Bird Homestead Golf Report: What a men's night

If you have never played golf before, with this awesome weather, it is the perfect time to learn. Bird Homestead Golf Course is located on Mile 11.8 on Funny River Road. We have clubs as well as golf carts available for rent. It is amazing how fun the sport of golf can be once you try it. Stop by for a round, or just to hit a bucket at the range.


Ladies Night

Last Wednesday we had a wonderful bunch of ladies. Twelve dazzling women came out to enjoy the sunshine and have a fun evening of golf. The triple threat trio of Kelsey Slough, Connie Orth and Pat Bird won first place with a score of 39. Not only did Kelsey win first place, she also won long drive. Yes, the mighty Kelsey standing 4 feet, 10 inches, tall, crushed the ball on hole No.4, winning her longest drive.

Ladies night is lots fun and we love playing with new golfers. We start every Wednesday night at 6:30 and welcome every lady to play for a night of fun. It is best-ball format, so don’t be concerned about your skill level. Practice only makes perfect, and why not practice with a lovely bunch of ladies?

Men’s Night

What a night, what a night, what a night, Tuesday turned out to be. There were 34 men that came out to play men’s night. Yes! Thirty-four men, we had nine teams for men’s night. More men only means more fun, and more money you can win. With the abundance of teams a tie was bound to happen. We had two teams come in with a score of 34, and 4 teams come in with a score of 35. We had an outrageous six-team chip-off. Twenty-seven men stood at the top of the hill, waiting for their turn to chip toward the green.

In third place was the team of Trevor Baldwin, Daniel Rivenbark, Frank Keener and James Kozel. Coming in second was Duane Tachick, Steve Skolnick, Scott Sundberg and Steve Tachick. And the mighty fine first-place team was J.E. Wells, Brandon Wold, Aaron Blackburn and Dean Cash.

On hole No.6, Kevin O’Fallon stuck the green with his tee shot, landing only 30 feet, 11 inches, from the hole, winning him closest to the pin. Trevor Baldwin was once again was a force to be reckoned with. Not only did he hit the green for his team on the chip-off to win third place, he also hit an outrageously long and beautiful tee shot on hole No. 3, winning him long drive. And who won pure birdie? You guessed it, Trevor Baldwin.

Men, don’t you want a great opportunity to leave the house for the evening childless and wifeless? Join us on men’s night every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. It is lots of fun and is best-ball format, blind draw, so skill level isn’t important. It is about having fun and playing golf with a bunch of men.

Junior Golf Lessons

Our junior golf lessons have sparked a lot of interest with the youngsters. Last Thursday, we had a great turnout and would like a great turnout again tonight. These lessons are taught by Bird Homestead’s golf pro, Rob Fraser. The lessons are from 6 to 8 p.m. tonight and FREE. It is an amazing opportunity for kiddos to learn to play golf. No experience is needed and children ages 6 to 16 are welcome to come out. Clubs will be provided for the duration of the lessons. Parents can stay and watch, stay and play, or drop off and pick up.

Upcoming Events

Friday is the kickoff for the Funny River Festival. The Funny River Chamber of Commerce and Community Association has organized a fun, nine-hole golf tournament Friday at 12:30 p.m. to begin the festivities. The format is best-ball scramble, you can bring your own team, or one will be formed for you. Carts go fast, so be sure to reserve your carts early by calling the clubhouse.

For more information on any of the events feel free to call Bird Homestead Golf Course at 907-260-4653.

Fun Fact Thursday

Americans spend $600 million on golf balls every year.


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