Kenai's Ostrander, Homer's Pitzman win Region III individual titles

The champions proved very hard to dethrone Saturday at the Region III Cross-Country Championships in Seward.


In the Class 4A races, Kenai junior Allie Ostrander and Kodiak junior Levi Thomet retained their titles comfortably.

Ostrander covered five kilometers in 18 minutes, 6 seconds, to cruise in ahead of the 19:17 of runner-up Alex Mathis of Wasilla. It was the third straight region title for Ostrander.

Thomet ran 16:06, while Kenai’s Jonah Theisen was second at 16:42 and Kenai’s Jordan Theisen was third at 16:52. It was the seventh straight individual championship for the Bears, a run starting with Trevor Dunbar in 2006.

In the Class 4A team races, the Wasilla girls and Kodiak boys stayed on top of the heap. The Warriors scored 38 points to top runner-up Soldotna’s 49. Wasilla has now won regions four straight times, while the Stars earned a return trip to state.

“A couple girls weren’t quite where we wanted them to be, but it feels good to be going back to state,” said SoHi coach Dan Harbison. “We’re really close to Wasilla, so we’re looking forward to racing against them next week.”

Harbison said he was happy about SoHi’s fifth-place scoring finisher, Emily Werner, and said he believes a top-five team finish is within reach for the girls team next week at state, which will likely be contested between Wasilla, West, South and West Valley, according to Harbison.

Olivia Hutchings led the Stars while nabbing third, while Dani McCormick (seventh), Sadie Fox (11th) and Daisy Nelson (12th) also scored.

The Kodiak boys came out on top of a tight boys race. Kodiak had 42 points, Colony had 45 points and Kenai had 48 points as all three qualified for state. The Bears have now won regions 12 straight times.

After the Theisen brothers, the Kardinals got scoring runs from Travis Cooper (10th), Fox Michaud (13th) and Nate Mole (20th).

Daniel Serventi of Grace won the Class 1-2-3A boys race in 16:54, while Homer freshman Megan Pitzman ran 19:33 to win the girls race. Sara Hamberger of Cordova was second at 20:12.

Homer coach Bill Steyer said Pitzman dropped about 20 seconds from a race two weeks ago in Seward.

“She’s pretty impressive,” Steyer said. “That’s a pretty significant drop, especially for a frontrunner.”

Grace Christian remained the top Class 1-2-3A girls and boys team in the region.

In the girls race, Homer had the top individual and had all the scorers in the top 11, but it wasn’t enough. Homer scored 31 points, while Grace had 24. Anchorage Christian Schools was third and Seward was fourth to also earn state berths.

“We gave it a try,” Steyer said of dethroning Grace. “It was close.”

For the Mariners, Aurora Waclawski was sixth, Molly Mitchell was eighth, Ziza Shemet Pitcher was ninth and Lauren Evarts was 11th.

For the Seahawks, Alice Pfeiffenberger was 14th, Josephine Braun was 20th, Brooke Estes was 23rd, Laura Kromrey was 25th and Malia Acovak was 29th.

On the boys side, Grace won with 37, while ACS had 46. Homer was third and Seward was fourth as both teams return to state.

Homer received a third from Pedro Ochoa, while Josh Vantrease was 11th, Jared Brant was 17th, Brandon Beachy was 19th and August Kilcher was 29th.

For Seward, Matthew Moore was fourth. Also scoring were Michael Marshall in 20th, Hunter Kratz in 21st, Brandon Moore in 27th and Keith Ivy in 30th.

Also in the 1-2-3A boys race, Micah Hilbish assured he will be the last runner to wear a Skyview singlet by qualifying for state by finishing eighth.

Region III Cross-Country Championships


in Seward


Class 1-2-3A

Team scores: 1. Grace, 37; 2. ACS, 46; 3. Homer, 76; 4. Seward, 98; 5. Skyview, 112; 6. Valdez, 160.

Individual five-kilometer results

1. Daniel Serventi, Gra, 16 minutes, 54 seconds; 2. Austin Monzon, ACS, 17:08; 3. Pedro Ochoa, Hom, 17:15; 4. Matthew Moore, Sew, 17:16; 5. Hans Karlberg, Gra, 17:20; 6. Keaton Evans, ACS, 17:23; 7. Michael Todd, ACS, 17:38; 8. Micah Hilbish, Sky, 17:38; 9. Ivan David Isaacs, Gra, 17:40; 10. Josh Laker, Gra, 17:51.

Other Peninsula finishers

11. Josh Vantrease, Hom, 17:54; 17. Jared Brant, Hom, 18:12; 19. Brandon Beachy, Hom, 18:21; 20. Michael Marshall, Sew, 18:26; 21. Hunter Kratz, Sew, 18:29; 22. Daniel Shuler, Sky, 18:34; 25. Brenner Musgrave, Sky, 18:51; 27. Brandon Moore, Sew, 19:00; 28. Coltin Yancey, Sky, 19:09; 29. August Kilcher, Hom, 19:14; 30. Keith Ivy, Sew, 19:15; 31. Dakota Alward, Hom, 19:29; 33. Seth Hutchison, Sky, 19:42; 34. Logan Hemphill, Sky, 19:51; 35. Thomas Zweifel, Sew, 19:52; 37. Sky Schlung, Sky, 19:54; 39. Tannen Berry, Sew, 20:01; 41. Jared Wallis, Nik, 20:26; 43. Nahoa Jette, Hom, 21:08.

Class 4A

Team scores: 1. Kodiak, 42; 2. Colony, 45; 3. Kenai, 48; 4. Wasilla, 94; 5. Palmer, 138; 6. Soldotna, 160.

Individual five-kilometer results

1. Levi Thomet, Kod, 16:06; 2. Jonah Theisen, Ken, 16:42; 3. Jordan Theisen, Ken, 16:52; 4. Brandon Schafer, Col, 17:09; 5. Boaz Sessom, Col, 17:26; 6. Keith Osowski, Kod, 17:30; 7. Levi Fried, Kod, 17:33; 8. Lyon Kopsack, Col, 17:39; 9. Brendon Lee, Was, 17:46; 10. Travis Cooper, Ken, 17:55.

Other Peninsula finishers

13. Fox Michaud, Ken, 18:03; 20. Nate Mole, Ken, 18:11; 21. Aaron Swedberg, Sol, 18:13; 22. Quincy Fuller, Ken, 18:15; 23. Mac Lee, Ken, 18:17; 33. Brian Dusek, Sol, 19:25; 34. Levi Michael, Sol, 19:36; 35. Colton Diehl, Sol, 19:37; 37. Shane Larrow, Sol, 19:58; 38. Addison Downing, Sol, 20:15; 41. Jeremy Godfrey, Sol, 22:05.


Class 1-2-3A

Team scores: 1. Grace, 24; 2. Homer, 31; 3. ACS, 99; 4. Seward, 103; 5. Valdez, 105.

Individual five-kilometer results

1. Megan Pitzman, Hom, 19:33; 2. Sara Hamberger, Cor, 20:12; 3. Harmony Wayner, Gra, 20:21; 4. Jodi Davis, Gra, 20:41; 5. Elle Arnold, Gra, 20:44; 6. Aurora Waclawski, Hom, 20:50; 7. Kayla Rowe, Gra, 20:54; 8. Molly Mitchell, Hom, 20:54; 9. Ziza Shemet Pitcher, Hom, 21:19; 10. Cheyenne Applegate, Gra, 21:31.

Other Peninsula finishers

11. Lauren Evarts, Hom, 21:38; 14. Alice Pfeiffenberger, Sew, 22:06; 20. Josephine Braun, Sew, 23:59; 21. Mattea Peters, Hom, 24:36; 23. Brooke Estes, Sew, 25:05; 24. Abby Cook, Sky, 25:51; 25. Laura Kromrey, Sew, 25:56; 28. Mieka Chythlook, Sky, 27:08; 29. Malia Acovak, Sew, 27:33; 30. Emily Brockman, Sew, 28:32; 35. Audra Atwood, Sew, 33:03.

Class 4A

1. Wasilla, 38; 2. Soldotna, 49; 3. Colony, 76; 4. Palmer, 86; 5. Kodiak, 117; 6. Kenai, 124.

Individual five-kilometer results

1. Allie Ostrander, Ken, 18:06; 2. Alex Mathis, Was, 19:17; 3. Olivia Hutchings, Sol, 19:37; 4. Mariah Burroughs, Was, 19:54; 5. Peggy Mathis, Was, 20:06; 6. Ruby Woodings, Pal, 20:16; 7. Dani McCormick, Sol, 20:22; 8. Elisabeth Bowker, Col, 20:27; 9. Riley Burroughs, Was, 20:30; 10. Cathelyne Powers, Col, 20:31.

Other Peninsula finishers

11. Sadie Fox, Sol, 20:44; 12. Daisy Nelson, Sol, 20:54; 16. Emily Werner, Sol, 21:26; 23. Julie Wilson, Ken, 22:17; 26. Alex Bergholtz, Ken, 22:34; 27. Molly Erickson, Sol, 22:36; 36. Beverly Schindler, Ken, 23:29; 38. Andi Reilly, Ken, 23:36; 39. Ashlyn Johnson, Sol, 24:37; 40. Savannah Clark, Ken, 24:44.


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