Tsalteshi shots Seward's Folly meet

Despite the recent warm weather, skiers got their racing bug fix with races on the Tsalteshi Trails in Soldotna on Friday and Saturday.


On Friday, Brian Rowe of Homer took the varsity boys race by two seconds over Soldotna’s Colton Diehl, skiing to a time of 24 minutes, six seconds.

Kenai Central’s Alex Bergholtz won her second consecutive high school race with a victory in the girls varsity race in a time of 29:19, which was the same time as runner-up Aspen Daigle of Homer.

On Saturday, a 4-by-2-kilometer, coed relay was held at Tsalteshi Trails.

The top two teams were from Kenai. Taking first were Kirstin Nyquist, James Butler, Alex Bergholtz and Jordan Theisen in 26:03. Taking second were Mikaela Salzetti, Fox Michaud, Katie Cooper and Olen Danielson in 26:24.

Homer was third, with Daigle, Josh Vantrease, Cassidy Soistman and Brian Rowe finishing in 26:34.

Besh Cup 5 held in Homer

The fifth race of the Besh Cup was held Saturday in Fairbanks.

In the Under-16 and over women’s race, Soldotna High School’s Sadie Fox led the area by finishing the five-kilometer freestyle in 15:55 to finish 16th. Sarrissa Lammers won at 14:49. Also from Soldotna, Hannah Pothast finished 27th in 16:37. Skyview’s Mika Morton was 40th in 17:23.

In the Under-16 boys five-kilometer race, John-Mark Pothast led area skiers by taking 18th in 15:05. Tracen Knopp won at 13:22.

In the Under-18 and over men’s 10-kilometer race, Reese Hanneman won at 24:18. Former Homer skier Andre Lovett was 21st in 27:28, while Kenai Central skier Travis Cooper was 23rd at 27:41. Also, Levi Michael of Soldotna finished 37th in 29:09.

In the Under-14 girls A final, a 1,000-meter ski cross, area skier Addison Gibson took third.

In the Under-14 boys B final, a 1,000-meter ski cross, area skier David Michael took first place. Area skier Jeremy Kupferschmid grabbed fifth in the Under-14 boys A final.

Seward’s Folly

Friday, Saturday at Tsalteshi Trails


Individual boys 10-kilometer results

1. Brian Rowe, Hom, 24:06; 2. Colton Diehl, Sol, 24:08; 3. Jordan Theisen, Ken, 24:09; 4. James Butler, Ken, 24:10; 5. Tanner Best, Sol, 25:12; 6. Olen Danielson, Ken, 25:29; 7. Fox Michaud, Ken, 25:42; 8. Brenner Musgrave, Sky, 26:07; 9. Jeremiah Hudson, Sky, 26:46; 10. Josh Vantrease, Hom, 26:52; 11. Nate Mole, Ken, 26:53; 12. Sky Schlung, Sky, 27:10; 13. Liam Floyd, Ken, 27:20; 14. Addison Downing, Sol, 27:41; 15. Cody Kincaid, Sol, 27:42; 16. Drew Kant, Sol, 27:53; 17. Sterling Stasak, Sky, 27:59; 18. Aaron Swedberg, Sol, 28:57; 19. Logan Hemphill, Sky, 29:13; 20. Daniel Shuler, Sky, 29:14; 21. Tadhg Scholz, Hom, 31:25; 22. Hoxie Parks, Hom, 32:00; 23. Ryan Navrot, Hom, 32:39.

Individual girls 10-kilometer results

1. Alex Bergholtz, Ken, 29:19; 2. Aspen Daigle, Hom, 29:19; 3. Dani McCormick, Sol, 29:35; 4. Kirsten Nyquist, Ken, 29:56; 5. Cassidy Soistman, Hom, 30:29; 6. Molly Erickson, Sol, 30:30; 7. Emily Werner, Sol, 30:33; 8. Olivia Hutchings, Sol, 30:34; 9. Rachel Ellert, Hom, 30:57; 10. Katie Cooper, Ken, 31:23; 11. Mieka Chythlook, Sky, 31:26; 12. Mikaela Salzetti, Ken, 31:47; 13. Xochi Harbison, Sol, 31:53; 14. Ashlyn Johnson, Sol, 33:23; 15. Beverly Schindler, Ken, 33:30; 16. Mariah Vantrease, Hom, 33:34; 17. Brittany Hollers, Sky, 35:28; 18. Sage Link, Sky, 36:16.


2K-by-4 relay results

1. Kenai (Kirstin Nyquist, James Butler, Alex Bergholtz, Jordan Theisen), 26:03; 2. Kenai (Mikaela Salzetti, Fox Michaud, Katie Cooper, Olen Danielson), 26:24; 3. Homer (Aspen Daigle, Josh Vantrease, Cassidy Soistman, Brian Rowe), 26:34; 4. Soldotna (Dani McCormick, Addison Downing, Emily Werner, Colton Diehl), 26:50; 5. Soldotna (Olivia Hutchings, Drew Kant, Xochi Harbison, Tanner Best), 26:58; 6. Skyview (Brittany Hollers, Jeremiah Hudson, Mieka Chythlook, Brenner Musgrave), 28:01; 7. Kenai (Beverly Schindler, Nate Mole, Maddie Michaud, Liam Floyd), 28:16; 8. Soldotna (Molly Erickson, Aron Swedberg, Ashlyn Johnson, Skyler Diehl), 28:58; 9. Homer (Mariah Vantrease, Tadhg Scholz, Rachel Elliot, Hoxie Parks), 30:10; 10. Soldotna (Madison Nelson, Jackson Blackwell, Brianna Bennett, Cody Kincaid), 30:46; 11. Kenai (Mackenzie Lindeman, Ian Ferguson, Julie Wilson, Mac Lee), 30:53; 12. Soldotna (Kaitlyn Groleske, Caleb Corr, Ali Dusek, Brian Dusek), 32:27.


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