Busy summer continues at Kenai Golf Course

Kenai Golf Course has been extremely busy this past week. Great weather, with just the right amount of rain, has made for great playing conditions. The course is green and lush and the greens are rolling well.


Many projects were completed thanks to the hard work of Mr. Dan Young. He successfully removed the large stump on the left-hand side of No. 18 green and the large stump in the landing area on No. 3. These were two projects that took several days to complete. Great work, Dan!

Also, many thanks to Dusty and Willy for topdressing and seeding these two areas. As always, they did a great job improving these playing areas. They take great pride in their work and it certainly shows on the course. Thank you for the many positive comments that you have given us on our continued improvements at the Kenai Golf Course.

This past week can be truly labeled as the week of the big tournaments, but first I must talk about one that took place two weeks ago. The Boys and Girls Club Tournament had 34 four-man teams. I would like to thank Ryan Tunseth for his outstanding organization of the tournament and his attention to detail. This 34-team tournament was actually completed in under five hours with everyone having a great time. Well done, Ryan!

This past week, July 12, 13 and 14, we had three outstanding tournaments at the Kenai Golf Course. On July 12, the United Way/Tesoro tournament was held. The winning team of Mike Brown, Stan Pitlo, Papapa and Dusty Steinbeck won with a terrific score of 14-under par! What a great score with tough pin placements on many of the holes!

Mr. Pitlo said, “We just made every putt we looked at.” He stated that every player on his team contributed greatly throughout the round. It was truly a team effort. He stated that Mike Brown was very long off the tee, which set up great approach shots not only from Mike, but from Stan, Papapa and Dusty. Congratulations, guys, on a great tournament!

The second-place team, with a score of minus 12, included Bob Sizemore, Caleb Sizemore, Gordon Griffin and Mark Griffin. This team was sponsored by Atigun. I would like to thank Mr. Sizemore for putting this team together. We had a great time and enjoyed the competition.

The Firefighters’ Tournament, on July 13, was also a great event under the direction of Tommy Carver. He did an excellent job of organizing this tourney. Many thanks to Tommy Carver for his hard work and dedication to the Kenai Golf Course.

The third-place team included Bob Sizemore, Caleb Sizemore, Mark Griffin and Chris Murray at minus 7. Great job on a good round. The second-place team was Travis Burnett, Max Dye, Beau Forrest and Tim Newby. They finished at minus 9.

The first-place team was Tommy Carver, Gordon Griffin, Doug Jung and Doug Haralson, also at minus 9.

During the tiebreaking chip-off for first place on No. 9, Doug Haralson hit an outstanding shot to within 5 feet of the hole. The ball was hit high to the back of the green on a left-hand blue flag. The ball hit the green, checked up, and game over. Great shot, Doug!

Closest to the pin on No. 5 was won by Chris Murray. On No. 10, the winner was Max Dye. No. 14 was won by Tim Newby.

Again, many thanks to the firefighters for all they do for us on the Kenai Peninsula. They do an outstanding job in all areas and we are proud to have this tournament at the Kenai Golf Course. According to Mr. Carver, some very exciting changes are planned for next year’s event. It promises to be a lot of fun. For more details, contact Tommy Carver.

The annual Brown Bears Tournament was held on July 14. What an event this was! Nate Kiel, the general manager of the Brown Bears, as always, did an outstanding job in organizing and planning this event. Craig Jung also assisted and did great work. Thank you, Mr. Jung.

The team of Denali ICU finished first with a score of minus 10. Team members included Dave Stafford, Tommy Schmidt, Tim Barnowski and Doug Cofer. Great score at minus 10! The second-place team was called Kegan’s Kats. They finished at 9-under par. Team members included Kegan Kiel, Dan Zulkanycz, Beau Forrest and Zach Beeson.

They won in a chip off over the third place team of McDonald’s. Their team members included Scott Cunningham, Morgan Cunningham, Zach Moore and Tommy Carver. What a great competition this was! Three teams tied at minus 6. They included the Peninsula Clarion team of Stan Pitlo, Papapa, Mike Brown and Dan Wiese. Also at minus 6 was the team consisting of Danny Navarre, Pat Navarre, Jerry Norris and James Dye. Also finishing at minus 6 was the team of Pat Knowles, David Knowles, Matthew Shoemaker and Kyle Embley. Great jobs, guys.

Two teams also finished at minus 5, including the team of RedLine comprised of Vince Redford, Trevor Baldwin, Kevin, and Scotty Sundberg. The other team at minus 5 was Arby’s #1, which included team members Mike Navarre, Ryan Tunseth, Cody McLane and Sam McLane. Congratulations on a great tournament.

Closest to the Pin on No. 5 was won by Make Navarre at 7 feet, 9 1-2 inches. No. 9 was won by Ryan Tunseth with a great shot of 6—9. Beau Forrest won No. 10 with a shot of 7—10. No. 14 was won by Dave Stafford at 16—2. Long drive on No. 2 was won by Beau Forrest and reports have it that it was a real boomer.

As you can see, this has been a very busy week at the Kenai Golf Course. Without the help and support of the staff at Kenai Golf Course, these events would not be possible. I would like to thank each and every one of them for their dedication and hard work. They are truly dedicated to making the Kenai Golf Course better each day. Special mention has to go to our night watering crew. Thanks so much for their dedication and attention to detail. These are long, lonely nights, but when you see how good our greens are, it is because of the work that they do.

This coming week is our Ladies’ Clinic is July 22 to 24, 6 to 8 p.m. There are still a few openings, so call 283-7500 right away to sign up. July 24 to 26 is our Juniors’ Clinic, 10 a.m. to noon. Call the clubhouse for more information.

Seniors play every Tuesday morning at 9:30. All seniors are welcome. Tuesdays at 6 p.m. is when our ladies’ group plays. All women are welcome. Men’s night is Thursdays at 6 p.m. with the last Thursday of the month for Big Thursday. Additional information is available at the Clubhouse, 283-7500.

Upcoming tournaments are the Hillcorp Tournament on Thursday and the Stanley Ford and Chrysler United Way tourney on Sunday.

Lots of great golf this summer, so see you on the course.


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