Aspen Hotels committed to hiring Alaskans, contributing to economy

Posted: Friday, January 02, 2004

Currently, our hotel chain is in the process of building another hotel in Anchorage.

While we are excited to add this property to our Alaska chain, we have run into some difficulty with the Alaska Carpenter's Union, which has decided to start a negative campaign against our properties by slandering our chain through the distribution of flyers containing numerous unfounded and outright fallacies!

In response to this negative campaign, I would like to offer some very valuable facts to those of you who may have had any involvement with these negative actions whether it be direct or indirect involvement:

Over the past four years, The Aspen Hotel chain has brought over $20 million investment dollars to our state.

Aspen Hotels completely supports Gov. Frank Murkowski's "We hire Alaskans proud to be 90 percent" Campaign. In fact, we can proudly surpass that 90 percent mark of Alaska hire.

Aspen Hotels pay all employees above the standard industry wages and offer year-round incentive and bonus programs for all employees.

The operation of Aspen Hotels has created over 100 new jobs for Alaskans in the last four years as well as giving back to the community through complimentary room donations for non-profits.

Aspen Hotels gave $25,000 to the Red Cross and $10,000 to United Way in 2003 and is presenting the 2006 Arctic Winter Games with a $100,000 sponsorship agreement to promote the Games that will be held on the Kenai Peninsula in 2006.

As a company that only started four years ago, I think we have proven that we give to and truly support each community we are located in. We are great employers and dedicated to Alaska.

Please accept this letter as assurance that Aspen Hotels is passionate about hiring Alaskans and contributing to the economy of Alaska.

Rebecca Sorenson, General manager, Aspen Hotels Soldotna

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