Kenai Golf Course report

Kenai Golf Course is in great condition. All 18 greens are in superb shape. The early season delay and poor weather conditions have given way to outstanding playing conditions unmatched in recent years. The greens are running fast and the fairways and tee boxes are really perking up. I would like to invite everyone out to the course to play and see the many improvements that are taking place. As always, we will continue to improve the course each and every year. The fifteen new golf carts have been a great addition to our cart fleet. Customers really enjoy the smooth ride.


I would like to thank Dale Sandahl for all his help with the design of the new green on hole 18 and Bobby Bush for his idea for a new ladies tee box on hole 16. I would also like to thank Jerry Norris for his continued hard work and dedication to the Kenai Golf Course.

I would also like to announce the addition of two new marshalls. Chris Kimball is working on Saturdays, and Bill Hassee is marshalling on Sundays. This is a great addition to our very busy Kenai Golf Course. Thank you for doing an outstanding job! JD Perkins is our new night time watering person. He waters the greens the entire night. He is doing a great job. Of course, I would like to thank Dusty Culbreath and Willy Perkins, our longtime grounds keepers for doing an outstanding job. They are truly dedicated to making your golfing experience memorable.

If you need new grips or shafts, please call Ron Goecke at Kenai Golf Repair, 252-1515. I would also like to thank Ron for his invaluable help behind the counter Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. He does an outstanding job in all areas.

I would also like to thank John Ragan for keeping all our 45 carts in good running condition. By the way, he was very thankful when 15 new carts arrived on the premises. I would also like to thank you, the golfing public for all the positive comments about the conditions of our course this year. Just a reminder, if you need lessons or want to enroll your child in a junior clinic, please contact Tommy Carver at 690-2005. I would also like to thank Shane Zimmerman for his continued work on our cart paths and trails. Also, many thanks to Dave Litchfield for spending a day helping us out on our special projects.

Special Events

Mens’ Night is every Thursday at 6 p.m. Big Thursday is the last Thursday of each month. Many thanks to Mark Azzara for running Mens Night and for providing many great doorprizes.

Senior League is Tuesday Mornings at 9:30. Jerry Norris introduces a variety of formats for this event. He does a great job and is excited about the increase in the number of participants.

Ladies Night, under the direction of Lara Griffin, is Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. This is a 9-hole group. Lara also introduces a variety of formats. Thank you, Lara, for taking on this group.

June Ladies Clinic runs June 24 through 26, from 6 to 8 p.m. Instructors include Ron Goecke, Tommy Carver, Mark Griffin, and Gordon Griffin. Clinic fee is $50. This clinic fills up every year, so call the clubhouse to sign up now at 284-7500.

June Tournament Schedule

June 23rd — AGA Scramble

June 28th — Boys and Girls Club Tournament

June 29th & 30th — Kenai Memorial Tournament

July Tournament Schedule

July 4th — Red, White, and Blue 2-Person Scramble Tournament

July 12th — United Way Tournament

July 13th — Firefighters’ Tournament

July 14th — Brown Bears Tournament

July 27th — The Alliance

July 28th — KGA

Senior Results

On June 4th, 20 seniors took to the course. Dwight Kramer won Low Gross with a 35. Dan Mortenson won Low Net with a 32. Skip Dove won Closest to the Pin on hole five at 19”4”.

On June 11th, 23 seniors played. Low Gross was won by Rich Edwards. Low net was won by Bobby Bush. Closest to the Pin on hole nine was won by Doug Haralson at 14”3-1/2”.

The Dick and Shirley Morgan Kick-Off

Tournament Results

First Low Net was won by Rich Edwards with a two day net of 145. Second Low Net was won by Greg Harrington with a total of 146. Third Low Net was won by Chuck Rupenthal with 147. Michael Houghton was fourth Low Net with a total of 149. Charlie Rehder was fifth Low Net at 151. Chris Morin was sixth Low Net with a total of 154. Craig Jung was seventh Low Net with a total of 155. Greg Harrington and Chris Morin tied for Low Gross with scores of 162 for the two days.

Saturday Skins were won by Chris Murray, Rich Edwards, Doug Jung, and Aaron Cooper. Sunday Skins were won by Gordon Griffin, Gilbert Arellano, Chris Murray, Chris Morin, and John Gibson. Many thanks to all who participated in this season opening event. It was really nice to see Dick and Shirley Morgan greeting everyone at the tournament. Thank you, Dick and Shirley, for all you have done at the Kenai Golf Course and for the entire community.

Hook-a-Kid on Golf

This was a special week for us at the Kenai Golf Course. 24 students under the instruction of Mary Armstrong, John Dahlgren, Tommy Carver, and Gordon Griffin spent a week at the Kenai Golf Course learning all facets of the game. I would like to invite the individuals who evaluate this program to visit our program next year. Many thanks to Bob Sizemore, our on-site director, for all his help. Student participants in this event included Hayden Hanson, Xander Amend, James and Daniel Baisden, Corvin Bookey, Seth Cotler, Gary Dent, Logan Duske, Mehita Efta, Sidney Epperheimer, Kaylee Fann, Julia Hanson, Emma Limes, Emma Mullett, Brooke Nash, Shelbie Naylor, Raylynn Passe, Zach and Eve Piatt, Veruca Ramirez, Mekhai Rich, Travis Verkuilen, Tyler Wait, and Natalie Marlowe. Thank you for a great week. Remember students, for the rest of the golf season you’re entitled to play free at the Kenai Golf Course. Take advantage of this!

Again, I would like to thank you for all your positive comments about the condition of our golf course. As always, see you on the course.


Fri, 06/22/2018 - 23:44

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