Arellano wins low gross KGA; Jung, Dove win low net

The rains came in abundance. The sunshine came in abundance. It all adds up to a golf course in great condition. The greens are excellent and the fairways are in the best-ever shape. The green surrounds and tee boxes are green and lush, as they should be, with great weather. This current rain was a welcome sight due to the 70-degree weather in the month of July. What a great summer we have had.


We continue to make significant improvements to the course. The old stumps have been removed and seeded around hole 17. This dramatically improves the playing conditions around that green. The ladies’ tee box on hole 13 has been top dressed and seeded. Early next year this tee box will be in play. Many of you have commented about the improvements in our cart paths and trails. Because of the help of Gilbert Arellano and Best Transit Mix, we have been putting down crushed rock on our trails. The current project underway is on hole three leading to the tee box on hole four. This is a big project. We will be dragging that trail and placing pit run gravel as a bed and then top dressing that trail with crushed rock. What a great improvement that will be!

It will also help us open the course earlier next year for carts. I would like to thank Chris Kimball for working on this project. Dusty and Willy will join this project next week. It will be completed in approximately one week. Look for continued improvements on all our trails and cart paths in the near future. Thank you for all your positive comments about our improvements. Again, I’m going to thank Best Transit Mix for making many of these projects possible.

August KGA results

In the second Division, first-place Low Net was won by Skip Dove with a low net score of 71. Joe Deveaux won second-place Low Net with a score of 72. Noel Widmayer continued his great play with a low net of 74 for third place. Skins in this division were won by Skip Dove (2), Mike Kebschull (1), and Joe Deveaux(2). In the first Division first-place Low Net was won by Doug Jung with a Low Net score of 71, followed by second-place winner Gilbert Arellano with a net of 72. Chris Murray won third low net with a 73. Gilbert Arellano won the Low Gross sidepot with a low score of 76. Other notable gross scores included Todd Eskelin with a score of 82, Gordon Griffin 83, and Ken Liedes 85. Skins in this division were won by Aaron Cooper, Gilbert Arellano, and Ken Liedes, each with one skin. Closest to the pin for both divisions was won by Aaron Cooper on hole five with a shot of 13’10”. Hole eight was won by Mike Houghton with a shot of 26’. Charlie K. won hole 10 with a great shot of 2’10”. Todd Eskelin won hole 14 with a shot of 13’7”. As you can see, this was a great competitive event and we are looking for to the September KGA tournament.

Senior League

Twenty players took to the field on Aug. 20. First Low Net was won by Ron Frison. Five tied for second low net, including Dennis Byrum, Tom Allison, Dan Mortenson, Chris Kimball, and Gordon Griffin. Closest to the pin on hole five was won by Chris Kimball. Skins were won by Dwight Kramer on hole six, and Jim Bradford on eight.

On August 27, 15 players participated in senior league. First Low net was won by Jesse Wade with a net score of 35. Four players tied for second low net. They are Skip Dove, Jerry Norris, Dwight Kramer, and Bill Davis, each with a net score of 38. Jesse Wade won closest to the pin on the second shot on hole four. I would like to thank Jerry Norris for his continued hard work for our senior league competitions.

Atigun Cup update after the current KGA event:

Chris Murray 73 points, Gilbert Arellano 67.5, Gordon Griffin 61, Mark Griffin 59.5, Greg Harrington 58.5, Todd Eskelin 53, Kirk Hyman 42.5, Chris Morin 35.5, Ken Liedes 33.5, Rene Alvarez 29.5, Michael Houghton 26.5, and Mark Azzara 5.5.

The top eight finishers will advance to the Atigun Cup playoffs on September 7 and 8. The final event for the Atigun Cup competition will be the Kenai Open on August 31 and September 1.

As you can see, this has been an exciting and busy two weeks at the Kenai Golf Course. We would like to thank all who have come out and enjoyed the course. As always, see you on the course.


Wed, 04/18/2018 - 23:57

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