Let's resolve to live up to our potential

Posted: Wednesday, January 02, 2002

... New Year's resolutions have become a joke because few people abide by them.

But resolutions serve a purpose. We all have shortcomings. Some may need to lose weight, spend more time with the family or get out of debt. Others would be well advised to exercise regularly, help their children with homework more often or keep the house a little cleaner. Still others want to stop smoking, draw up a family budget, or make some long-overdue repairs on the house or car.

If we all make resolutions today and keep them throughout the year, this will be a far better world.

One of those resolutions should be to become better informed about political issues -- and to vote in every election, but only if we fully understand the issues and candidates. We need to vow never to vote for a candidate purely because of party label or the recommendation from an acquaintance.

We should promise ourselves to be highly skeptical of any political writing that is sent to us in a "mass forward" e-mail, even if it comes from a friend. If the political allegations sound outrageous, we must assume they are false until we are given firm evidence, rather than emotional rhetoric, to the contrary.

Finally, we should promise to make our motive in voting to improve the country -- not to be loyal to a group.

Let us vow to live up to our potential -- as family members, as human beings and as Americans.

-- Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville

Jan. 1

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