Kenai Golf Course bathes in sunshine

The Kenai Golf Course has enjoyed some great playing conditions during the past three weeks, great weather with plenty of sunshine each and every day. Along with the sunshine comes the need for more water on the course. Until it rains again, the course will be watered during the day.


If a sprinkler is in your way, simply move it aside. After you finish play, put the sprinkler back in the original position. We will be watering as much as possible during this dry period. The fairways are a little dry, therefore, we will be watering in those areas as much as possible.

We will be adding extra watering crew during the day. This process will simply continue until we get some rain. It has been many years since we have experienced such great weather. If anybody out there has a watering truck and is willing to loan it to us, please let us know. Our fairways will appreciate it.

In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy the warm weather and excellent playing conditions. As always we will continue to water the greens and tee boxes as much as possible. Watering crew, now is the time to earn your money. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about the warm weather. We certainly deserve the warmth.

During this period many projects are being completed. However, the new tee box on No. 13 is falling behind schedule because of the needs in other areas. We will get that back on schedule as soon as possible.

Dan Young has been doing an excellent job on No. 3. He has removed the big stump in the landing area. He is also in the process of removing all the brush in that area. Thank you for all your positive comments about his hard work.

The stump on No. 18 has been removed and seeded. This was a big project that is not completed. The grass has started to grow. The greens are in excellent shape and will continue to get better.

I played at Birch Ridge today and I would like to congratulate Pat and his crew for getting his course in such great shape. We are looking forward to playing there during the Walker Cup. The Walker Cup is a great competition. We were fortunate to win last year. This year might be a completely different story at their place. Birch Ridge is in great shape. We are indeed fortunate to have two great courses in this area.

The United Way Stanley Ford Tournament was held this past week. I would like to thank the Stanley people for doing such an outstanding job in organizing this tournament. Great job guys. The Alliance Golf Tournament will be held on July 27.

The July Ladies Clinic is underway. Twelve ladies are participating in this event and they are doing great. Many thanks to our instructors Tommy Carver, Chris Murray, Ron Goecke and Mark Griffin. Ladies, I see lots of improvement! Great job, ladies, and great job instructors. The August Ladies clinic is available for sign-up now.

Men’s Night, July 11: The team of Tony Azzara, Bryan Wodarek, Aaron Belbick and Jeremy Sorres won with an outstanding score of 7 under par.

It was a three-way playoff on No. 10 for the second-place spot. The team of Hunter Sirois, Dan Young and Steven Painter won with a score of minus 2 after the chip-off. Closest to the pin on No. 10 was won by Steve Fickes. No. 14 was won by Rhon Kirkflict. Closest to the pin on the second shot on No. 18 was won by Dan Young. Men’s night is held every Thursday night at 6 p.m. This coming Thursday is Big Thursday. We would like to encourage all men to come out and participate.

Senior League, July 9: Sixteen seniors participated in this event. Dwight Kramer won low gross. Low net was won by Donnie Byram. Closest to the pin on No. 5 was won by Dwight Kramer. Senior League is held Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. Anyone 50 years or older is encouraged to participate. Many thanks to Jerry Norris for his continued hard work on this event.

Atigun Cup Update: The following results are through the July Kenai Golf Association event: Mark Griffin, 49 points; Chris Murray, 48 points; Greg Harrington, 41 points; Gilbert Arellano, 38.5 points; Gordon Griffin, 37 points; Chris Morin, 35.5 points; Doug Jung, 34 points; Todd Eskelin, 30 points; Kirk Hyman, 27 points; Rene Alvarez, 20.5 points; Michael Houghton, 18.5 points; Ken Liedes, 8.5 points; and Mark Azzara, 5.5 points.

The Atigun Cup is a season-long points race that includes nine tournaments throughout the year. This event is sponsored by Atigun with the hard work of Bob Sizemore. The winner of this event will receive a half-season pass. The top four finishers will receive prize money. The top eight finishers will participate in a season-ending Atigun Cup playoff. This event has been an exciting competition throughout the entire season.

Upcoming Special Events: The July Junior Clinic is this week, Wednesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to noon.

July Tournaments — Walker Cup, Thursday, Friday and Sunday at Birch Ridge; Hillcorp Tournament, Friday; Alliance Tournament, Saturday.

As always, see you on the course.


Wed, 04/18/2018 - 23:57

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