11. Hutchison, 228.

Individual five-kilometer results

1. Taylee Nyquest, Thorne Bay, 19 minutes, 33 seconds; 2. Rosa Schmidt, Nome, 20:06; 3. Morgan Lash, Gra, 20:06; 4. Elle Arnold, Gra, 20:08; 5. Cheyenne Applegate, Gra, 20:15; 6. Claire Trujillo, Gra, 20:18; 7. Sara Hamberger, Cordova, 20:33; 8. Anna Trujillo, Gra, 20:40; 9. Macala Fifield, Monroe, 20:52; 10. Tessa Wygant, Kenny Lake, 21:04.

Peninsula finishers

12. Aurora Wacslawski, Hom, 21:15; 14. Laura Dyer, Sew, 21:28; 15. Barae Hirsch, Hom, 21:34; 24. Rebecca Seneff, Hom, 22:20; 26. Casey Farrell, Hom, 22:22; 28. Josephine Braun, Sew, 22:26; 31. Pam Jantzi, Hom, 22:30; 39. Alice Pfeifienberg, Sew, 23:03; 40. Megan Hickman, Nikolaevsk, 23:04; 55. Lindsey Kromrey, Sew, 24:00; 62. Mattea Peters, Hom, 24:12; 65. Draves Sammy, Hom, 24:29; 77. Brooke Estes, Sew, 25:13; 105. Emily Brockman, Sew, 28:27; 107. Laura Kromery, Sew, 28:30.

Class 4A girls

Team scores: 1. Wasilla, 74; 2. West, 83; 3. East, 108; 4. Lathrop, 131; 5. Service, 134; 6. Soldotna, 140; 7. Colony, 142; 8. South, 162; 9. West Valley, 170; 10. Thunder Mountain, 226.

Individual five-kilometer results

1. Allie Ostrander, Kenai, 18:46; 2. Audrey Michaelson, Col, 18:52; 3. Brooke Lizotte, Lat, 19:18; 4. Megan Kubichek, Lat, 19:29; 5. Rachel Roelle, Wes, 19:29; 6. Grace Graham, Eas, 19:31; 7. Peggy Mathis, Was, 19:31; 8. Maddie Hall, TM, 19:36; 9. Hannah Stevens, ER, 19:49; 10. Jenette Northey, Ser, 19:49.

Other peninsula finishers

14. Danielle McCormick, Sol, 20:05; 15. Olivia Hutchings, Sol, 20:06; 29. Hope Steffensen, Ken, 20:44; 39. Sadie Fox, Sol, 21:09; 49. Rachel Thomas, Sol, 21:35; 57. Hannah Pothast, Sol, 21:50; 68. Emily Werner, Sol, 22:34.

Class 1-2-3A boys

1. Grace Christian, 44; 2. Seward, 56; 3. Homer, 82; 4. Delta Junction, 131; 5. Bethel, 161; 6. ACS, 164; 7. Mt. Edgecumbe, 184; 8. Sitka, 185; 9. Nome, 219; 10. Haines, 252; 11. Galena, 261; 12. Nikolaevsk, 273.

Individual five-kilometer results

1. Arlen Mossgrove, Glenallen, 16:55; 2. Miles Knotek, Sew, 16:56; 3. Daniel Serventi, Gra, 17:19; 4. Matthew Moore, Sew, 17:20; 5. Kaleb Korta, Galena, 17:28; 6. Micah Hilbish, Sky, 17:32; 7. Connor McCarron, Hom, 17:33; 8. William Brand, Craig, 17:35; 9. Hans Karlberg, Gra, 17:37; 10. Michael Marshall, Sew, 17:40.

Other peninsula finishers

11. Pedro Ochoa, Hom, 17:49; 19. Josh Vantrease, Hom, 18:16; 20. Sam Janorschke, Sky, 18:17; 24. Tannen Berry, Sew, 18:27; 29. Jake Worsfold, Hom, 18:30; 35. Brandon Moore, Sew, 18:41; 40. Blake Klaich, Nikolaevsk, 18:51; 44. Brandon Beachy, Hom, 18:54; 49. Keith Ivy, Sew, 18:58; 56. Paxson Berry, Sew, 19:08; 60. Greg Trail, Nikolaevsk, 19:31; 79. John Walsworth, Hom, 19:54; 89. Nicetas Lasiter, Nikolaevsk, 20:10; 113. Eric Mametieff, Nikolaevsk, 21:13; 119. Jonah Fefelov, Nikolaevsk, 21:52; 121. Frank Holub, Nikolaevsk, 22:01.

Class 4A boys

1. West Valley, 49; 2. Service, 54; 3. Kodiak, 59; 4. Kenai, 136; 5. Colony, 164; 6. Lathrop, 176; 7. West, 179; 8. Juneau-Douglas, 185; 9. Chugiak, 199; 10. South, 212.

Individual five-kilometer results

1. Levi Thomet, Kod, 16:11; 2. Cole Christiansen, Kod, 16:18; 3. Peter Noon, WV, 16:34; 4. Tal Norvell, JD, 16:39; 5. Gilly Szweda-Mitte, Ser, 16:40; 6. Tristan Sayre, WV, 16:51; 7. Julian McCarthy, Kod, 16:52; 8. Garth Schulz, Ser, 16:52; 9. David McPetres, Chu, 16:53; 10. Jonah Theisen, Kenai, 16:55.

Other peninsula finishers

27. Fox Michaud, Ken, 17:36; 28. Jordan Theisen, Ken, 17:36; 35. Nate Mole, Ken, 17:49; 56. Travis Cooper, Ken, 18:12; 73. Mac Lee, Ken, 18:53; 77. Dustin Everitt, Ken, 19:18.


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