Rules for Kenai Central High School track, turf

The $2.3 million turf field, and track and field complex, at Kenai Central High School opened Monday.


Jim Beeson, the assistant principal at KCHS, said there are a few rules that have been put in place to keep the facility in good condition.

There will be restrictions on the use of the turf field, which is lined for soccer and football.

“Anybody can’t just go out there and use the field,” Beeson said. “It’s part of our building use agreement.

“If a group wants to use our facility, they can call and contact me.”

The number at Kenai Central is 283-2100. Beeson said groups will not be charged for the field, but the school must have certain things on file, like proof of insurance, for a group to use the field. There also are certain things that can’t be brought on the field, like metal cleats, sunflower seeds and sports drinks that would stain the turf.

The track is open to the public at any time of the day for walking, running and jogging.

There are no dogs allowed on the track. There also is no Rollerblading, roller-skating, skateboarding, bicycle riding or motorized vehicles allowed on the track.

“That’s all the kind of stuff we’ve already had out there,” Beeson said. “It’s a great facility, but it’s too delicate a surface for any of that kind of stuff. That’ll just ruin it.”

Lanes 1 through 4 are open to runners. Lane 5 to the outside of the track is open to joggers and walkers. In Lane 5, 3.8 laps makes a mile.

Beeson said there are signs with all the rules at the entrance to the track at the ticket booth. There is now a fence surrounding the track, and the ticket booth is the only spot in the fence open.

“The (Kenai Police Department) knows there are signs up at the only entrance,” Beeson said. “If people are out there on bikes or Rollerblades, they’re probably not going to be overly sympathetic.”

The first big event at the field will be the re-dedication of Ed Hollier Football Field on Aug. 17 at 1 p.m. Dale Sandahl will provide a history of the football field, while a whole bunch of dignitaries will be on hand for the event.

Following the ceremony, Kenai will play Nikiski in the first home game of the season. At halftime, the first track meet will be held in the form of an individual mile race.

Beeson said the school is hoping as many football, soccer and track alumni will show up as possible. Any of those alumni with questions can contact Beeson at 252-5720.


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