Homer leads teams in Peninsula All-Conference list

The newly-crowned Peninsula Conference champion Homer Mariners picked up the most postseason awards on the recently released All-Conference list.


Homer won the conference with a school-best 7-1 season record, helping to land the Mariners 12 of 28 first-team positions.

Senior quarterback Teddy Croft was named Offensive Player of the Year, senior Levi King was named Lineman of the Year and head coach Walter Love was named Coach of the Year. Voznesenka’s David Sanarov picked up the fourth POY award as Defensive Player of the Year.

Nikiski took home seven first-team awards, led by seniors Ian Johnson and Baker Hensley with two each. Johnson was named a first-team fullback and inside linebacker, while Hensley was named a first-team tackle and nose guard.

2017 Peninsula Conference All-Conference

Offensive Player of the Year — Teddy Croft, Homer

Defensive Player of the Year — David Sanarov, Voznesenka

Lineman of the Year — Levi King, Homer

Coach of the Year — Walter Love, Homer


Tight end — Brian Amirault, Redington.

Tackle — Baker Hensley, Nikiski; Finn Heimbold, Homer.

Quarterback — Teddy Croft, Homer.

Halfback — Kyler Rumfelt, Redington; Noah Fisk, Homer.

Guard — Dustin Mullins, Nikiski; Isaac Acheryok, Redington

Fullback — Ian Johnson, Nikiski.

Center — Levi King, Homer.

Receiver — Justin Sumption, Homer; Joe Ravin, Homer.

Defensive back — Tyler Olson, Nikiski; Aiden Norris, Redington; Joe Ravin, Homer.

Interior Lineman — Baker Hensley, Nikiski; Nikit Anufriev, Voznesenka; Kyle Wells, Homer; Levi King, Homer.

Inside backers — David Sanarov, Voznesenka; Ian Johnson, Nikiski.

Outside backers — Eli Benson, Voznesenka; Noah Fisk, Homer.

Kicker — Michael Mysing, Nikiski.

Punter — Kyle Wells, Homer.

Return specialist — David Sanarov, Voznesenka.

Long snapper — Beau Freiberg, Seward.

Utility player — Dawson Felde, Homer.


Tight end — Caileb Payne, Nikiski.

Tackle — Eli Benson, Redington; Jadin Mann, Homer.

Quarterback — Sam Reed, Redington.

Halfback — David Sanarov, Voznesenka; Cody Handley, Nikiski.

Guard — Sage Fergson, Seward; Tyler Litke, Nikiski.

Fullback — Brandon Lynch, Seward; Sean Love, Homer.

Center — Lucas Kirn, Redington.

Receiver — Shane Saulivan, Seward.

Defensive back — Prokphpy Konev, Voznesenka; Justin Harris, Nikiski; Cody Johnson, Homer.

Interior Lineman — Sage Fergson, Seward; Derick Harshman, Seward; Hamilton Cox, Nikiski; Isaac Carliou-Hamo, Redington.

Inside backer — Beau Freiberg, Seward; Tommy Long, Redington.

Outside backer — Cody Handley, Nikiski; Chris Cudaback, Homer.

Kicker — Cody Johnson, Homer.

Punter — Seth Mueller, Redington.

Return specialist — Shane Saulivan, Seward.

Long snapper — Eli Benson, Redington.

Utility player — Gabe Schrock, Seward; Rhiley Spott, Redington.

Honorable mention

Tight end — Chad Quin, Seward.

Tackle — Elish Bruckner, Seward.

Quarterback — Kris Kingsland, Seward.

Halfback — Beau Freiberg, Seward; Isaiah Hall, Redington.

Center — Derick Harshman, Seward.

Defensive back — Kris Kingsland, Seward; Collin Muhally, Seward.

Interior lineman — Brock Sarks, Nikiski; Sean Love, Homer; Jack Heimbold, Homer.

Inside backer — Shane Saulivan, Seward; Gunner Davis, Seward.

Outside backer — Tyler Litke, Nikiski; Brian Amirault, Redington.

Kicker — Derick Harshman, Seward.

Punter — Derick Harshman, Seward.

Long snapper — Sean Love, Homer.