House cool to Walker compromise

Gov. Bill Walker offers a deal to keep government running, but coalition majority rejects it

In a bid to avoid a state-spanning government shutdown, Gov. Bill Walker on Monday proposed a compromise to bring the Alaska Senate and Alaska House together.

Walker’s compromise was promptly rejected by the coalition majority that runs the House.

That leaves the state on course for a July 3 shutdown that would paralyze state services and multibillion-dollar commercial salmon industry.

In an evening press conference, Speaker of the House Bryce Edgmon, D-Dillingham, said the governor is on the wrong track with a proposal that would slash the state deficit from about $2.7 billion per year to about $300 million per year. He said the House Majority is continuing to champion a strategy that eliminates the entire deficit within three years.

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Daniel Donkel 18 days ago

I have been in the oil business in Alaska for 30 years and I can tell you that the state has run off lots of investors and has cost thousands of Alaskan jobs and has lost billions of dollars, they have around 50 appeals stopping oil development right now and they leave it all in limbo.

Alaska will suffer because of the outrageous abuse by the insane oil and gas bureaucracy that kills jobs, investment and gives the majors most the money as Alaskans see oil production income decline and smaller oil companies are forced to lay off Alaskans and go out of business.

Many have tried to work with the state but they act like bullies and run them out of business, why, so the big oil companies can control the state and have Alaskans pay taxes to support this? This is crazy!

It is time to stop the big oil monopoly and the it's abusive friends in state government and open Alaska to Alaskans and smaller oil & gas competitors. Fix this so oil workers  can fill TAPS and began filling the the Constitutional Budget reserve back up and increase the $60 Billion in the Permanent Fund and triple the PFD checks!. Now is the time stop these harsh oil and gas agencies and to fix this broken system of bad laws and insane regulations. Alaska has billions set aside so use it now to pay these bills and get new leaders in next year's election that will allow Alaskans and smaller oil & gas companies to compete with the big three that seems to own this government. It is time to change this broken system and drill baby drill and give Alaska's oil wealth back to the people in 2018!


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