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SoHi statebound after dominant win

Posted: October 6, 2012 - 11:30pm  |  Updated: October 7, 2012 - 1:32pm
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Kodiak's Dakota Wibbe is out of touch with Soldotna's Ty Fenton as Fenton runs just short of a touchdown in the fourth quarter Saturday.  Photo by M. Scott Moon
Photo by M. Scott Moon
Kodiak's Dakota Wibbe is out of touch with Soldotna's Ty Fenton as Fenton runs just short of a touchdown in the fourth quarter Saturday.

The Soldotna Stars football team is headed to the medium-schools state championship game after a 62-7 blowout against the Kodiak Bears on Saturday afternoon at Justin Maile Field in Soldotna.

Soldotna put the pressure on Kodiak early and never let up, leading at halftime with a score of 53-0.

“I’m feeling good right now,” Soldotna head coach Galen Brantley Jr. said. “It feels great, it’s been a really good season for us, our kids have been really dedicated and have stayed focused throughout the season and kept their eyes on the prize, and now we finally get a chance to play for that prize.”

The Stars put on a dizzying display of points to start the second quarter, combining a Reid Schmelzenbach run, a Noah Fowler interception return, and a Schmelzenbach catch to score three touchdowns in a span of one minute, 20 seconds. With the inclusion of a 13-yard fumble return from Schmelzenbach, Soldotna had four touchdowns in a span of 3:20, and a total of 35 points in the second quarter.

“Feels good to come out and play hard,” Schmelzenbach said. “Training hard and having a good line, getting good steps is what worked. We came out with more intensity than they did, and we played really hard.”

Schmelzenbach racked up three touchdowns and 70 rushing yards to lead the Stars.

After Fowler’s interception return in the second quarter, the Stars successfully recovered an onside kick.

“We had under-kicked a couple of our kicks before, and they had returned a couple against Skyview, and it’s just one of those goofy choices you make,” Brantley Jr. “We had enough confidence that our defense could come up with the stop that we took a chance with it.

“We’ve got some explosive players, and if they get a little space, they’re more than capable of making big plays.”

Both Fowler brothers — senior quarterback Noah and sophomore lineman Drew — connected on a 35-yard touchdown pass late in the first half. The score was Drew’s only reception of the game, having only seen limited minutes this season.

Junior running back Colton Young had two first-quarter touchdown runs, including a 47-yard carry, but missed most of the rest of the game due to a knee injury. Young was attempting to block a Kodiak rush when he collided with the runner, which led to his exit, and an extended period of time on the bench icing his left knee. Brantley Jr. said the team is waiting to hear back on his condition and does not know whether he will play next week in the title game.

“That’s a tough one, and we’re hopeful that it’s just a knee contusion or something that he can come back from,” Brantley Jr. said. “We’re trying to stay optimistic at this time.”

Kodiak was limited to only 166 offensive yards (compared to 349 for Soldotna), and quarterback Josh Yavorsky threw three interceptions, which was ultimately the downfall of the Bears.

“We’ve had a pretty tough last couple of weeks, with two really long trips, and the last eight days we’ve spent two days at home and other than that, we’ve been on the road,” Kodiak head coach Jim Schnick said. “It’s always tough because we miss practice time and it’s tough to prepare and be ready both physically and mentally when you’re living out of a gym. The guys came and did the best they could, and we’re going to be working in the off-season.”

Schnick said Kodiak will be losing about 13 seniors next year, but the team will be in the weight room a lot during the offseason.

“We’re never satisfied until we’re number one, but we did some very positive things this year,” Schnick said. “This is the first time Kodiak’s been to the playoffs in a few years, the guys are pretty proud of that. Today’s outcome isn’t what we would like to see, but we’ll come back next year and we’ll get better.”

As far as the state championship game is concerned, Soldotna will be facing up with a familiar foe — the Homer Mariners, who had the advantage against the Thunder Mountain Falcons on Friday in a 44-26 win.

“It’s going to be one of those classic matchups,” Brantley Jr. said. “They know what we do, we know what they do, and we go to camp together before the season starts and so we see a lot of each other. It’s going to be one of those really physical football games where the game will be controlled up front.”

Schmelzenbach said he and his teammates are ready for the challenge, one that they have been looking forward to all season long.

“We need to play hard and play with more intensity, like today,” he said. “We’re going to have to out-hit them.”


Stars 62, Bears 7

Soldotna 18 35 3 6 —62

Kodiak 0 0 0 7 —7

1st Quarter

Sol — Young 12 run (kick failed), 10:43

Sol — Young 47 run (pass failed), 8:52

Sol — Miller 33 pass from N. Fowler (kick blocked), 6:06

2nd Quarter

Sol — Schmelzenbach 27 run (Grothe kick), 11:46

Sol — Fowler 28 Int return (Grothe kick), 11:19

Sol — Schmelzenbach 7 pass from N. Fowler (Grothe kick), 10:26

Sol — Schmelzenbach 13 fumble return (Grothe kick), 8:26

Sol — D. Fowler 35 pass from N. Fowler (Grothe kick), 4:20

3rd Quarter

Sol — Grothe 26 field goal, 2:17

4th Quarter

Kod — Powers 22 run (Gregory kick), 9:14

Sol — Fenton 2 run (Kick failed), 6:30


Soldotna Kodiak

First downs 11 7

Rushes-yards 28-251 35-121

Passing yards 98 45

Passing 5-16-0 1-10-3

Punts 3-39.6 4-22.5

Fumbles 0-0 1-1

Penalties 6-60 10-95



Rushing — Soldotna: Schmelzenbach 10-70, Gibbs 9-63, Young 2-59, Fenton 2-30, N. Fowler 2-18, Calloway 2-7, Hallford 1-4. Kodiak: Powers 15-86, Yavorsky 8-19, Javier 5-8, Llorente 2-8, Romero 1-3, Small 4-(-3).

Passing — Soldotna: N. Fowler 5-16-0-3—98. Kodiak: Yavorsky 1-10-3-0—45.

Recieving — Soldotna: Miller 2-42, D. Fowler 1-35, Streiff 1-14, Schmelzenbach 1-7. Kodiak: Sorto 1-45

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spwright 10/07/12 - 10:51 am
Go Stars !

Sun. 10/7/12

Go SoHi Stars ! You make us Proud !

As for playing the Homer Mariners in the playoffs ?
How will Homer field a football team when numerous Homer Players are In Jail or suspended ? How does that work ?


KMarx 10/08/12 - 07:31 pm

How proud are you of a coach that when his team is ahead by 32-0 midway through the second quarter calls for an on-side kick? A number of things come to mind, proud isn't one of them.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/08/12 - 08:12 pm
KMarx i agree

This has always been one of the traits of Soldotna football, even when supposed christian Bob Boedroue coached 30+ yrs ago. Make you proud also escapes me to these BLATANT BEAT DOWNS, OR ABUSE & BULLYING OF CHILDERN ALSO COMES TO MIND.
In my humble opinion it's the clear cut signs of ABUSIVE A##Holes teaching our kids how to ABUSE OTHERS and get away with it, EVERY SINGLE YEAR.
Of course i have no kid playing now, i simply use the term of our kids as a city, local society as a whole that must live together. These actions also were prevelant when my son played for Skyview when it first became a school in 1994.

As for SPW & his comment towards Homer High and their inability to field a team for ABUSE OF OTHERS AND ALLOWING IT TO HAPPEN, i don't know if they will be able to do so.
BUT, This Coaches actions are something to be PROUD OF and ALL of Homer and Alaska should applaude his actions to try and curb these type of actions ever again which lead to this horrific abuse of a Fellow Football player to boot.

GOOD JOB Homer Coaches, BAD JOB AGAIN Soldotna coaches.
As i stated in another case concerning ABUSERS, they come in all ages, sizes, races and genders as well as Politico-Religious leaders and teachers and we stand around wondering whats wrong with OUR Society and why no one cares for anyone anymore as this type of ABUSE & OTHERS drag OUR Society downward at an alarming rate with no possibly return to the days of Old when people actuall cared for each other and depended on them for survival in this fight for life.

spwright 10/08/12 - 11:19 pm
State PlayOffs

Mon. 10/8/12
To be Honest, I really want to hear from someone else about What Happened in Homer involving Homer Mariners Football Team Members & the RAPE of a fellow Homer Student..

Am I the only one that is Up-Set about this ?

These Homer Students committed a FELONY RAPE then
this issue has just seemed to disappear ?
All comments & opinions on this issue have been purged from the system. Try to locate those comments ? They are NOT there ?

To speak up for the SoHi Stars & Their Coach. YES they are WINNING Big Time & they are winning those games with Varsity sitting on the bench while the JV & Freshmen Teams
compete on the football field.Go Stars !

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/09/12 - 04:47 am

Good morning SPW
SPW you seem to not read other peoples post which show that others are upset and disgusted with these abuse actions in Homer. But when Morals and caring for others is removed from Society, MUCH ABUSE HAPPENS IN MANY WAYS.
SPW you do realize that you live in a Skyview highschool district right?
As for winning BIG, Slowhigh has ALWAYS RAN SCORES UP, and it has ALWAYS been a form of Bullying and Abuse of other people to humiliate them and beat them down PROMOTED by coaches.
There are times for beat down when fighting real enemies that want to Fundamentally Change your Politico-Religious Nations entire way of living by their use of force in doing so.
The football field is not the same Battle field and does need to exibit compassion. There should be winners and loosers in sports, not this sissy everybody wins stuff, but there should also be a time to score points and a time to back off scoring point.
And we wonder why epidimic ABUSE CASES of ALL types are popping up every where and against every one, which is due to NO RESPECT FOR OTHER HUMANS FEELINGS.

BrianW 10/09/12 - 04:50 pm
Check it out

This is a game of football. In this game there are winners and losers. The difference is preparation and execution. Not everyone gets a blue ribbon for their participation. They are competing for Championship, not a "Participantship".

If you knew anything about the game and how a Coach works, you would understand that the "on-side" kick was actually PRACTICE for the next weeks COMPETITION. This was an opportunity to use game experience in preparation for the next contest; not to beat down their opponent.

Furthermore, my son is a Freshman at SoHi and is on the team. He has played in every outing on the Varsity Squad this year for at least 2 quarters of play, except the season opener. I want my kids to play to WIN on every down. I do not want them to play just to "not lose". In addition, I can say with 100% confidence that the vast majority of these boys play with heart and sportsmanship. They don't go out of their way to injure their opponents like some other schools have this season (HELLO WASILLA).

They play hard and execute the game of football very well. This is from their desire to win and an excellent coaching staff. One of my best friends is one of these Coaches and he is a big promoter of FAMILY and TEAM. There are standouts on this team (what up Fowler, Zane, John John, Young, Grothe, Troy, Zacharoni, Ty, DMG, Reid, Drew Bear, Kooly, Conradi, Chavez, Abendroth, Furlong, Blazer Bowsh!, Lott, Mason Prior, D Smith, Travis Perkovich, Rebel, Big Dan Rosin, Hatten, Gavin Larson, John Brown, Briggs, Honer, Schoessler, Dombovy, Urban, Bos, Littrell, River, Chet, Yurcina, Young Tebow Crowder, Dickson, Harley, Paxton, Connor Larson, Trammell, Dalton Best, Nicki DeGrigs, Brooner, Eli Daman, 99 Swagg and don't forget Ali D.).

And do you know what makes each of these kids a standout? They are all leaders. They work hard for each other and their Coaches. That's what puts a 60Burger on the board. It's not a lack of respect for their opponents. That's exactly why they practice so hard: IT IS the respect they have for their opponents.

Your political diatribe does not belong here. This is an article about our home town boys vying for a State Championship. If you can't support that, then don't; but understand that whether you like it or not, these boys will do everything they can to score 100 points on Saturday. Good Day!

mtnmadnsee 10/09/12 - 07:13 pm
Watchman On The Wall

Hey "Watchman On The Wall", were you dropped on your head as a baby. Did you get picked last in dodge ball. Was your cousin your first kiss. Youre name is fitting for someone who has zero understanding of how a "Family" or "Team" works. The Soldotna team has been blowing everyone away and there doing without hero's. If you read all the stats, there isnt one kid that rarely gets the ball more than "5" times a game. When your Offensve Line does there job and all the moving parts do there's, you simply score. Most of the year there Coaches have actually had a hard time with compeition because they score so fast that there is no time on the field, against another team. These kids are some of the smallest, non athletic kids that I have seen in Stars helmets ever! There is no hero's, no superman just 11 kids at a time doing there job. The coaches in my opinion are so far from bully's and abusive and here is why, 1) Only the head coach gets paid (so the rest are volunteer's) 2) They actually have religious people on the field 3) one of the coaches is a town cop, one is special ed teacher, two of them are business owners, a few are teachers, do you get the drift. I feel like you Watchman On The Wall would not make the time to make a difference in a childs life "in a posative way anyhow" but I do feel like you would mach this same team if they were 0&9 as appossed to 8&0. In closing also, Skyview became a school in 1991 BTW, you should know that because you were in the stands because nobody picked you so you decided to be a jerk instead. Good day computer jockey ;) Go Stars, Go Mariners, Go Coaches, Go Kids

gfds98765 10/09/12 - 07:54 pm
the GAME of LIFE

BRIAN W wrote: ""In this game there are winners and losers. The difference is preparation and execution. Not everyone gets a blue ribbon for their participation. They are competing for Championship, not a "Participantship". ""

You all amaze me!! That's how people need to understand the GAME of LIFE. These kids have a big shock coming when they get out of school and hit the 'Progressive' real world. Where their paychecks go to the slugs who never play, let alone win. And their advancement on the field goes to the brats laying down on the sidelines.

BrianW 10/09/12 - 08:29 pm

What a great point. I actually had that in my original statement before I posted, but wanted to keep it to the context of the column. But it is SO true. I played football for Kenai (not very well or very much) but I learned a lot of very valuable lessons. We were defeated by Service High 43-0 in a very one sided game. Guess what that taught me? LOSING SUCKS!!! So guess what? I quit underpreparing at that moment. I haven't stopped learning and preparing. Like good old Ghandi said "live like it's your last day, but learn like you'll live forever".

These boys deserve a title. GO STARS!!!

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