What a week to be a Seahawks fan!

A routine 8-7-1 week leaves us at an incredibly average 103-97-7 for the season. I’ve spent a good deal of time assessing my own feelings today. Should I be upset that I haven’t won more? Should I be thrilled that I didn’t completely bomb in my first year of writing pick’em columns for the Clarion? As I have mentioned before, being correct on 60% of your selections is the stuff Las Vegas legends are made of. Very few people can win at that level. Everybody knows the New England Patriots would beat the Jacksonville Jaguars in Foxborough, but are the Patriots going to win by 17 points? That’s a bit trickier.


Through 14 weeks I’ve won 51.5% of games. With a total of only 200 games (ties don’t count) it’s statistically possible that I would have done much, much better had I simply flipped a coin. Of course, I could have done far worse. Maybe next year will put the theory to the test. It would save me a lot of time trying to make educated decisions on who’s going to win each game.

How bout’ those Seahawks! 58-0 my friends! In case you spent the weekend in an igloo the Seattle Seahawks scored 58 points and allowed 0 against the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday. The margin of victory was the third largest in the Super Bowl era. Talking heads in the media complained about Seattle running up the score which is really the greatest compliment you can receive in the NFL. That means your good.

There’s a lot of great games on the schedule this week with playoff implications. The San Francisco 49ers travel to New England to play the Patriots. If the 49ers lose to New England, and the Seahawks defeat the Buffalo Bills, the 49ers-Seahawks game the following week will be for first place in the NFC West. You can guess who I’m rooting for. Other notable games include the New York Giants facing the Atlanta Falcons and the Green Bay Packers head to Chicago to send the Bears into hibernation.

Happy viewing!

Cincinnati Bengals @ PHILADELPHIA

The Bengals are fighting to stay alive in the AFC playoff race after an excruciating home loss last week against the Dallas Cowboys. Cincinnati has been good on the road this year (4-2) but the Eagles have found a spark with Nick Foles at quarterback. Philly is always a hostile environment. Eagles win 23-20

NEW YORK GIANTS @ Atlanta Falcons -1

The Giants have been inconsistent this season but they’ve still looked like championship material against top opponents. The Falcons are overrated. There, I said it. I have no faith in this team as we near the playoffs. Atlanta is quite possibly the worst 11-2 team in NFL history. Giants win 31-28

GREEN BAY PACKERS @ Chicago Bears +3

The Bears are banged up and struggling to find the form they displayed early this season. Jay Cutler has gone full blown nuclear on his own offensive line. They’re a mess. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have won seven of eight. They’re starting to look like they did two seasons ago when they won the championship. Packers win 27-14

WASHINGTON REDSKINS @ Cleveland Browns +1

This is a really scary game for Redskins fans. Cleveland has played really well recently, which is something I never thought I’d say, and RG3 is limping with a knee injury. If RG3 is healthy and able to run the football the ‘Skins will win, but if he has to hold back at all the Browns could put an end to Washington’s playoff aspirations. Redskins win 21-16

Minnesota Vikings @

This is a sneaky great game next Sunday. Both teams are on the playoff fringe in the NFC. A win for either would put them fully into the discussion. Adrian Peterson is having one of the all-time great seasons for the Vikings. The Rams are a young team on the rise having won three games in a row. Rams win 26-21

Jacksonville Jaguars @

Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne makes his highly anticipated return to South Beach to face the Dolphins. OK, I lied. Nobody cares about Henne facing his old team. The Jags have only won one game on the road all season. Of course, they’ve only won two games total so that’s not a shock. Dolphins win 24-14

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ NEW ORLEANS SAINTS -4

Tampa Bay’s playoff hopes ended with an epic collapse at home against the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday. Where’s their motivation coming from this week? The Saints season is over, but their always tough at home. Saints win 35-27

Denver Broncos @

Baltimore has been a historically tough place to play for visiting teams. The Ravens are a bit of a mess having fired their offensive coordinator after Sunday’s loss to the Redskins. Denver is on a roll, and may be the best in the AFC, but Baltimore won’t lose three in a row. Ravens win 27-24

Indianapolis Colts @

The Texans got crushed on Monday night in New England. If they have any pride at all you’d think they would bounce back and play well against the Colts. Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck, turns the ball over way too often for Indianapolis to have a chance on the road. Texans win 31-17

Seattle Seahawks @

I’ve sided with Seattle twice this season, going against my own anti-jinx policy, and the Seahawks lost both games. There is a zero percent chance I pick the Seahawks again this season. I’ve convinced myself that Buffalo is unbeatable at home. Bills win 21-20

Arizona Cardinals +6

Arizona just lost 58-0 to the coolest team in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks. Let that sink in, 58 points allowed, zero points scored. You’d be an idiot to side with the Cardinals. They’ve completely given up. Detroit is capable of losing to anyone but how can you predict that? Lions win 31-14

Carolina Panthers @

Carolina is coming off a big win over the 11-2 Atlanta Falcons but can they repeat the outcome on the other side of the country against the Chargers? San Diego has experienced turnover issues this season. They should be able to hang onto the football at home. Chargers win 28-20


Everyone is singing Dallas’ praises after their incredible come-from-behind victory in Cincinnati which means they’re due to choke all over themselves this week. Dallas can’t handle prosperity. Pittsburgh will get the win in Big Ben’s second game back in the lineup. Steelers win 24-23


Kansas City Chiefs @

Do I really have to pick one of these teams to win? Can I just pick a tie? If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Raiders win 26-19

San Francisco 49ers @ NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS -5

There isn’t a bigger fan of the Patriots this week than your’s truly. If the Pats beat the 49ers, and the Seahawks defeat Buffalo, the following Sunday Night contest between Seattle and San Francisco will be for the division title. Please make that happen Brady Bunch! Patriots win 28-20

New York Jets @

In another game nobody cares about outside of New York and Nashville, the Jets and Titans square off on Monday night. I’m siding with Tennessee just because I want Rex Ryan to get fired as Jets head coach. He annoys me. Titans win 21-13


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