Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions at The Fitness Place

Posted: Wednesday, January 02, 2008


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  Personal Trainer Angie Brennan offers a variety of training classes at The Fitness Place that includes power spinning.

Personal Trainer Angie Brennan coaches Desiree Huntsman at The Fitness Place in Soldotna.

Never mind beating yourself up about the resolutions that you never got around to keeping last year, or the ten pounds you lost only to find another 15 during your vacation, there is all the help and understanding you’ll need to be successful and feel great in 2008 at The Fitness Place in Soldotna. Angie Brennan, personal trainer at The Fitness Place has a few easy tips to help you out, “First of all setting a goal is huge, it gives you something to focus on. Coming in saying you want to loose weight is great, but having a specific goal really helps you achieve them,” says Brennan. Having realistic goals and writing them down is also important, “Remember you didn’t gain that weight overnight and it’s going to take awhile to lose it so go at it gradually setting that initial goal at maybe ten pounds rather than 20 and then taking another five off over a longer period of time, so you’ll achieve the lifestyle change that is necessary to keep the weight off and maintain a happy healthy life regardless of your age or present physical condition. I have my clients write out a clear plan that they can focus on,” added Brennan.


Personal Trainer Angie Brennan offers a variety of training classes at The Fitness Place that includes power spinning.

While home gyms and equipment can be effective Brennan sees better results in changing someone’s lifestyle when they join a club, “People who are effective with a home gym are usually disciplined individuals who have already established healthy habits, but for most people coming in to a gym for a short time on a regular basis is a great way to get started, taking some easy classes, having a trainer, and learning to do things correctly, making friends and having the reinforcement that comes from the family atmosphere is a good way to develop the discipline that is required to make any home program be successful,” Angie told the Dispatch.

Brennan says she started working out when she was seventeen because she was inspired by her mother who had started working out, “She is still working out and looks fabulous,” said Brennan confessing that she has had many ups and downs over the years like everyone else, “I’ve had two kids since I started power lifting and went off to college to get my degree, so I understand believing that it’s too late and that you’ll never get back in shape again, but I can honestly say that I’m in better shape today than I was when I was 17.”

The Fitness Place offers a variety of classes that accommodates all levels of physical condition, “Power Pacing is a stationary biking class that is great way to start, you can get started at any level and you set your own resistance and there’s no pressure to compete or match up with anybody, it’s mainly following the instructor and having fun and I really recommend spinning classes at whatever level you’re at because we always need cardio exercise and it’s easy on the joints protecting the knees and lower back. We also have a variety of Yoga classes which is a nice entry level workout, or if you like to dance then a step or aerobics class might be where you’ll feel the most comfortable.” Keeping “Both sides Up” or Bosu has also become very popular at The Fitness Place, “The inventor of the Bosu wanted to rehabilitate his back and he thought it would be cool to cut a stability ball in half and put a platform on it, so that basically is what he did and the variety of exercises and fun you can have in a Bosu class is virtually unlimited,” said Brennan. In addition to exercise equipment, classes, and personal trainers, The Fitness Place has a “Kid’s Zone” that offers daycare while parents work out and a variety of tanning beds for people who want to prepare for their winter vacation or look like they’ve had one. For further information call 262-4690, The Fitness Place is located in Soldotna on the Spur Highway at the corner of Marydale across from JoAnn Fabrics.

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